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Sorry guys haven't been on lately been outside and spending time with my family but i haven't updated anything yet so every thing like steam ID is false also the Xbox live and the Ps3 have changed so those aren't my Usernames and i would also like you to welcome you to a clan called HpG we are that kinda clan that plays first person shooters we hardscope, noscope, etc.and i betz u guyz are checking outs meh profile cause of Crush the Castle Adventures leave any comments what u have what so ever at the comment section and if you guys ask... my little brother used to get on my account so all those stupid comments he put aren't me and he just added all those people so... Last thing to say about my clan is that the games we play are COD: Black ops 2, Battlefield 3, MW2, MW3,Halo 3 and 4 and thats all Peace

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