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Name: Miles Prower

Nicknames: Tails, Kitsune-chan/Fox Boy (Rouge calls him that from time to time), Shorty (only Wave calls him this)

Race: Fox
(Speculation: If you choose to get technical, Tails is most likely a Red Fox, since that is the most common, well-known species of fox, and is also the only species of fox that matches Tails' color attributes the best.)

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Date of birth: Unknown
(Tails' DOB is generally confirmed as October 16th, since that was the release of his first video game. However, it is not canon to the video game storyline, as his true DOB is unknown. If you find it necessary to add his DOB nonetheless, October 16th would be the most ideal choice.)

Birthplace: Unknown; it could either be Westside Island, or Cocoa Island
(In the video game Tails Adventure, the storyline is portrayed on Cocoa Island, an island Tails resided on BEFORE he met Sonic. It's possible that Cocoa Island is his birthplace. However, Sonic met Tails at Westside Island. So it is one of these two places. Cocoa Island is the most logical alternative since Tails was living there before he met Sonic.)

Height: 80 centimeters (2 feet and 6 inches)

Weight: 20 kilograms (44 pounds)

Ability Type: Flight

Physical techniques:

(1). Spin Attack
Description: While in locomotion, Tails can curl down and take on a fetal position, rolling along the ground as a ball at a very high speed and rate of torque, meant primarily for breaking through barriers, or destroying enemies.
In-game debut: Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, 1992

(2). Spin Jump
Description: Also referred to as the "spinball jump," Tails is able to leap into the air and curl into a spinning, tightly compacted ball of destruction which can destroy enemies and break barriers.
In-game debut: Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, 1992

(3). Spin Dash
Description: Originally named the "Super Spin Dash," Tails is able to curl down and begin revving up, taking on a diagonally pivoted, ovular shape. Once unleashed, Tails blasts forward in an acceleration roll of high speeds with limited airborne capability, meant to break barriers or mow down enemies. It seems that either Tails learned this move from Sonic, or vice versa.
In-game debut: Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, 1992

(4). Tail Swipe
Description: Tails puts his twin tails to good offensive use by swinging them at an enemy.
In-game debut: Sonic Adventure, Sega Dreamcast, 1999

(5). Thunder Shoot
Description: While in flight formation, Tails surrounds his teammates with electricity and launches them at enemies to stun or destroy them, with enough power.
Appearance: Sonic Heroes, Nintendo GameCube, Sony PlayStation 2/Microsoft Xbox, 2003

Abilities and aptitude:

(1). Like his nickname suggests, Tails has been bequeathed with the gift of not one, but two large, fluffy tails. He takes this genetic abnormality to his advantage, as he is able to use his two tails as rotary blades to fly like a helicopter at speeds that can impress even Sonic! His nicknamesakes are also used to supply an extra boost of speed, enabling Tails to sail across the ground using his tails as a rear propeller. Thanks to this talent, he stands a considerable chance in a race against Sonic or Shadow.

He can also use his tails for defensive and offensive purposes, since one quick swipe of them packs enough speed and force to slice weeds in two or puncture Eggman's robots. However, if he uses them in flight mode for too long, he gets fatigued after awhile.

(2). Very experienced swimmer.

Transformations/Alternate forms: N/A (Super Tails, while interesting, has yet to be confirmed as canon.)

Hobbies and talents:
Tails Gallery :: Click the arrows to view more pictures Tails Gallery :: Click the arrows to view more pictures Tails Gallery :: Click the arrows to view more pictures

(1). Extremely talented and clever mechanic, rivaling Dr. Robotnik.

(2). Excellent piloting, aerial dogfighting and driving skills.

(3). Satisfactory skills at sports like boarding and grinding, which he probably learned from Sonic.

(4). Has much skill with using and tuning up a variety of Extreme Gear. He knew how to ride them before Sonic did, in fact.

(5). Can read and translate Binary and Hexadecimal language.


(1). Astraphobic. Tails is dreadfully scared of lightning and thunder.

(2). His intellect gives him the stereotypically bad habit of blabbering on and talking too much. Needless to say, this trait sometimes irritates Sonic and others to the point where they start ignoring him. To make things worse, this can ruin a perfectly laid plan if he does not watch it.

(3). A bit too humble to realize his potential.

