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Mostly On Kongreate Now Username:ReconSquad Yo I Am Coolrunner30 Welcome To My Page And I Hope You Will Try My Free Rider Trackes ~See The Flag That Country Rules And So Does USA~ A Young Gamer From England, Who Wants To Beat Every High Score In The Country. I Have Been Playing Games On Armor Games For Along Time, So I Though I Should Make An Account. I Got 100AP In A Day And Was Looking. Forward To The New Pictures, But I Was Dissapointed. Help For New Comers Rank Help Wood Serf:10 Silver Serf: 25 Gold Serf: 100 Wood Squire: 225 Silver Squire: 400 Gold Squire: 625 Wood Knight: 1200 Silver Knight: 1750 Gold Knight: 2250 Wood Lord/Lady: 3000 Silver Lord/Lady: 3500 Gold Lord/Lady: 4000 Wood Duke/Duchess: 4500 Silver Duke/Duchess: 5200 Gold Duke/Duchess: 6000 Wood Prince/Princess: 7250 Silver Prince/Princess: 8500 Gold Prince/Princess: 10000 Wood King/Queen: 12000 Silver King/Queen: 14500 Gold King/Queen: 17500 AP Points Comment on a Game: 2 AP Post in the Forum: 1 AP Submit a Game: 20 AP Earn a Merit: 25 A Place With Every Single Game On Armor Games Submitted By theone99 Thanks For The Help With Skateboard On Free Rider 2 Armour Games Youtibe Account My Aims: Rate 10 Games * Rate All of The Games Get 1 Friend * Get 30 Friends* Get 100 Ap * Get 1,000 Ap * Get 10,000 Ap Get 100,000 Ap Get Gold Serf * Get Gold Squire* Get Gold Knight* Get Gold Lord* Get Gold Duke Get Gold King Get On Months Ranks * Get A Merit * Get Five Merits Get Ten Merits Friends If You Want To Add Me Onto Your Friends List Please Ask Me First And I Will Add You Too BMX Free Rider Tracks -------------------------------------------------------- -18 1i 18 1i c6 -76 c6 8o jm 9m 106 u 10q 92 148 1s 15q 92 156 1i 172 aa 15q 1s,164 1s 198 cq 17m -42 11o 0,17m -42 1a6 -k 1ei -7g,1a6 -k 1cm 42 1da -2q 1es 4c 1fq -34 1ia 5a 1ji -k,1go -3o 1mc 2g 20m 2g 20m ie 20m pa,228 11o 28q p0 28g -a 21k -5a,228 11o 1d0 12c 16e tc v8 12m n4 no ie rg a d4,a fu -42 qi -5k f0 -68 r6 -bs b8 -92 se -fk fu -gs li -io cq -li kk -rg fu,-bs b8 -5k f0,-io cq -cg gs,a fu 3o fu,-k0 fu -tm fu -1a6 84 -1ik 7g -1oi e2 -22i e2 -22i 76 -22i -18 -22i -bs -1v4 -bs,-22i 76 -1ve 76,-22i -18 -1ti -18,19s -d4 210 -e2 21k -7g 21k -5a,21k -7g 1rc -1i,19s -d4 uu -34,-18 1i -18 -8o 8e -do uu -34,76 8e -bs 5k -1go -42 -1go -4c -1es -5k -1ei -5u,-1ve 3o -1q4 3o -1q4 -1i -1q4 -68 -1ve -68,-1q4 3o -1q4 5a,-1su -bs -1qe -bs -1q4 -68,76 8e 6d 7j 5m 6t 4p 63 3s 58 2u 4v 1v 55 10 56 -1 53 -v 51 -1r 51 -2p 