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<p align=center><a target=_blank href=http://www.nodiatis.com/personality.htm><img border=0 src=http://www.nodiatis.com/pub/15.jpg></a></p> --- <p align=center><a target=_blank href=http://www.nodiatis.com/personality.htm><img border=0 src=http://www.nodiatis.com/pub/12.jpg></a></p> <font color="#800080"> Highest rank #52 With 13,024AP VERY DEDICATED TO HIS BIO& LOVES CATS XD AND this armatar is dedicated to 2014631 The Ancient Battle Of Supremacy my first collaboration Forum game XD RPG I play !New Goal 1000 Friends XD! Talk to an AI _____________________________ This link must never be pressed XD _____________________________ Member Of The R-E-S-P-E-C-T Club _____________________________ Quick Link To Messenger _____________________________ This song makes me relax _____________________________ Quick link back to AG's Home Page Change Armatar Ag's Help System Commenting-Rules How To make Links Like These _____________________________ Point Break Down Rate a Game: 2 AP per Game _____________________________ Comment on a Game: 2 AP per Comment _____________________________ Make a Post in the Forum: 1 AP per Post _____________________________ Submit a Game: 20 AP per Title _____________________________ Earn a Merit: 25 AP per Merit _____________________________ 112 PEOPLE HAVE ADDED ME! XD Man am I lucky I have friends!!!!! _____________________________ All spam will the flagged You where warned. _____________________________ Currently addicted to AG. _____________________________ <font color="#FF0000"> Will respond back ASAP all the time. _____________________________ ___________________ $$ _____________________ $$$ _________________________ $$$$ __________$$$$$$$__________$$$ $ __________$$$$$$_____________$ $$$$ _______$$$$$$________________$ $$$$ _____$$$$$$__$$$______________ _$$$$ $ ________$$_____$$$$___________ __$$$ $$ _________________$$$$_________ ___$$ $$$ ___________________$$$ $_________$$ $$$$ _____________________$ $$$$______$$ $$$$ ________$$$_____________$$$$$$ $$$$$ $$ ______$$$_$$$$$___________$$$$ $$$$$ $ ___$$$______$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$ _$$$$$___________$$$$$ $$$$$$__$$$$ $ $$$$__________________________ ____$$$ _____________________________ 92% of the teen population would be dead if Abercrombie and Fitch said it wasn't cool to breathe anymore. If you would be in the 8% who laughs your head off, put this in your signature. _____________________________ I am Darktroop07-AKA Spark man If you would like to join Dual-Spark You must be a true pro or have potential to get to pro level, and must never glitch unless your opponent glitch's or if it is a "glitch war" How to join, to join you must pass the 3 following tests, that separate the novices from the pro's. ============================== Colony ranks with 0 losses. ============================== Player Stats Rank:6 Games Played:29 Games Won:29 Games Lost:0 Consecutive's:29 Win Ratio:100% ============================== Rank 1-0 games Rank 2-4 games Rank 3-9 games Rank 4-15 games Rank 5-20 games Rank 6-29 games _____________________________ Test#1 win 5 matches straight. _____________________________ Test#2 Beat 2 Hard Cpu's by your self. _____________________________ Test#3 Beat me or at least make me look like i lost or survive long enough. _____________________________ Ranks Pawn. Knight. Bishop. Rook. Queen. King. _____________________________ Members Darktroop07King Fission12Rook Demonninja10Knight Kevin8yeKnight _____________________________ And if you beat all the tests you can join when ever you