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  • XBOX Live: How about xbox dead, after that stupid red ring!
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  • SteamID: I am only 13, I dont have any licenses cept for a scuba diving one



And does my Armatar match my name perfectly or what?

Claw Dragon4 is my rs acount just so you know.

I am 13 years old, love being outside, and am an amazing guitar player. (I could even tell how to play some songs, if you like)

(I am not going to use tab, to save space, just listen to the song and play the notes acCHORDingly, lol. Please note that the 6th string is the lowest string (as to pitch), and so on and so on)

Smoke on the water: 3rd string- 0-3-5-0-3-6-5-0-3-5-3-0

Iron man: 5th string-2-5-5-7-7-10-9-10-9-10-5-5-7-7

Talk Dirty to Me: 5th string-3-3-3-3-5-5-5-5-9-10-10-10-9-10-10-10

Dirty Deeds(done dirt cheap)
6th string-0-3-0-0-5-0-0-7-0-0

Also the songs above (except smoke on the water has a little different kind of chord) cooler with power chords. A power chord is where you play the normal not on the normal string, and then on the next string put your other finger to frets farther from the original note.
(smoke on the waters chords is the exact same except you dont move two frets higher.)

I know how to play lots of other songs by the way, just really hard to write atm. (because i dont feel like writing tabs to show you where to switch strings, lol)

Such as:
November Rain
Sweet Child O' Mine
Paradise City
Welcome to the Jungle
Walk This Way
Fantasy (you probably havent heard of it)
Were not gonna take it (full song, including solo)
Back in Black
Star Spangled Banner (not jimi hendrix version, sorry!)
Much more!

I enjoy baseball and other things too

My simple free rider track, and bad it is, lol.

-18 1i 18 1i,18 1f 18 22,1a 22 23 23,23 22 23 2n 2v 2n,2v 2k 2v 3f,31 3b e9 3c,e7 3b 1d4 3j,1d3 3j 1t0 3k 29d 3i,1lk 3h 1mg 39 1n8 2s 1nv 2c 1ol 1r 1pa 16 1pr i 1qb -3 1qp -r 1r3 -1i,1qu 3h 1r3 -1m,29c 3i 3i4 3c,3i5 3b 3sf 3f,3te 3e 49n 3e,49m 3e 4fn 1p,49p 3f 4hd 3l,4he 3k 4he q 4fm 1q,4he 3k 5gg 3k,4o2 2b 58d 2b,4op 2b 4oo 3j,4pt 2c 4ps 3i,4r3 2b 4r0 3i,4s9 2c 4rs 3k,4tl 2d 4sm 3l,4ud 2b 4tf 3m,4ve 2c 4ve 3f,50b 2b 50a 3f,4up 2g 4up 3b,51m 2g 51n 3f,516 2f 519 3f,53b 2h 52k 3f,549 2l 549 40,53b 34 53h 3e,55m 2d 54s 3j,56r 2b 569 3k,57s 2d 57o 3k,5gh 3k 5sk 3k,5sl 3i 62n 3h#cu 39 gr -65,sm -67 102 3b,gq -66 sm -66,id -63 id r,kj -61 kj t,kj -61 kj -68,id -61 id -6a,id o kn r,nk -63 nm 9,pn -61 po 9,np 6 pq 6,1s7 3k 1s7 -1i,1r6 -18 1s7 -18,1r6 -c 1s4 -c,1r1 12 1s4 12,1r1 9 1s4 g,1qt 27 1s4 28,1r4 2n 1s0 2n,1cr 3i 1dc 27 1dp 3g,1da 2a 1da j,1d9 1j 1co 10,1dc 1h 1dr v,1dc j 1co 4,1cq 4 1dp 4 1da h,oc 0 og 19,p2 6 p2 19,om 6 og -2e o9 -2q,oj -15 o4 -1n,ol -1a pa -1v,oc -2o p2 -2t oj -2e,139 3d 13r 2n 148 36,13p 2n 13o 20,13o 2h 13c 2a,13p 2f 148 28,13o 23 139 1k 148 1j 13o 22,62 3a 60 v,8o 3b 8j q,5u 10 8j 12,8l v 8i -1p 5r -1n 5t t,63 -p 63 -h 65 -2,63 -r 6i -n,6d -m 63 -f,6i -7 6r -16 78 -7,6p -k 71 -k,6m 4 6m m,6m 7 75 7,7q -2 7n q,7q c 83 t,7q c 8g 9,34v 39 353 -3o,355 -3o 3g8 -55,3g3 -57 3fo 39,3g0 -2h 352 -19,368 -3a 35k -37 35l -2n 368 -2p,368 -2n 367 -2b 35m -2d,36n -3d 36p -2j,36p -2s 37e -2j,36p -2r 37n -3d,37p -2l 386 -3k,385 -3n 38k -2u,385 -35 38g -39,396 -3t 398 -32,38v -3r 39k -3r,3a4 -3p 39h -3g,39h -3g 39t -37 39l -2p 3a9 -2p,3bb -44 3be -2s,3bf -40 3cb -3n 3bh -35,3be -2u 3bg -2e,3cc -2n 3co -47,3co -46 3d0 -2t,3cl -3a 3da -3a,3dn -48 3do -2t,3dp -46 3ef -3l 3dn -3d,3dn -3e 3ec -2t,3eo -4d 3eu -2u,3ev -39 3fd -2p,3f0 -39 3fo -49,5sk 3j 5sj -31 5vr -5g 62k -3a 62m 3i 5sk 3j,5v1 3i 5uu m 60e l 60g 3e,609 29 608 1t,5u4 -34 5u3 -13,5u4 -1r 5up -1v,5up -2q 5up -n,5vj -1s 5va -v 608 -v 5vj -1t,60j -q 60m -26 612 -12 61d -1t,61e -1v 61f -l,624 -1t 61k -16 621 -12 61l -i 62e -g#T 3dq 2j,T 37j 2i,T 5vk 28,T 7c 2a

