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Hmm... where to begin. Let's just start here: I'm an aspiring author. I haven't had any success yet, and the farthest I've written in a book is 66 pages... ._. I need to try harder then that. I'm a certified Pokemon Master, and I do have a lvl 100 Charizard. I currently play Wartune, with my mage, Frizar, on Server 2, my knight, Thiorian, on server 3, and my archer, Skeith, on server 1. My most played character is Thiorian. On online chats, I, more often than not, have a katana. I am a sword-for-hire, and my rate is $2.02 an hour. <sarcasm, though I do indeed own a dull katana>. I hope to have a career as a video game designer... ummm.... Well, if you're still reading I should clear this up: Tabathie is indeed my sister. She's all cute and cuddly online, but you don't want to meet her in person... atleast I hope not. ~Ciao

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