wish. _____________________________ Wood Serf: 10 AP (X) Silver Serf: 25 AP (X) Gold Serf: 100 AP (X) _____________________________ Wood Squire: 225 AP (X) Silver Squire: 400 AP (X) Gold Squire: 625 AP (X) _____________________________ Wood Knight: 1200 AP (X) Silver Knight: 1750 AP (X) Gold Knight: 2250 AP (X) _____________________________ Wood Lord: 3000 AP (X) Silver Lord: 3500 AP (X) Gold Lord: 4000 AP(X) _____________________________ Wood Duke: 4500 AP(X) Silver Duke: 5200 AP(X) Gold Duke: 6000 AP(X) _____________________________ Wood Prince: 7250 AP(X) Silver Prince: 8500 AP(X) Gold Prince: 10000 AP(X) _____________________________ Wood King: 12000 AP(X) Silver King: 14500 AP() Gold King: 17500 AP() _____________________________ -------AAA-------No ------AAAA------God -----AA--AA-----Required ----AA AA---- ---AAA--AAA--- --AA AA-- -AA AA- AA AAtheist! _____________________________ I don't go to church at all I don't use the word God, I don't believe in the church's word so no need to believe in religion _____________________________ (\__/) (+'.'+) Copy and paste Bunny ('')_('') on your about to help him gain world domination of the "PERFECT INFECTED". ......(\__/) ......(+'.'+) ..../""""""""""""\======+ - - - /"""""""""""""""""""""""\ \_@_@_@_@_@_/ _____________________________ Member of WPN Rank-Veteran _____________________________ Last Checked 12-3-13 at 8:57Pm _____________________________ *_*) (@_@) (#_#) ($_$) (*=*) (^_^) (0_0) (#_*) (=o=) (#~#) (*_X) (-_-) Make the smileys famous and copy and paste them onto your about! Made by: 2014631-AKA #5 in leader boards until banned. _____________________________ Please don't spam my profile and I will try to reply to any messages ASAP I sometimes forget to put my online-offline bar correct so don't believe what it says unless I respond frequently which i do XD. _____________________________ site I recommend for anime lovers Animefreak.tv ╔══╗ ║╔╗║ ║╚╝╠══╦╦══╦═╗ ║╔╗║╔╗║║║║║╩╣ Put this in your profile ╚╝╚╩╝╚╩╩╩╩╩═╝ if you love anime! _____________________________ Game recommended to zombie killers Sas Zombie Assault _____________________________ Place I go to with my crazy friends XD _____________________________ Food Preferences I like sour food. I hate sweets. I like spicy food. I like fish and chicken not meat. I love lobster. Like spicy Chinese food and love to go to Home Town Buffet. _____________________________ Still on work _____________________________ <font color="#660066 "> Achievements _____________________________ Lolz 3,333 AP on 8-29-11 at 3:03 PM 4,444AP on 10-24-11 at 6:25 PM 5,555AP on 11-30-11 at 9:16 PM 6,666AP on 2-14-12 at 5:46PM 7,777AP on 2-26-12 at 8:25AM 8,888AP on 3-23-12 at 9:26PM 9,999AP on 4-4-12 at 11:11PM 11,111AP on 4-5-12 at 9:43AM 2,000 comments on 10-28-11 at 6:37 PM 3,000 comments on 2-14-12 at 5:46 PM 4,000 comments on 3-27-12 at 6:37 PM 5,000 comments on 5-5-12 at 6:36PM Reached top 300's on 10-30-11 at 1:18PM Reached top 200's on 1-6-12 at 7:13PM Reached top 150's on 2-20-12 at 6:36PM Reached top 125's on 3-26-12 at 7:20 AM Reached top 100's on 4-6-12 at 7:44 AM Reached top 75's on 5-5-12 at 6:36PM Reached top 50's on 6-9-12 at 9:28AM !Got added by 100 people on 2-7-12 at 4:17PM! <font color="#800080"> _____________________________ Favorite Mangas & Animes _____________________________ #1-Naruto & Narutoshippuden #2-Bleach #3-One-Piece #4-FairyTail #5-Full-Metal-Alchemist & Full-Metal-Alchemist-Brothood #6Darker-Than-Black #7Code-Geass-Leouche's-Rebellion #8Death-Note #9Ouran-High-School-Host-Club _____________________________ If I'm online ill keep checking my messenger when i can _____________________________ Anime's that have made me cry #1 AngelBeats #2 Clannad _____________________________ This is my Colony account XD. x0XsparkmanX7x _____________________________ -- AG Wildlife Clan! -- -> Our motto: "Unity, Equality, Nature" -> A description: "All things revolve around nature. All sane humans revolve around AG. We do both." -> Our Objectives: * Show unity on the AG Community * Call attention to the World's Wildlife and to the AG'S Wildlife by using the Animal Armatars! -> Our requirements: * Must love AG and the nature(everybody does, right?) * Must use an armatar that depicts a living animal/insect. (exception being snowguy13 with his iconic purple shield and warriors from Armatar War). (((NOT MANDATORY))) * Must choose an attribute for your armatar (example: "Roger721, the wise panda") * Is highly recommended to you to put something about the clan on your About (RECOMMENDED, not MANDATORY). => Members: * R7, the Wise Panda (co-founder) * Snowmanguy13, the Mystical Hylian Shield (co-founder) * Jefferysinsinspiration, the Fierce Tiger * RainbowGoGangster3, the Fast and Furious Cheetah * idontsuckthatmuch, aka Bunneh * W5, the Jumper Bunny * jayjay9, the Brave Penguin * glaceonex23, the Bucktooth Bunny "Wildlife, united as one" * bicola1, the Mythical beast "Nature is all living things. AG is a website that feeds the needs of all living things. See the resemblance? We do!" * d_dude, the Reckless Gecko * bielporto, the Fast Fox *AceofSky, the Awesome Bunneh *Parick2011, the Ninjaphant * KrissKhan, the Mythical Lazy Unicorn "Unity, Respect, Nature" * MAngel, the Night Wolf * MachineOfLight, the Powerful Penguin * alovera1, the Prideful Snake "We, the the people of the AG wildlife club hereby declare our love for nature and animals" * JellyBear, the Jolly Panda * Darktroop07, the Manipulative Falcon "We are a group of members who would want to unite all of AG into a cheerful community while at the same time promote wildlife preservation" *soccerdude2,The Ferocious Dragon _____________________________ Help Assassins Creed BrotherHood Clan To take over the world of AG and its resorces at all costs. Asssasin's Creed Brotherhood CLAN Assassin leader.] darkwolf1 Leader2.) slayershadow Leader3.)championAKS10 Leader4.) Google567 Leader5.) RightwRong Leader6.) epicness Leader7.)sunshine43 (SHE IS BACK) Leader8.) myspace1 Leader9.) NeverForgetMe Leader10.) Valkery Leader11.) slayguy8 Leader12.) commanderdude7 Leader13.)bigjacob Leader14.)canoonman Leader15.)Darktroop07[Link-Maker] Leader16.)wolferz Leader17.)LucasDaLegend Leader18.)jsalmeron Leader19.)Sengokura Leader20.)TheSuperSaiyan1 Secret Assassin Apprentice:???? ______________________________ Member Count *33* We are recruiting new members so I would be more than happy if you would like to join. I am looking for experienced and close members to give a higher rank but anyone may join. This is a free community so I am welcoming everyone. You do not have to have 'DaLegend' in your name.-LucasDaLegend ((Members who are not active will be kicked out)) This Clan was created for fun on 20/12/2011. DaLegend Clan Ranks: Clan Control Vice Clan Control Admiral Vice Admiral Commander in Chief Vice Commander in Chief Captain Commander Lieutenant Officer Warrior Specialist Soldier Member Clan Control - LucasDaLegend Commander in Chief - MarcusDaLegend Major - Sengokura Member - Seashark001 Member - ShockwaveOP Chief - jsalmeron Specialist - Marcos222 Soldier - sugarbean Member - Agrus Member - timmie7474 Soldier - AequitasBU Warrior - numino Specialist - ponyo97 Member - squirrelmaster0282 Member - Peter0227 Specialist - Roccess