My improved map after a little advice!

-18 1i 18 1i om 1i 1c2 1i 1fq 1i 1fq -1s 1fi -21,1be 1i 1c1 1b 1cj 11 1d5 h 1dl 2 1e6 -d 1el -t 1f5 -1f 1fi -20,1j8 a 316 a 316 1i 5v8 1i 778 1i 7um 1i 8sc 1i 9fe 6i 9ns 6i aau -3e ah6 -7q b4i -7q bvo -7q gj8 -1k6 gqe -1k6 guq -1k6 k34 -a0 lv4 -9m lv4 -j2,1le a 1le 1i,1nu a 1nu 1i,1sa a 1sa 1i,1q4 a 1q4 1i,1ug a 1ug 1i,210 a 210 1i,23g a 23g 1i,2ac a 2ac 1i,2c8 a 2c8 1i,2e4 a 2e4 1i,2fm a 2fm 1i,2i6 a 2i6 1i,2kc a 2kc 1i,2m8 a 2m8 18 2m8 1i,2o4 a 2o4 1i,2pm a 2pm 1i,25c a 25c 1i,286 a 286 1i,2s6 a 2s6 1i,2um k 2um 1i,2um k 2um a,1j8 1i 316 1i,1j8 1i 1fq 1i,5v8 1i 5v8 -cq,59m 1i 5ak 17 5bi v 5cm k 5dm 9 5eo -5 5fq -j 5gs -v 5ht -1c 5iv -1o 5k1 -26 5l0 -2l 5lu -35 5mr -3m 5no -49 5ok -4s 5pf -5g 5q8 -65 5r3 -6u 5rs -7q 5sk -8l 5t6 -9f 5tm -ae 5u3 -b9 5ui -c2,5uk -c6 5v0 -cn,77i -cg 7t4 -cg 7to -cg 7um -cg 7um -4c 8sc -4c 9g2 1i 9ni 1i a3o -4m af0 -b8,lge -9m lhb -9n li7 -9t lj5 -a8 lk4 -al ll5 -b5 lmb -bm lnc -c8 loc -cq lpd -dd lqc -e1 lr9 -em ls7 -ff lt1 -g7 ltq -h0 lue -hp lv1 -ij,m4o -9m ml0 -9m ml0 92 ms6 92,ms6 -9m nai -9m,ml0 92 mmi 6i mn6 92 mo4 6i mp2 92 mqa 6s mr8 92 ms6 6s,ms6 -9m ms6 92#8o -5a a0 -5a,92 -5a 92 -4m 9m -4m 9m -42 92 -42,aa -5a aa -3o,ak -4c b8 -3o,aa -4c bi -50,bs -42 bs -5a cq -50 cq -42,c6 -4m cq -4m,do -5a ec -5a,e2 -5a e2 -42,fa -50 em -50 em -4c em -3o fk -3o,em -4c fa -4c,84 -3e g8 -3e g8 1i,g8 -3e g8 -5k 84 -5k 84 1i,6hm 1i 6hm -42 6c2 -42 6c2 -92 6n0 -92 6p6 -6s 6nk -5a 6hm -5a 6hm -42,6cm -84 6cm -68 6da -68 6du -68,6cm -84 6du -84,6es -68 6es -84 6ge -84 6ge -68,6es -76 6ge -76,6hc -7q 6hc -6i 6ia -5u 6iu -6i 6iu -7q,6m2 -84 6kg -84 6kg -76 6kg -6i 6m2 -68,6kg -76 6m2 -76,b4i -7q b4i -v8 bti -v8 bti -7q,b4i -jm bti -jm,b98 -rg baq -uk bbe -se bcm -uk bdu -rg,bi0 -ua bmc -ua,bk6 -ua bk6 -rg,b72 -oc b72 -kk,b72 -oc b98 -o2,b72 -ne b98 -ne,bag -o2 bag -m6 bag -ka,bag -o2 bcc -o2 bag -mq bcc -ku,bda -o2 bda -kk bf6 -ku,bdk -mg bf6 -mq,bda -o2 bf6 -o2,bfq -o2 bhm -o2,bfq -o2 bfq -mg bfq -li bhc -li,bfq -mg bi0 -mg,bk6 -o2 bk6 -m6,bk6 -o2 blo -o2 bk6 -n4 bl4 -m6,bmm -o2 bos -o2,bnu -o2 bnk -mg,bn0 -mg boi -mg,bpg -no bpg -mg bqo -mg bqo -ne bpg -no,brc -o2 brc -m6 bsk -m6,brc -n4 bsk -n4,brc -o2 bsk -o2,giu -1k6 giu -20m gos -27i,gle -1k6 gle -20c gos -25c gsk -20c,gsk -1k6 gsk -20c,guq -1k6 guq -20m gos -27i,gle -20c gsk -20c,goi -1k6 goi -1le gna -1le gna -1mc gqe -1mc gqe -1le gpg -1le,gpg -1k6 gpg -1l4 gpg -1le,gm2 -20c gm2 -1k6,gs0 -20c gs0 -1k6,giu -1le gle -1le,giu -1na gle -1na,giu -1p6 gle -1p6,giu -1rc gle -1rc,giu -1ti gle -1ti,giu -1vo gle -1vo,gsk -1vo guq -1vo,gsk -1ti guq -1ti,gsk -1rc guq -1rc,gsk -1p6 guq -1p6,gsk -1na guq -1na,gsk -1le guq -1le,gmm -1k6 gmm -20c,grc -1k6 grc -20c,ml0 -9m ms6 -9m,ms6 8o ms6 9c#T lv4 -jc,O m4e -9m,O m44 -9m,O m3q -9m,O m3g -9m,O m36 -9m,O m2s -9m,O m2i -9m,O m28 -9m,O m1u -9m,O m1k -9m,O m1a -9m,O m10 -9m,O m0m -9m,O m0m -9m,O m02 -9m,O m0c -9m,O lvo -9m,O lve -9m,T gos -1na,T aie -9m,T 74o -k,S 1fq -3o

Use BMX (this is my newest and most favorite one!)

