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12 Things I Know About You 1) You're reading this 2) You are thinking this is a stupid fact 4) You didn't notice I skipped 3 5) You are smiling 6) You're checking it now 7) You are still smiling 8) You know all that you have read is true 10) You didn't notice I skipped 9 11) You're checking it now 12) You didn't notice there are only 10 facts LOL gotcha!! sike Sad, but you should watch it Geico commercial song 1 Linkin Park Across The Line Breaking The Habit In The End New Divide (Within Temptation) Memories (Asphyxia) Sense Of Decay Obliterate My Fate InnerPartySystem The Way We Move The Waiting Time Redemption Last Night In Brooklyn I Am Ghost Killer Likes Candy Beyond The Hourglass Cinema Bizzare In Your Cage Heaven Is Wrapped In Chains Three Days Grace Pain Never Too Late Adema Giving In Quotations "People are asleep as long as they are alive, they are awakened when they die." when the world seems to be fading away and you feel like you can't see anything anymore, come with me.... I'll take you to the eye doctor. Smiling and silence are two powerful tools. Smiling is the way to solve many problems and Silence is the way to avoid many problems Speech is like a medicine, a small dose of which cures but an excess of which kills... "Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others." - Johnathan Swift

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