(4). Sometimes has issues with self-confidence, as Tails is often faced with a dilemma of being unable to easily step out of Sonic's shadow.

Physical Appearance:

- Close-lying golden yellow fur with an occasional orange hue
- Golden yellow furred hands
- Golden yellow furred broad feet with no apparent visible toes
- White, fluffy fur muzzle
- White fluffy fur inner ears
- White fluffy fur tummy/chest
- Large optimistic eyes with sky blue irises, black pupils and glassy white sclera
- 3 bent, long and smooth bangs of golden yellow fur coming out from his forehead
- Large, triangular, constantly alert and perked ears
- Small, bulbous nose with no apparent nostrils
- Two large, fluffy and golden yellow-furred, white-tipped tails


- A pair of white gloves with thick, sock-like gloved fastened with a black metal ringlet
- A pair of duel-tone sneakers where the back half is red and the frontal half is white and seems to overlap the red, with gray soles
- A pair of white socks with an additional set of dark gray ringlets fastening them to the shoes

Extreme Gear:
- A pair of dual-tone boots with a similar design to his regular sneakers
- A pair of grey and white goggles with blue lenses. Curiously, they’re never seen over his eyes when riding Extreme Gear.
- He also wears a ring-like object of unknown origin on his wrist that allows him to manipulate gravity


Ali Baba:

- A white turban with a red gem on the front
- A red vest
- A pair of dual-tone pointy shoes

The Blacksmith:

- A pair of goggles used to protect his eyes when working
- An apron with a familiar looking insignia on it
- A blue heat-resistant glove worn on his left hand
- A pair of dual-tone boots with a similar design to his regular sneakers
Items & weapons:

(1). Jet Anklet
Description: Self made metal jets that go on the ankles of Tails’ shoes. These provide thrust and allow him to fly farther.
Appearance: Sonic Adventure, Sega Dreamcast, 1999

(2). Rhythm Badge
Description: A green and purple badge with three ribbons that fastens to Tails’ chest. It let Tails perform the Rapid Tails Attack, in which he spins around like a top of doom, destroying enemies and even cutting grass.
Appearance: Sonic Adventure, Sega Dreamcast, 1999

(3). Dummy Rings
Description: Fake power rings that Tails uses to either incapacitate, damage or destroy his enemies when need be. They can be used separately or as bombs.
In-game debut: Sonic Heroes, Nintendo GameCube, Sony PlayStation 2/Microsoft Xbox, 2004

(4). The Blacksmith of Camelot Castle, despite his profession, only wielded a simple slingshot as his weapon. He made up for its initial weakness by firing small bombs.

(5). Miles Electric
Description: A portable handheld touchscreen computer that serves a variety of functions including radar, global map, alien language translator and long-distance video communicator.
In-game debut: Sonic Unleashed, Xbox 360/Sony PS3, Nintendo Wii/Sony Playstation 2, 2008


(1). The Whirlwind S-7
Description: A yellow formula racer Tails used in the Chaos Grand Prix racing circuit. It had quite a good cornering ability but was offset by a low top speed.
Appearance: Sonic Drift, Sega Game Gear, 1994

(2). Sea Fox/Sea Tail
Description: Tails’ personal submarine and arguably his very first prominent invention of note, as it was created before the boy met Sonic. The Sea Fox has a wide hull (it’s either angular or curved depending on the game it is featured in) and blue and orange color scheme and seats one. In terms of weaponry, it sports a large drill on the front, has a built in rocket launcher and a choice of upgrades at Tails’ disposal: a rapid fire Vulcan gun, Mirror Armor for temporary invincibility, a Jet Screw for short leaps, a Rocket for flight, anti-aircraft missiles, mines, and a powerful electrical field.
Appearance: Sonic the Hedgehog: Triple Trouble, Sega Game Gear, 1994

(1). The Tornado 2
Description: A blue and yellow biplane that is an upgraded version of Sonic’s Tornado. The Tornado 2 outstrips the original Tornado in terms of speed as it has a mode in which the plane transforms into a sleeker form with its four wings resembling an ‘X’ when viewed from the front. Unfortunately due to oversight on Tails’ part, it has no landing gear in this mode. At first, it required a Chaos Emerald to be operational. Nowadays, it does not, though its current power source is unknown.
In-game debut: Sonic Adventure, Sega Dreamcast, 1999