-18 1i 18 1i,p k 52 k,18 1h 54 1h,50 k bs k h6 2q k0 2q no 18 10g 18 1cc 18 21k 18 278 5k,50 1i bs 1i gs 3o kk 3o o2 26 vi 26 1cc 26 21k 26 26u 6i 2fm 6i 2jo 6i 2oe 6i 31q 6i 36q 6i 40e 6i 698 6i 6na 6i 7ig 6i 7s6 6i 83c 6i 882 a0 8jk a0 8p8 76 8qg 6i al8 6i c1a 6i c1k 6i c4o 6i dfs 6i dr4 6i eh0 6i eu4 18 frq 18 g80 84 h8g 84 h9j 7r hai 7g hbk 73 hcl 6j hdl 5v hen 57 hfh 4h hgd 3l hh7 2o hht 1t,k k -18 k -18 1i,36q 6i 36q u,2vk 6i 309 6b 30u 63 31j 5s 328 5g 32r 51 33d 4i 33v 43 34i 3h 353 30 35l 2f 362 1u 36d 1f 36m 13,3eu 18 3lq 18 3p8 18 3q6 18 3q6 5a 3s2 5a 3s2 50 3s2 18 3t0 18 3vg 6i,3ho 5a 3ho 50,3l6 5a 3l6 50,37o 6i 37o u 36q u,36q 1i 37o 1i,36q 26 37o 26,36q 2q 37o 2q,36q 3e 37o 3e,36q 42 37o 42,36q 4m 37o 4m,36q 5a 37o 5a,36q 5u 37o 5u,3ho 5a 3ho 18,3ho 5a 3fs 5a 3fs 50 3fs 18,3fs 50 3ho 50,3l6 5a 3l6 18,3ja 5a 3l6 5a,3ja 5a 3ja 50 3ja 18,3ja 50 3l6 50,3mo 5a 3ok 5a 3ok 50 3ok 18,3ok 50 3mo 50 3mo 18,3mo 50 3mo 5a,3s2 50 3q6 50,3s2 18 3q6 18,3eu 18 3e0 34 3ce 6i,698 6i 698 -18 5tc 6i,4g2 6i 4ii 5k 4vm 5k 526 6i,6i0 6i 6i0 68 6j8 68 6j8 5u 6kg 5u 6kg 5k 6lo 5k 6lo 5a 6n0 5a 6na 5a 6na 4c 7ig 4c 7ig 5a 6na 5a,6na 6i 6na 5a,6os 4c 6os 5a,6qe 4c 6qe 5a,6s0 4c 6s0 5a,6ti 4c 6ti 5a,6v4 4c 6v4 5a,710 4c 710 5a,72i 4c 72i 5a,744 4c 744 5a,760 4c 760 5a,77s 4c 77s 5a,79e 4m 79e 5a,79e 4m 79e 4c,7b0 4c 7b0 5a,7cs 4c 7cs 5a,7ee 4c 7ee 5a,7ga 4c 7ga 5a,7hi 4c 7hi 5a,7ig 4m 7ig 4c,7ig 6i 7ig 5a,c1k 7g c1k 6i,ano 6i ano 7g ano ls c1u ls c1u 7g,ano 7g c1k 7g c1u 7g,c4o 6i c4o 8e c1u 8e,hhs 1s hhs 7g i90 7g isc 7g j4g 7g j4g -u itk -3o inm -34,hhs 7g h8g 84,hht 7b hht 7e,isc 7g isc -u j4g -u,isc -u inm -34#2gu 6i 2gu 50 2jo 50 2jo 6i,2h8 5a 2h8 5u,2h8 5a 2hi 5a 2hi 5k 