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I am a proud member of Monkeys in Outer Space, a Free Rider 2 level making group!


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Here is the complete list of Awards in Amorphous Plus
First Row:
~ Participation: Awarded for splatting a Gloople (Bronze Medal)
~ Lemony: Awarded for splatting a Stickie (Bronze Medal)
~ Self Preservation: Awarded for splatting a Biter (Bronze Medal)
~ Mixed Blessing: Awarded for splatting a Meltie (Bronze Medal)
~ Replication: Awarded for splatting a Clutter (Bronze Medal)
~ Black Mark: Awarded for splatting an Inkie (Bronze Medal)
~ Three Licks: Awarded for splatting an Oozle (Silver Medal)
~ Hairball: Awarded for splatting a Fuzzle (Silver Medal)
~ Opportunist: Awarded for splatting a Sharp (Silver Medal)
~ Cold Front: Awarded for splatting a Frostie (Silver Medal)
~ Defuse: Awarded for splatting a Torchie (Silver Medal)
~ Immunology: Awarded for splatting an Amalgam (Silver Medal)
~ Armor Piercer: Awarded for splatting a Gray (Gold Medal)
~ Excavation: Awarded for splatting a Grinder (Gold Medal)
~ Bravery: Awarded for splatting a Horror (Gold Medal)
~ Enforced Gravity: Awarded for splatting a Void Eater (Gold Medal)
~ Red Queen: Awarded for splatting a Queen (Gold Medal)
Second Row:
~ Epic: Awarded for splatting a Razor Queen (Gold Medal) (THAT sure twill take you a while!)
~ Preventative Measures: Awarded for splatting two Gloople, while forming together (Bronze Medal)
~ Good Combo: Awarded for splatting 2 glooples in a single swing (Bronze Medal)
~ Nice Combo: Awarded for splatting 3 glooples in a single swing (Bronze Medal)
~ Sweet Combo: Awarded for splatting 4 glooples in a single swing (Silver Medal)
~ Awesome Combo: Awarded for splatting 5 glooples in a single swing (Silver Medal)
~ Sick Combo: Awarded for splatting 6 glooples in a single swing (Gold Medal)
~ Incredible Combo: Awarded for splatting 7 glooples in a single swing (Gold Medal)
~ Unbelievable Combo: Awarded for splatting 8 glooples in a single swing (Gold Medal)
~ Academic: Awarded for spending 10 minutes in Practice Mode (Bronze Medal)
~ Solid Swing: Awarded for splatting 20 bounty worth of glooples in a single swing (Bronze Medal)
~ Big Swing: Awarded for splatting 50 bounty worth of glooples in a single swing (Bronze Medal)
~ Great Swing: Awarded for splatting 75 bounty worth of glooples in a single swing (Silver Medal)
~ Huge Swing: Awarded for splatting 100 bounty worth of glooples in a single swing (Silver Medal)
~ Massive Swing: Awarded for splatting 150 bounty worth of glooples in a single swing (Gold Medal)
~ Brutal Swing: Awarded for splatting 200 bounty worth of glooples in a single swing (Gold Medal)
~ Killer Swing: Awarded for splatting 300 bounty worth of glooples in a single swing (Gold Medal) (Just kill a Grinder and 2 Glooples and make a score of 306)
Third Row:
~ Victory!: Awarded for clearing a Small Single Nest (Bronze Medal)
~ Mad Skills: Awarded for clearing a Big Single Nest (Silver Medal)
~ Bragging Rights: Awarded for clearing a Huge Single Nest (Gold Medal)
~ Persistant: Awarded for being killed 10 times (Bronze Medal)
~ Determined: Awarded for being killed 25 times (Silver Medal)
~ Dedicated: Awarded for being killed 50 times (Silver Medal)
~ Tireless: Awarded for being killed 100 times (Gold Medal)
~ Bloodletter: Awarded for being killed 5 different ways (Bronze Medal)
~ Gorehound: Awarded for being killed 10 different ways (Silver Medal)
~ Splatterbait: Awarded for being killed 15 different ways (Gold Medal)
~ Test Drive: Awarded for playing 5 minutes total (Bronze Medal)
~ Kinda Fun: Awarded for playing 10 minutes total (Bronze Medal)
~ Casual Interest: Awarded for playing 20 minutes total (Bronze Medal)
~ Spare Time: Awarded for playing 30 minutes total (Silver Medal)
~ Commitment: Awarded for playing 45 minutes total (Silver Medal)
~ Addiction: Awarded for playing 60 minutes total (Gold Medal)
~ Completitionist: Awarded for playing 90 minutes total (Gold Medal)
Fourth Row:
~ Novice: Awarded for reaching a score of 100 in any mode (Bronze Medal)
~ Apprentice: Awarded for reaching a score of 200 in any mode (Bronze Medal)
~ Hunter: Awarded for reaching a score of 350 in any mode (Bronze Medal)
~ Warrior: Awarded for reaching a score of 500 in any mode (Bronze Medal)
~ Adept: Awarded for reaching a score of 750 in any mode (Silver Medal)
