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-35 1l -d 1p,-d 1o 1s 1o,1t 1o 2p 1n 2p 26 3e 26 3e 2k 42 2j 44 36,43 35 4l 35 4o 3n 5a 3n 5b 4c 62 4f 64 51 70 50 73 5p,70 5o fu 5n,fu 47 fv 5i,fu 4a fu 2v am 5h,fu 2v km 31,kp 32 n9 32 ne 5i,ft 2u hn 23,ft 5m sm 5i 10s 5i,sp 4b sp 51,sp 4a t2 44 tq 44,tp 42 tp 3a to 2q,to 2p ve 2p ve 41 105 40 10a 44 10b 4u 10h 4u,so 51 se 52 sf 58 10h 55 10h 4v,t8 3f t8 42,t9 3e tn 3e,vd 3e 100 3e 100 3t,t6 1s t6 3e,t6 1s t5 14 vv 15 100 3e,t3 22 sq 27,sq 2g t7 2i,sp 1u sp 2m,so 1t s8 1t,s9 1t sa 2k sp 2k,vu 1v 10b 1p,vv 2b 107 2d,10a 1o 10a 2c,10b 1m 10o 1m 10n 2c,109 2b 109 2i 10p 2h,10n 2a 10n 2h,ta 1k td 2n vo 2p vl 1i,ta 1j vl 1h,ua 1i ud 2m,tm 1u tm 2b,tm 26 tu 26 tv 2l,uu 1v uu 2c,uu 29 v7 29 v6 2l,uu 2a uu 2e,t6 12 t6 8 ti -1 tj 14,vh 10 vj 14,vf 11 vf 5 vn -4 vp 14,t6 7 t9 c,ta c tf 9 tk 3,ve 8 vj 8,vk 6 vp 4,sh 58 sh 5g,t5 57 t4 5i,vu 54 vu 5g,10d 54 10d 5f,vu 5e vn 5h,10e 5g 10i 5g,t7 5g tc 5h,sg 5g s9 5j,t5 4e t1 4h,t5 4d th 4c,th 4b tm 4f tn 4j,t2 4h t2 4l t7 4p tl 4o,tk 4o tn 4k,vh 4d 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