2h8 5k,2hs 5u 2hs 5a 2i6 5a 2i6 5u,2hs 5k 2i6 5k,2gu 5u 2jo 5u,2ig 5a 2ig 5u,2ig 5a 2iq 5a 2iq 5k 2ig 5k 2iq 5u,2j4 5a 2j4 5u,2j4 5k 2je 5u,2j4 5k 2je 5a,4og 5k 4og 50 4ns 50 4ns 4c 4og 4c 4og 3o 4o6 3o 4ns 3o 4ns 2g 4lc 2g 4ke 2g 4jq 2g,4lc 2g 4lc k 4is k 4is -a 4ko -a 4ko -u 4is -u 4is -1s 4mk -1s 4mk a 4qc a 4t6 -1i 4v2 -1s 4uo -k 4ru u 4ru 2g 4ns 2g,4ke 2g 4k4 2q,4ke 2g 4k4 2g,4ke 2g 4k4 26,4qc 2g 4qc 3o 4tg 3o 4u4 34 4tq 2q 4ra 2q 4ra 2g,2nq 6i 2nq 68,2nq 6i 2ng 68,2nq 6i 2o4 68,3ek 6i 3ek 68,3ek 6i 3ea 68,3ek 6i 3eu 68,39a 6i 39a 68,39a 6i 390 68,39a 6i 39k 68,3nm 6i 3nm 68,3nm 6i 3nc 68,3nm 6i 3o0 68,44g 6i 44g 5k 43i 5u 438 6i,44g 6i 43i 5u,44g 6i 45e 5u 44g 5k,45e 5u 45o 6i,4di 6i 4d8 68,4di 6i 4di 68,4di 6i 4ds 68,4lm 5k 4lm 5a,4lm 5k 4lc 5a,4lm 5k 4m0 5a,4r0 5k 4r0 5a,4r0 5k 4qm 5a,4r0 5k 4ra 5a,58e 6i 58e 68,58e 6i 584 68,58e 6i 58o 68,5fk 6i 5fk 68,5fk 6i 5fa 68,5fk 6i 5fu 68,6du 6i 6du 68,6du 6i 6dk 68,6du 6i 6e8 68,83c 6i 8p8 6i 8qg 6i,89a 7g 89a 7q 89k 7g 8a8 76 8ai 7g 8a8 7q 89k 7g 89a 7g,8jk 8e 8jk 84 8j0 84 8ic 7q 8i2 84 8ic 8e 8j0 84 8jk 8e,8d2 a0 8d2 92 8d2 8e 8eu 8e 8eu 92 8eu a0,8d2 92 8eu 92,8d2 9c 8eu 9c,8dc 92 8dc 9c,8dm 92 8dm 9c,8e0 92 8e0 9c,8ea 92 8ea 9c,8ek 92 8ek 9c,8d2 8o 8eu 8o,8d2 9m 8eu 9m,9bc 6i 9bc 4c 9d8 50 9e6 6i,9bc 6i 9d8 50,9bc 6i 99g 50 9bc 4c,99g 50 98s 68 98s 6i,9oq 6i 9oq 68 9pe 68,9oq 6i 9oq 68,9oq 6i 9oq 5u,9oq 6i 9og 68,9oq 6i 9pe 5u,9oq 6i 9o6 68,9oq 6i 9og 5u,9oq 6i 9p4 68,9oq 6i 9og 68,8vg 6i 8vg 5k,8vg 6i 8ui 5u,8vg 6i 90e 5u,a5k 6i a5k 5u,a5k 6i a50 68,a5k 6i a6i 68,atm 6i atm k b3u 6i b98 18 bes 6i bji 1s bji 6i,atm k ano 6i,b98 18 b98 6i,bji 1s bo8 6i bs0 2q c1k 6i,bs0 6i bs0 2q,c8g 6i c8g 50,c8g 6i c7i 5k,c8g 