Soldier - NecroSRB Soldier - wolfnight14 Member - Matt1251 Member - glaceonex23 Ninja - Darktroop07 Warrior - daleks Member - Skyulas Member - bladerunner679 Soldier - SubZero007 Officer - Schmiddy1234 Specialist - leonardstyle95 Member - PerryKid Member - kklitze Specialist - Zeus01 Member - killersup10 Soldier - cclan2 Soldier - JeffK3 Member - matthew313131 Member - derek13756 Soldier - TheSuperSaiyan1 Member - light_chaser Warrior - dragasto Member - TheFlash6 Member - Mvp1234 Member - NarutoAwesomeness28 Member - jayjay9 Member - Evilfishy111 Member - narutospark Member - nguyenakabop Member - legoman228 ______________________________ Armatar War - Clan Friendly Version. Rules of the War GalaxyGhost Clan Members of the Galaxy Ghost Clan EmperorPalpatine [Lead Runner] [co-founder] wwedfan1 [Runner] [co-founder] TheFinalPhoenix [Runner] [Ninja Master] [co-founder] jayjay9 [Runner] [Lead Integration Coordinator] snowguy13 [Runner] CalvinKidd137 [Runner] VinceNeille [Runner] Timmy33 [Runner] divy1324 [Runner] daniel5533 [Runner] watupdaug [Runner] Samz12 [Runner] ActivisionBlizzard [Runner] Timmy33 [Runner] ninjagod99 [Runner] divy1324 [Runner] daniel5533 [Runner] bigfatkitty [Runner] Darktroop07 [Runner] TheNman1 PokemonGuy GoogleWide21 Xborn2BwildX98 Ghostofelements Naitsirk Sssssnnaakke Axenen eugenekim10 Lordkazuya Slair sugarbean [Lead Zombie Expert] Chess341 [Secondary Zombie Expert] derek13756 ponyo97 LucasDaLegend daleks {Retired} MassiveTomboy {Retired} dumbbutdeadly2189 {Retired} Wipe42 {Retired} Requirements and rules: -Anyone can join except hackers and excessive spammers -Don't spam or deride other users, even if they are enemies -Check the list of members to ensure that you're not attacking a member of the clan by accident -Put GC at the end of your posts in battle to denote yourself as a Galaxy Ghost member to further avoid accidental attacks Benefits of Joining -Make new close friends -You can use any Armatar -We'll add a link to your profile -We listen to you and your opinions for improving the clan -We're much more active than most members of other clans -Have fun! Just ask to sign up! "Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will." - Gandhi _____________________________ R-E-S-P-E-C-T Club -Member count:43 okay so this is a club against Sexism. I am a huge advocate for equal rights between men and women so if you wanna join the fight against sexists please just tell me or SoccerGirl27 and we can get you into the club. Our thread link is as follows R-E-S-P-E-C-T Club Thread the current members are as follows theconquerer111 Co-leader/runner/retired SoccerGirl27Co-Leader/runner VinceNeille First Runner JohnGarell Link maker/Co-leader/runner Leftycolt runner MusicChick749 runner GROXES runner swagman runner MrCoffee runner johnmerz runner redleopard11 runner CheerChick747 runner jayjay9 runner Flutechick747 runner USMC19FatGoatPeople1runner MusicChick747runner Possum9runner Alexistigerspicerunner Eaglesxrunner Darktroop07LinkMaker/runner/member-admitting-manager brp47runner chuggaconroyrunner Roger721runner giorgos619runner KrissKhanrunner Awesomesauce806runner ide4749runner Roger721runner MegalPODrunner TheSuperSayin1runner assasins_creedrunner stormwolf722runner Salcinrunner stephenkingrunner soccerdude2runner Ro13eyrunner AkhileshMrunner KhaoticSniperrunner pickpocketrunner CommanderBrendenrunner Agrusrunner nguyenakrunner EmoChick324runner Jazmoonrunner Daizidawizard9000runner Thanks And Have A Nice Day XD _____________________________ Quick Link To TOP For Those Who Hate Scrolling

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