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Well, I was born in a cave 1,000 feet under the earth. My mother had a little farm down there, but then she died of a deadly disease called Qwerty. Later, the Atlantians found me and for the past 11 years of my life, i have lived in their capital city. it's also the only city. imagine that. if you want to know why i sign things "from darck," then too bad! jk. it's just out of habit.

~i found a way to the surface!!! XD it was too easy! i can't belive i never thought of it before! the supplies have to get here somehow, lol. i live on an island in the pacific now in addition to atlantis! as in... Hawaii. i also, as of a while ago, found out how great the rocky mountains were, so i sometimes backpack up there. XD~

~the second is x-box live thing is mine. the other is my brother's. unfortunately, someone took darckcrow already. whoever did, is now my enemy, and that person will rue the day that he/she messed with darck... um... o.O~

~if you are reading this and you wonder why i am darckcrow, which i doubt you do, then here is the answer. my name in real life is Darck, and i like crows. or, i should say that that's the short story. there is another story that is much longer about how i got that name, but i like to put emphasis on the "much longer" part.~

~my high score on the most addicting game ever (time4cat) is 170463. did anyone beat it?~




































ps. a lot of the smileys didn't turn out.

(\__/) This is bunny. I have copied him
(+'.'+) onto my page to help him gain
(")_(") world domination! If you read this copy bunny onto your page to help him gain world domination!!!

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