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I am mainly on Kongregate but i do come on here once in a while. I have the same username there as I do here.

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Hobbies: Basketball and Coin Collecting

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I am going to try to make my about longer so it will annoy everyone trying to get to my messenger. So... yeah.... cool idea huh?

My first FR2 map:
-18 1i 18 1i,16 1k 5r 3g,-13 1a 1f 1l,5p 3e 8g 3b,a2 5r ai 5p,a2 9f fi a3,fg a0 g8 a4 gv a8 hh al hs ba i5 c2 ih cq is di j5 ea ji f3 k1 fq km gk lc hh m6 ib n3 it o0 j6 os ja pm ja qf j8 rh jc so jn ts jr us ji vo j7 10j ir 11l ie 130 i2 14d hn 15v hd 17c h5 18q gu 1ab gn 1br gj 1db gh 1et gg 1gf gf 1i3 ge 1jo ge 1ld gd 1n3 gd 1oq gd 1qh gc 1s9 gd,1ff gc 1ib f2,1i9 f1 1i6 gf,1s8 ge 3kl g4,3ko g3 3rn 1l#i -32 -8 -22 p -1b -q -q,1s -2o 1n -i,1q -2j 34 -2h,1q -1e 30 -1g,1l -i 3j -k,40 -f 4m -37,4p -34 56 -22,56 -21 5d -32,5d -37 5l -b,66 -1t 5u -i,64 -2r 66 -35,6s -1l 7b -1o,9m -32 87 -g,9n -32 9m -g,90 -16 a0 -1g,an -27 b6 -f bs -d c1 -27,bt -f c6 -3,de -3f cl -8,cc -1l do -1n,e7 -1j df -14,dc -p dc 9,df b ek 4,en 3 es -f,en -s ec -1i,ec -1s ec -21,a8 8c b8 69 bl 85 bv 5q,c9 7e ce 8f,ce 8c d2 83,cv 82 d2 79 ce 7f,dt 5j dc 88,d7 74 e2 70,go 5e ep 8d,go 5e g1 8k,fd 7f gb 7a,go 7f go 83 h2 88 hg 83 h9 74,i0 5e hj 8k,hc 74 ih 77,ip 7f i9 7m,i9 7p i4 8d,ia 8h im 8m,ip 8i it 8d,j0 80 it 7j ip 7a,kl 8s le 63,le 62 lj 8s mc 67,n3 7f mu 7k,mk 7p mc 8b mu 8s,nc 8j nd 88,nd 7a n3 7g,nd 8g mm 94,n5 7f mc 7k,na 7g na 86,o8 7p ol 94,on 93 p9 7s,p9 7m po 94 q2 7m#G 3k2 em 3p,T 3r4 m

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