6i c9e 5u,clu 6i clu 5k,clu 6i cla 5u,clu 6i cms 5u,dfs 6i dfs -u dqg -u dqg 68 dqg 6i,dfs 26 dqg 26,dgq -a di2 -a,dhe -a dhe 26,dim -a dim 26,dim u dju u,dim -a dju -a,dim 1s dju 1s,dki -a dki 26,dki -a dl6 -a dlg -a dlg 26,dl6 -a dl6 26,dm4 0 dm4 26,dm4 0 dm4 -a dn2 -a dn2 k dm4 a,dnm -a dnm 26,dp8 0 doa 0 doa u doa 26,doa u dp8 u,doa 1i dp8 1i,eu4 -ie f26 -ie fc6 -10q fo2 -ie,f26 -ie f26 18,fo2 18 fo2 -i4 fo2 -ie,fs4 u fs4 18,frq 18 frq -i4 frq -ie fo2 -ie,frq -i4 fo2 -i4,eu4 -ie eu4 18,eu4 -i4 f26 -i4,f00 -i4 f00 18,f0a -i4 f0a 18,fpk -i4 fpk 18,fpu -i4 fpu 18,eu4 -ie fc6 -148 fd4 -17m,fc6 -148 frq -ie,fc6 -10g fc6 -tm f2g -fa f26 -f0,fc6 -tm fo2 -fu,f76 -m6 fcg -e2 fcg -34,fcg -e2 fi4 -mg,f8e -no fcg -gs fh6 -no,fcg -k0 ffu -pa,fcg -k0 f9c -pa,fm6 -i4 fm6 18,f4c -i4 f4c 18,fbs u fbs -1i fa0 -1i fa0 -34,fbs u fbs 18,fde 18 fde -1i ffa -1i ffa -34 fa0 -34,fm6 -76 fg8 18,fm6 -4c fie 18,fm6 -26 fka 18,f4c -68 f9c 18,f4c -2q f6s 18,f4c -a f5a 18,fb8 -fk f68 -3o,fb8 -fk fb8 -fu,fe2 -g8 fjm -42,fc6 -148 fb8 -180,fb8 -17m f8e -17m fbs -1da fg8 -17m fd4 -17m,inm -34 inm 7g#T iro 6s,T fcg 18,T fcq 18,O baq h6,O bmc i4,O bmc ie,O bv4 ie,O c02 fu,O c0m cq,O bti aa,O bsa aa,O bos 9m,O bpg 92,O bsu au,O bt8 fa,O blo fk,O bc2 fu,O bbe io,O bk6 j2,O bn0 jm,O bsu ec,O bpg do,O bg4 do,O bm2 fu,O bi0 do,O bes d4,O ble em,O bl4 cq,O bge a0,O bl4 9m,O bn0 au,O bbo b8,O b8a c6,O bc2 do,O bhc gi,O baq j2,O b7m io,O b9i j2,O bc2 j2,O bia hq,O bk6 hg,O bei do,O bbe ec,O b48 d4,O av8 bs,O b06 bs,O b3a cq,O b9s g8,O b8u fu,O b80 fu,O b56 hg,O b0g io,O aqs j2,O arq kk,O avs hq,O aq8 e2,O atm g8,O aua hg,O avs ie,O b06 kk,O b06 ku,O ar6 l8,O apu li,O aom l8,O ao2 li,T 8e0 9m,B oc 1o 2q

