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To all AG friends

I am leaving this website for a while, maybe for good. I'm currently a senior and between juggling my social life, studies, fitness I simply can't afford to spend time on this website anymore. I just wanted to tell you guys that I really enjoyed the times on the forums! I also enjoyed pissing people off by farming 4k AG in 2 days!

My AG Journey of 5 Days : HERE

If you want to find me again you can always go on www.bodybuilding.com and search for the user "JXL-Pump". I would be very happy to show you around the bodybuilding community and its forums.

14th January 2012


Things you have to know:

1.) I Love the AG community! Just check this out

2.) People that use guns to kill zombies are p*ss**s.

3.) I'm soon to be black belt in gimp-istu

4.) I like turtles.

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