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Hello. I have decided to let people know who i am.
I actually joined this site on the 2008, with the account name outbreak. [http://armorgames.com/user/outbreak]

The account got "hacked", leaving me with no options rather than making a new one.
[ I remember i posted on the help section of the community looking for help. All the admins did was to redirect me to the "forgotten password" link. But the link seems to be broken, because i did send a request for my password to be changed. I followed everything, changed the password but it did not work. It still says that cannot find the user. ]
I made the new account, [http://armorgames.com/user/l337]
trying to access back my account.
3 months have passed, and the "hacker" finally gave up on the account and released the password on his comment section. As i always monitored what he did, i finally logged in the account once again and changed the password.

But that was year 2008. I was growing up, and wanted to search for new things, rather than spending most time cybering with an armor gamer called "brendagurl" [ You can find her on outbreak's friends ]
So, i joined another game site that i will not expose. I spent 2 good years on that website, and got bored.

So i came back to AG, looking for some nostalgia flashbacks. I forgot the password for both accounts [ outbreak & L337 ] So i made this one. [ Y.2010]

Two more years have passed, and i am still looking for another website to "live" on. So i though, i wonder if my account is still up on Armor Games..

So i quickly came back and tried the login. It worked!

Now, i am here. I plan to be a member of the community [ Rumors you have heard about me not coming back are false. ] and stay for a while.

You may ask yourself, why not recover your very first account? [outbreak]

Because i forgot the password. However, i know the email but the password recovery system is "broken" as far as i know.

That is all. The journey i have had on the internet [ I joined the internet on 2008, first website was addictinggames ]
has not been the best one. But i have learned a lot of things, which i am thankful for.

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