This one is really stupid, I was bored! BMX

-18 1i 18 1i e2 1i tm 1i tm 18 1a6 18 1ik 18 1ik -2q,-18 1i -1r 19 -2a r -2l 9,ec -42 pk -42 pk -26 tm -26 tm -1s 1a6 -1s 1a6 -2q 1ik -2q,1fq 18 1fq -1i 1fb -1v 1em -22 1e3 -1v,1e2 -1u 1de -1q#-2q a -2g a -2q 0 -2q a -2g a -2g 0 -2q 0 -2q a -34 a -2q a -2g a,-2q a -2q -a -2q 0 -3e a,-2q a -2q 0,-2g 0 -26 0 -2q a -2g a,-2q a -2q -a,-34 a -2g a,-2q a -34 0 -2q 0,-34 -a -34 0 -2g -a -2g 0,-2q k -34 a,1dd -1q 1dd 18,1e1 -1g 1e1 -11,1e2 -1f 1e9 -1f 1e9 -18 1e3 -19 1e8 -13,1ee -1c 1eq -1d,1ek -1c 1ek -13,1ef -13 1eq -13,1f1 -1e 1f1 -14,1f0 -1c 1fb -1c 1fb -16 1f1 -18#B pk 18 2q,B pk u 2q,B pk k 2q,B pk a 2q,B pk 0 2q,B pk -a 2q,B pk -k 2q,B pk -u 2q,B pk -18 2q,B pk -1i 2q,B pa 18 2q,B pa u 2q,B pa k 2q,B pa a 2q,B pa 0 2q,B pa -k 2q,B pa -a 2q,B pa -u 2q,B pa -18 2q,B pa -1i 2q,B p0 a 2q,B p0 -18 2q,B p0 -1i 2q,B om -18 2q,B p0 -u 2q,B p0 -k 2q,B p0 -a 2q,B p0 0 2q,B p0 k 2q,B p0 u 2q,B p0 18 2q,B om 18 2q,B om u 2q,B om a 2q,B oc a 2q,B om k 2q,B om 0 2q,B om -a 2q,B om -k 2q,B om -u 2q,B om -18 2q,B om -1i 2q,B oc -18 2q,B oc -k 2q,B oc -a 2q,B oc 0 2q,B oc 18 2q,B oc u 2q,B oc k 2q,B oc a 2q,B oc -a 2q,B oc -u 2q,B oc -1i 2q

Please tell me what you think of my fr2 tracks!


I need this link or else I will forget it!


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