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Alright well im not online much anymore, its getting kindof boring. So i guess i might as well leave. maybe come on and play games and earn badges, and maybe talk. So long time no see :]

I am a big fan of ROTMG (Realm of the mad god) so if you play it or heard of it, my Ingame name is Archdav, and surely you will have fun

And as you see here, I am a big fan Of Baseball
As I was before, in 2011 or 2012, I was a co in blackbelt's clan, it was hard work, with all the typing and color fonting and size changing, but now armorgames made that easier. The clan is out of my sight now these days (not mentioned). Those days were fun...

<Me> Hello friend.
<Friend> Hello, frie itenz plz?
<Me> No way >:, y u do dis to me.
<Me> *Unfriends*
<Ex-friend> But...
<Me> Nu, get away from me.
<Ex-friend> What about I give you 1 dollar.
<Me> *Gasps* DEAL.
<Friend> good.
<Me> what do you want for this 1 dollar bill? :O
<Friend> 10 dollars.
<Me> Ah best deal I see.
<Friend> Ye.
<Me> k here u go.
<Friend> Ty.
<Stranger> Hey can I buy that dollar bill for 10 diamonds?
<Me> hmm, sure.
<Friend> :O.
<Stranger> Ty.
<Me> Ty.
<Friend> *Commits Suicide*
<Stranger> Any other deals?
<Me> Ill sell you another dollar for 10 diamonds.
<Stranger> Sure.
<Me> Ok so I have 20 diamonds. do you want to buy a diamond for 10 dollars.?
<Stranger> OMG. YES. you have the best deals.
<Me> Ok thanks.
<Dude> Hey brah, can I buy 10 dollars for 100 diamonds?
<Me> Sure.
<Dude> Thanks.
<Me> Ok, I went from 0 to 100 diamonds.GG.
<Friend_2> Hey, wanna watch *Rags2richesguide4pros* with me?
<Me> Na, im already a pro.
<Friend_2> kek
<Coldenbob> Hey wanna play TLC?
<Me> Sure.
<Coldenbob> Hooray, cya on there.
<Me> Yea.
<Coldenbob> Wanna team with dese lv 1 noobs so we can hit level 20?
<Me> hmm. sure.
<Coldenbob> K.
<Noob> OMG. Can u plz help me.
<Me> Naw.
<Coldenbob> *whispers to me* throw urself in a pit, noob.
<Noob> Ok, let me start game...
<Noob> How u guys insta kill dese hard monsters?
<Me> Cauz we handle swag best.
<Coldenbob> Obviously we are the best.
<Noob> Ah. *dies by caveman*
<Coldenbob> -.-
<Me> -.-
<Noob> im a ghost OMG
<Me> not for long.
<Noob> *revives at day*
<Noob> woah we won :O
<Me> Every time like a pro.
<Coldenbob> Yea, cya around dog.
<Me> Cya.
<Coolblue> Hey Dav, wanna TLC w/ me?
<Me> Sure.
<Coolblue> Lets play with a hacker so we can reach like 500 or sumthing.
<Me> Yea yeah...
<Coolblue> omg we found a hacker.
<Hacker> haha noobs.
<Me> ?
<Coolblue> Start the game already then.
<Hacker> yeah yeah yeah...
*2 hours later*
<Coolblue> k wave 516.
<Hacker> yeah...
<Me> Yep lets go.
<Coolblue> fun game eh?
<Me> I guess.
<Coolblue> cya around then.

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