53,-3q 52 -4b 4f -4e 3j -4a 2m -4i 1h -4r i -53 -9 -5d -15 -5v -26 -6i -39 -6v -4b -71 -5c -72 -6b -7e -7d -87 -86 -93 -8c -a3 -89 -b2 -7v -c0 -7l -d6 -7b -eb -7b -fk -7p -gu -8f -id -95 -jo -9f -l5 -9m -mj -9r -o1 -9n -p7 -9h -qh -99 -s2 -8v -tc -8n -up -8f -108 -88 -11r -84 -13i -81 -159 -7v -171 -7p -18q -7l -1af -7e -1bn -72 -1cs -6k -1e1 -67 -1f1 -5q -1fo -5b,-1j8 -2g -1fq -5a,-1j8 -2g -1q4 5a,-2o 53 -3s 4v,-1oj e1 -101 ei#-2q ne cq n4 d4 15g,-2q ne -2q 15g d4 15g,-26 o2 -26 qi c6 q8,-26 o2 c6 no c6 pu c6 q8,-1i rg a rg a se -k se -k tc a tc a u0 -1i u0 -1i rg,1i rg 1i u0 34 u0 34 rg 1i rg,4c rg 4c u0 5u u0 5u rg 4c rg,6i rg 6i u0 8e u0 8e tc 76 tc 76 rg 6i rg,-1i uu -1i 122,-1i uu a uu a 106 -k 106 a 11o k 122 -k 122 -k 10q -u 10q -u 122 -1i 122,-u v8 -u vs -a vs -a v8 -u v8,1s rq 1s tm 2q tm 2q rq 1s rq,4m rq 4m tm 5k tm 5k rq 4m rq,u uu u 122 2q 122 2q uu 1s uu 1s 11e 1i 11e 1i uu u uu,34 122 34 uu 42 106,34 122 3o 122 42 114 4m 122 4m uu 42 106,5a uu 5a 122 5u 122 68 114 76 122 76 uu 6i vs 5a uu,7q uu 7q 122 9c 122 9c 114 8e 114 8e 10g 92 10g 92 vs 8e vs 8e vi 9c vi 9c uu 7q uu,a0 uu b8 uu b8 106 ak 106 bi 11o bs 122 ak 122 ak 114 aa 114 aa 122 a0 122,a0 uu a0 122,aa v8 aa vs au vs au v8 aa v8,-1i 12m u 12m u 156 -1i 156 -1i 148 a 148 a 13u -k 13u -k 13k a 13k a 13a -18 13a -1i 12m,1i 12m 1i 156 34 156 34 12m 1i 12m,1s 130 1s 14s 2q 14s 2q 130 1s 130,84 15g 84 130 b8 130 b8 15g,5u 15g 5u 130 7g 130 7g 15g,6s 148 76 148 76 14i 6s 14i 6s 148,8e 13a 8e 156 au 156 au 13a 8e 13a,26 1s bi -5u bi 1s,b8 1s 26 1s,b8 1s bi 1s,8e 18 8e -a 7g -a 9c -34 ak -a 9m -a 9m 18 8e 18,-oc 2a -oe -55,-oe -53 -lp -53 -lp -3c -nd -3b -nd o -ln q -lm 30,-kr -53 -kk 38,-kt -55 -hl -57 -hl 3v,-k0 -4f -jv 3b,-jt -4c -i9 -4e -id 3p,-h6 -57 -h0 44,-h1 -53 -ci -57 -ck 59,-bk -58 -b3 5m,-bk -55 -9t -57 -9q 46 -6a 44,-gp -4k -gf 48,-gr -4h -d6 -4j -db 56,-6c 46 -6a 6a,-1i3 e0 -1i3 c5 -1go c5 -1gp at -1hc at -1hd a8,-1hf a4 -1gt a4 -1gt 9d -1i0 9d -1i0 8c -1f7 8a,-1f7 88 -1f4 du,-1eo 8a -1ej ds -1b9 dr -1bj 8c -1eo 8a,-1e9 91 -1c7 90 -1c0 d2 -1e1 d0 -1e8 91#O -202 b8,O -20c 68,O -20m 68,O -21a 68,O -21k 68,O -228 68,O -1ts 2q,O -1t8 2q,O -1sa 2q,O -1rc 2q,O -1qo 2q,O -1rm 2q,O -1rm 2q,O -1rm 2q,O -1sk 2q,O -1su 2q,O -1ts 2q,O -1ts 2q,O -1uq 2q,O -1ve -26,O -20c -1s,O -20m -1s,O -210 -1s,O -1ts -1s,O -1u6 -1s,O -1ug -1s,O -1uq -1s,O -1v4 -1s,O -1vo -1s,O -202 -1s,O -21a -1s,O -21k -1s,O -1s0 -c6,O -1s0 -bs,O -1r2 -cg,O -1s0 -d4,O -1rc -cq,O -1rm -cg,O -1sk -c6,O -1sa -cg,O -1s0 -cq,O -20m -cg,O -21a -d4,O -21a -cg,O -20m -c6,O -21k -c6,O -21u -cq,O -20m -cq,O -1vo -cg,O -1rm -6s,O -1r2 -6s,O -1sk -6s,O -1ti -6s,O -1uq -6s,T -1ug e2,T -20m e2,T -1sk e2,B -o2 f0 17c,B -q8 f0 17c,B -8e bi 17c,B -gi d4 17c,B 5k fa 17c,B 92 io 17c,O cq 7g,O ec 7g,O fu 7g,O hg 7g,O j2 7g,O ka 7g,O ec 84,O fu 84,O hq 84,O jc 84,O ka 84,O d4 84,O 11e 42,O 11e 2q,O 12m u,O 13u a,O 156 0,O 164 k,O 172 0,O 16e -k,O 172 k,O 172 1i,O 14s 1i,O 13a 18,O 12c 1i,O 122 2g,O 12c 34,O 1c2 -a,O 1c2 -u,O 1c2 -1s,O 1cm -2q,O 1da -34,O 1e8 -3e,O 1e8 -26,O 1ei -1i,O 1fq -26,O 1go -26,O 1hm -1i,O 1hm -k,O 1hm a,O 1ia k,S 11e 18,S 1es -42,G 1d0 -5k 17c,G 1iu -1s 17c,B rg 34 17c,B 16e se 17c,B n4 mq 17c,O v8 11o,O vs 114,O io q8,O jm pk,O hq pu,O 1i f0,O u ec,O u fk,O -42 oc,O -6i om,O -3e n4,O -3o no,O -76 n4,O -6s ne,O -au ls,O -ak n4,O -ak o2,O -aa om,O -au o2,O -bi mq,O -bi mg -------------------------------------------------------- Have Ago Try And Complete It, Dont Use Helicopter -------------------------------------------------------- -27 -cl -25 -gv,-8m 1i 3s 1i 3v 1i,-8b -li 3d -ll,3r -1q 3u 1h,f 1h 3r -1r,3s -1r 8m -1u,8m -1v cc -5f,c8 -5e hs -5j,4q -lo h8 -m2,5e 1c hi 1a,3l -cg bf -9j,-lu -bp -8g -gu 4s -h3,-tg -nn -88 -lh,-8p 1i -qe -5u -15a -62 -1ai -d2 -tj -j3,-tg -nm -tl -j5,3m -7v 96 -6c 3q -6c 3n -7u,47 -7q 47 -6d,52 -7i 52 -6c,5u -7b 5v -6c,6q -72 6r -6d,7m -6p 7m -6d,8e -6j 8e -6c,90 -6d 3o -7j,8u -6e 3o -74,8o -6f 3o -6m,1c l 1c 1h,2d -c 2b 1g,38 -17 34 1g,g 1f 3s -v,3s -j e 1i 3s 1,3t i f 1i,3u 15 j 1h,-118 -9l -ng -9g -lp -bp,-v7 -a2 -v5 -9l,-s6 -aj -s6 -9j,-pe -b5 -pj -9j,-ms -bp -ng -9g,-116 -9j -n3 -a7,-10t -9m -ne -9r,5c 1a 5c -1v,nu -ae no -5u nc -5u,ng -5u hs -5i,hq -5k nq -7s,nq -7o hu -5i,i0 -5i nq -76,nq -6o i2 -5k,hs -5l nu -ad,nu -a0 ht -5j,hu -5n nr -95,n5 -9o mu -5u,lk -8l lj -5r,k3 -7e k4 -5n,j4 -6m j4 -5p,j4 -5q j4 -5m,nv -ad nt -mt h6 -m4,-ne -9p -ls -bq,-tj -j2 -nv -n2,-tk -k0 -se -jt,-ti -lc -qh -l8,-pi -lv -th -mo,-th -ng -nv -n3,-tm -j6 -qb -ne,-tk -j6 -ot -n5,-tl -j6 -o5 -n4,-tj -j8 -s0 -ni,-tn -j8 -sv -nl,hf 18 nq -5s,hi 18 hf -5k,3c -ll 4r -lo,h8 -hm ns -ms,hj 17 hf -5j,hg 19 n3 -5v,hh 1b l8 -5p,hj 15 j4 -5j,hg 1b i3 -5j,hj -e j2 -i,jo -1b hf -1v,hf -39 li -3a,m7 -42 hf -4t,nv -io hb -hn,hc -hl ns -kh,ns -l9 hc -ho nt -mf,n5 -mc mq -ht,lu -lf lk -ht,kh -ka kh -ht,ja -ja j8 -ho,ib -ii ie -ho,-117 -9o -lt -bu,-115 -9o -m7 -bf,-m7 -b3 -112 -9m,-mr -ak -110 -9m,3m -ch 3k -h3,4p -h2 4s -c3,4o -h4 he -ho,-25 -cn -7i 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