(1). The Tornado III /The Cyclone
Description: A blue and yellow biplane that is an upgraded version of Sonic's Tornado and the Tornado 2. The Tornado III, like the Tornado 2, utilizes several mode changes ranging from a jet mode, walker mode (known as the Cyclone), and automobile mode. The Tornado III has quite a few armaments in Cyclone walker mode, such as a missile blaster that shoots homing missiles upon successful lock-on with it’s red laser, a pair of hover boosters on it’s ‘feet’ that allow it to hover in walker mode and a Vulcan cannon that shoots missiles powerful enough to break wooden and metal containers.
Appearance: Sonic Adventure 2, Sega Dreamcast, 2001.

(4). Yellow Tail
Description: An orange and yellow Extreme Gear air board that Tails used to make it to the finals of the EX World Grand Prix. The Yellow Tail has a great cornering ability. Tails later rebuilt it from the ground up with transformable morphing metal.
Appearance: Sonic Riders, Nintendo GameCube/Sony PlayStation 2/Microsoft Xbox, 2006

Personality details:

Ever since he first met Sonic, Tails has always strived hard to somehow replicate the admirable mannerisms of his best buddy in blue. Tails is a very loyal, docile and sweet-natured fox with a huge knack for building or tinkering with machines. His clever mechanical skills rival that of Eggman's, but Tails never thought of it as such a big deal, thus not realizing his true potential.

But in the more recent times, he has tried becoming more independent; just as confident as Sonic when he gets his moment in the spotlight as a hero. Although he works hard to impress Sonic, his true blue friend already knows that Tails' awesome gadgets and positive attitude have always been a huge help for him all this time, as the two have formed an Unbreakable Bond. Tails eventually came to the conclusion that it was determination he needed, and once that was realized, it made him quite the motivated little fox. If Tails is set on a goal, he can accomplish it. And there is absolutely no doubt that such a gesture impresses Sonic a lot, as the hedgehog never misses an opportunity to compliment, encourage and depend on his surrogate little brother.

Oh, and don't even think about killing Sonic. Tails will NOT let you get away it.

Historical biography:

Like Sonic, Tails' history is just as blurry. Before Tails even met Sonic, the fox resided on a far south island called Cocoa Island, where his house happened to also be his workshop where he always spent his time building new things. Later, the Imperial Battle Kukku invaded Cocoa Island with his army in search of the Chaos Emeralds that were there at the time, wanting to exploit their infinite powers to take over the world. Tails managed to stop the Battle Kukku and liberate the island from his tyranny, but before that, Tails' history is unconfirmed.

It wasn't until a bit later that Tails actually met Sonic at the mysterious Westside Island, the Island of Illusion. Sonic had landed there indeliberately as a result of engine problems within his antique biplane, the Tornado. With little to go on in terms of repairs, he decided to zoom around his new surroundings. During this time, Tails was walking about, depressed for some reason and lonely as hell. He was brought out of this by a swift blue blur, namely Sonic. When Tails recovered from the shock, he, as if by instinct, quickly took off after this cool newcomer, dead set to keep up as best he could. After being followed for a while, Sonic noticed he was being watched by the shy little fox. At first, Tails was hesitant to come out and introduce himself, but not long after, they became quick friends since Sonic was impressed by Tails' determination to keep up and follow along. But what Tails was even more impressed with was Sonic's plane, the Tornado. Moments after seeing it, he was awed by its appearance and properties. During their consolidated effort to stop Dr. Robotnik's forces on Westside Island, Tails in fact, made several improvements to the Tornado to help aid Sonic through his adventures, assuming co-ownership of the biplane he loved so much.

Since then, Sonic & Tails have always been a dynamic duo when it came to stopping Eggman's devious plots, a relationship viewed by Sonic as a delightful brotherly relationship. And Tails has remained as loyal as can be to Sonic, yearning to be one the hedgehog can truly rely on. These days, Tails has steadily begun to break free of the (unintentional) mental stranglehold that Sonic's authority and fame had over him. That shouldn't be too difficult with his awesome mechanical know-how that has helped Sonic on frequent occasions.

Personal information:

Greatest friend(s): Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles the Echidna, Amy Rose and Cream the Rabbit & Cheese.

