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$N1P3R$ G37 M0r3 H34D
Strangely addicted to FPS games
Loves laughing at people in speedos
Will be in the Olympics as a runner
#1 District wide Running Back
#4 District wide Point Guard
Never Seen Snow (I just saw snow when i went to visit the Alps!)
Never eaten a bug
Never visited Europe
Thinks Gays are creepy
Has a smokin' hot GF
Thinks jews are da bomb!
Is originally from Italy
Wants to work for Microsoft
Wants a new phone
Wants to be #1 on AG
Wants to comment on every game
Wants to spit on a hobo
Wants to design a game (im not smart enough)
Wants to blow a bubble bigger than himself
Wants to be #1 in WoW/EQ
Wants to kill Sonic the Hedgehog with a sawed-off shotgun
Wants to buy MW2
Hopes for another Halo
Loves EA sports
Loves Madden and NCAA games
Hates dolls
Hates dress-up Games
Want 100k AP
And finallly wants to become a mod on AG someday!

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