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  • AIM: To become the most famous gamer ever.
  • MSN: Waste of time
  • Yahoo: See above
  • XBOX Live: Eh. Never really liked it.
  • Wii: Awesome stuff.
  • PSN: Big waste of money.
  • SteamID: If there's a LightningID, i'll be there!


Speed- 10*
Power- 9*
Life- 12*
Merciful- Y-O-U- -W-I-S-H
Points- 712*
Level- 36
Class- Crystal Mage
Weapon of choice- Crystal Scimitar
Taking pride in his JMTB02 gaming commander status, Cyngus Unlimited spends half of his life on Game websites! XD Cyngus is a very skilled Ball Revamped player, and a HUGE fan of flash... And ZeRo-BaSs. Though he dosen't make flash games, he's planning to do so... as soon as he learns how. His NewGrounds account is SAROTH. His name is on many highscore lists, mainly BRV:Synergy, BRIV:Amplitude, Luminara, Argent Burst, Raiden X, and Chaos Faction.. His favorite type of game, by far, are tower defense games. His RuneScape account, MinionRulz1, is the third best account in RuneScape History. He LOVES lightning. He is also the rival of many other skilled gamers and game designers.
Outside of AG, he is a five- year expert fencer, (Swordplay) and a track star. he's also pretty good at basketball, and has never lost a game of checkers or TicTacToe.

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