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Welcome all!!!
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Snakebite predicts:
I think America will become the next communist country. Because that's what Socialism is, robbing from the rich to give to the poor, or lazy people. There was a tribe in Central America that used to have a law against laziness. It was punishable by death.

wersmycaratdude95 predicts:
obamas going to ban guns dang it

Agent_86 predicts:
I think Obama will start full disclosure(telling the public about ET's).

Ninjacube predicts:
I predict that Obama and dems in Congress will screw it up so bad that they'll won't get elected again and in 2012 we will have Republican Prez.

zerato5 predicts:
my prediction is that obama will allow abortion up to 1 year old (scary) and ban guns

Ricador predicts:
I predict that Obama will halt the wall project on the Mexican border. Then a flood of Mexicans will come in because Obama got in, and there will be major job loss and more overpopulation.

Xzeno predicts:
First, handguns will be ban, then all other guns. Then, when China makes it's move, we will be unable to defeat them. China is on the verge of global domination, and Obummer my help them meet that end. If China does not make a move, America will slowly but surly become an Orwellian society for a long time. This is the worst case-scenario, but it could happen.

jalex13 predicts:
I predict that im the begin of Obama's presidency the stocks will soar up. Everything will start to look up for the US then a terrorist would pull something. Obama wouldn't take the threat seriously until something happenned. Then we would go into another recession.

TexanProvo predicts:
He'll come in, and he might do a good job, he might do a bad job, but the people he has selected worry me, especially peloski (misspelled I know). He will do one of several things, either sit back and let them tack the reigns or oppose them, make a simple little mistake, and have the media turn on him bad. His first mistake will be huge and the media that loved him will turn against him. I can see him trying to ban guns, but I know some he ain't getting, and with the economy in bad shape, he'd be a fool to try. I see beginners mistakes in his future and people not with this countries best interests at heart whispering in his ear and him listening. I wish him luck and hope that he does good by our nation and the Constitution/Bill of Rights, but I'm not holding my breath.

globdog76 predicts:
i think obama will try to change the bill of right and take away guns i think the presure will make him do some things he will regret his fellow democrats are all reday yelling at him and hes not in office yet imagine when he is in office i also think he will attempt to spred twh wealth witch is comunism wjat worries me is that congress is democratic

Drace predicts:
I predict Obama will do crack (more of it) during his presidency.

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