Other friend(s): Big the Cat, Vector the Crocodile, Espio the Chameleon, Charmy Bee, Shadow the Hedgehog, Blaze the Cat, Silver the Hedgehog (when the guy’s actually friendly), Marine the Raccoon, Shade the Echidna, Professor Pickle and the Wisp race of aliens.

Rival(s): Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik and Wave the Swallow (as far as Extreme Gear is concerned).

Enemy(s): Most of the time, anybody who is Sonic's enemy is an enemy of Tails' as well; particularly Eggman. Eggman Nega as well.

Likes: Tinkering with machines, Christmas, venturing the globe with Sonic, and flying.

Dislikes: If anything, Tails hates boredom or feeling useless. This is usually why, when he isn’t hanging out with Sonic, he spends his time working on and/or building machines or flying around the world. There usually isn't any time you'll be able to see this little fox where he ISN'T doing something, whether it be recreational or mandatory. He also dislikes thunder and lightning. Nobody knows why, probably because thunder and lightning is the pilot's worse nightmare. Having his mechanical skills dissed pisses him off as well. Finally, he hates being ignored, something Sonic's apparently done more than once.

Favorite food(s): Mint candy.

Favorite color(s): Unknown. Could be blue or yellow… or possibly red when considering how much he liked the Tornado.

Occupation: Unemployed. Too young, anyway.

Place of residence: Unknown. Probably his workshop he built in the Mystic Ruins/to the west of Water Palace. Or his house in Emerald Town.


Franchise name: Miles "Tails" Prower

Original purpose: Best friend and/or sidekick of Sonic the Hedgehog; boy genius of the cast.

Current purpose: Hasn't changed.

Date of first promotion/presence in the industry: Tails was first promoted in the first video game he made an appearance in. And surprisingly, it's not Sonic 2 on the Genesis/Mega Drive. Tails actually made his first appearance in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the Sega Master System/Game Gear a month before Sonic 2 for the Genesis was released. He was not playable. People still consider Tails' official release to be Sonic 2 for the Genesis, which was November 21st, 1992.

Years in service: 18, and still going…

Impact on series: Tails is a prominent character. He’s generally appreciated and he and Sonic have made it to many "Best Video Game Duo" lists together. As of late, however, he’s drawn ire for seeming to be the start of an irritating and useless cast increase that has yet to cease. Thus, critics would like nothing more than to see him, and everyone who was introduced after him, gone forever.

Original Designer: Yasushi Yamaguchi

Design process: Tails' design process was similar to Sonic's, since it went on in the form of a competition between Sonic Team. Yasushi Yamaguchi's illustration of a young fox with two tails won the hearts of the team. Tails was actually meant to be named just Tails. But Yamaguchi managed to sneak the name Miles (the name he gave the fox, and the name he liked more) into a lot of graphics in the Sonic 2 video game, and in the end, got things his way as they named the character Miles "Tails" Prower.

Possible design inspirations: Tails' most well known design inspiration is what is responsible for some of the most vile-on-the-imagination, piece-o'-crap fancharacters this fanbase has. And what is that, my friends? That's right, a Kitsune. A Kitsune is a creature of Japanese lore. It is a fox with multiple tails, to put it simply. Every century, a Kitsune grows a new tail to showcase its power and authority. 9 is the maximum a kitsune can get. This multiple tails issue obviously heeds evidence that this is what inspired Tails' namesake of a genetic abnormality. Thankfully, Tails did not inherit the other well-known trait of a kitsune: their penchant for random (and usually cruel) pranks.

Another possible design inspiration of Tails is the popular literature excerpt by Isaiah Berlin written in 1953, The Hedgehog and the Fox. The basis of his essay was an old Greek philosophical saying, "The Fox knows many things, but the Hedgehog knows one big thing." The essay is meant to draw a distinction between thinkers who contribute a number of valuable but unrelated insights, and those who develop a unified vision or a universal principle. This could be responsible not only for the fact that they chose Tails' as a FOX, but for Tails' personality: he is a smart thinker and he knows many things, but is also known to blabber on about perceptible and particularly unimportant topics, as opposed to how Sonic usually concentrates on one motive. This second part is unlikely, but it's just something I thought of.

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