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Use this to scroll to messenger - Attention Visitors: This profile is being placed into CryoStasis due to unforseen and extreme circumstances on the part of the operator. HyperSleep in 3...2...1...0. - ________________________________________ Attention Patrons: This Profile will be closed on Friday, December 21, 2012, for the End Of The World. We will re-open on Saturday, December 22. The Management apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank You For Your Cooperation. ________________________________________ AMERICA: HELL YEAH. ________________________________________ This situation clearly requires defenestration. ________________________________________ My Raze 2 Happy Place: Full Shields, The Rapid Fire Powerup, A Rocket Launcher, And Everyone Else Running For Their Lives As I Spam Them With Explosions. *THIS. IS. BOOMSPAM!* ________________________________________ Member and Senior Officer of Clan OctoCan! >>> For information regarding becoming a member of Clan OctoCan, contact MagicTree or CommanderPaladin. Clan Headquarters and Threads: Uses of OctoCan Game: OctoCan Arts: ________________________________________ Herping a Derp is easy - you just throw a lizard at them. The real challenge is Derping a Herp. They're crafty little buggers, and fast too, y'know? ________________________________________ Loyal Cenion and Member of Cenere Fan Club (C.F.C.) Cenions, Assemble! ________________________________________ Check Your Six. ________________________________________ Alt Account: Clan_OctoCan - Headquarters of the OctoCan Clan ________________________________________ Yes, I'm a Christian. No, I'm not going to flame you or anything if you're not Christian. However, I do take a decidedly dim view of people who use religion as an excuse to go kill people. That's not religion, that's just evil. You should know that going in. ________________________________________ Mah Arts: Lots of sight gags and funny nonsense. Enjoy! (Yes, there's some duplicates from the OctoCan art page. It was a spinoff of this one.) ________________________________________ Use this to return to top

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