~ Expert: Awarded for reaching a score of 1000 in any mode (Silver Medal)
~ Champion: Awarded for reaching a score of 1500 in any mode (Silver Medal)
~ Elite: Awarded for reaching a score of 2000 in any mode (Gold Medal)
~ Hero: Awarded for reaching a score of 2500 in any mode (Gold Medal)
~ Legend: Awarded for reaching a score of 3000 in any mode (Gold Medal)
~ Alertness: Awarded for surviving 1 minute in Bounty Run Mode (Bronze Medal)
~ Danger Sense: Awarded for surviving 2 minutes in Bounty Run Mode (Bronze Medal)
~ Threat Assessment: Awarded for surviving 3 minutes in Bounty Run Mode (Silver Medal)
~ Sharp Reflexes: Awarded for surviving 4 minutes in Bounty Run Mode (Silver Medal)
~ Keen Instincts: Awarded for surviving 5 minutes in Bounty Run Mode (Silver Medal)
~ Nerves of Steel: Awarded for surviving 7 minutes in Bounty Run Mode (Gold Medal)
~ Untouchable: Awarded for surviving 10 minutes in Bounty Run Mode (Gold Medal)
Fifth Row:
~ Exterminator: Awarded for splatting 1000 Gloople (Bronze Medal)
~ Custard: Awarded for splatting 100 Stickies (Bronze Medal)
~ Tooth Collector: Awarded for splatting 70 Biters (Bronze Medal)
~ HazMat: Awarded for splatting 50 Melties (Bronze Medal)
~ Litterbug: Awarded for splatting 50 Clutters (Bronze Medal)
~ Paint it Black: Awarded for splatting 30 Inkies (Bronze Medal)
~ Size Matters: Awarded for splatting 15 Oozles (Bronze Medal)
~ Tribble: Awarded for splatting 20 Fuzzles (Silver Medal)
~ Patience: Awarded for splatting 10 Sharps (Silver Medal)
~ Anti-Freeze: Awarded for splatting 6 Frosties (Silver Medal)
~ Bomb Squad: Awarded for splatting 6 Torchies (Silver Medal)
~ Dismantler: Awarded for splatting 5 Grays (Silver Medal)
~ Purifier: Awarded for splatting 15 Amalgams (Silver Medal)
~ Fault Line: Awarded for splatting 4 Grinders (Gold Medal)
~ No Fear: Awarded for splatting 3 Horrors (Gold Medal)
~ Physics Defied: Awarded for splatting 3 Void Eaters (Gold Medal)
~ Queensbane: Awarded for splatting 3 Queens (Gold Medal)
Sixth Row:
~ Merciless: Awarded for splatting 2 Razor Queen
~ Absentee: Awarded for pausing for 2 full minutes (Bronze Medal)
~ Picky: Awarded for changing to a new song five times in one play (Bronze Medal)
~ Jackpot!: Awarded for scoring a triple 7 score (Silver Medal) (777 score)
~ Unfortunate: Awarded for being killed by a Biter as it leapes from offscreen (Bronze Medal)
~ Pacifist: Awarded for not swinging for 30 seconds (Bronze Medal)
~ Bully: Awarded for forcing a Clutter out of the screen without swinging (Bronze Medal)
~ Zen Master: Awarded for getting a kill while blinded (Silver Medal)
~ Passive Aggressive: Awarded for knocking a sharp out of bounds (Silver Medal)
~ Guerilla Tactics: Awarded for knocking a sharp into another gloople (Silver Medal)
~ Clean Shave: Awarded for shaving of all ones Fuzzle's fuzz 3 times (Silver Medal)
~ Fire Fighter: Awarded for putting out 10 little Torchie fires (Silver Medal)
~ Duelist: Awarded for dodging or deflecting 5 of a Queen's attacks (Silver Medal)
~ Blade Master: Awarded for scoring 10 consecutive combo kills (Gold Medal)
~ Impressionist: Awarded for splatting 4 different types of Glooples in a single swing (Gold Medal)
~ ******: Awarded for clearing out a nest without a single error (Gold Medal)
~ Purple Heart: Awarded for clearing a nest with a Clutter still attached on you (Gold Medal)
Last Row:
~ Blindsight: Awarded for surviving being blinded by an Inkie (Bronze Medal)
~ Frostbitten: Awarded for breaking out of Frostie ice before being killed (Bronze Medal) (Shake the ice off, by moving your cursor right and left quickly)
~ Demolition: Awarded for surviving an explosion (Silver Medal)
~ Burn Ward: Awarded for being lit on fire and managing to survive (Gold Medal) (WWC: Get into Stickie goo)
~ Accident Prone: Awarded for getting bumped 30 times (Bronze Medal)
~ Friendly: Awarded for being completely bogged down in Clutters (Bronze Medal)
~ Dirty Job: Awarded for spending a total minute stuck in Stickie goo (Bronze Medal)
~ Till It Breaks: Awarded for sparking against a hard target 50 times (Silver Medal) (Wall Reward, Grinder or Gray for example)

My best free rider 2 track ever!
-18 1i 18 1i f0 50 p0 aa 18k aa 18k 1i 18k -u,-18 1i -18 -ec -68 -ec -68 1i -18 1i,-4c 1i -4c -u -3e -u -3e 1i,-5k -4m -5k -1s -3o -1s -3o -4m -5a -4m,-2q -4m -2q -1s -1i -1s -1i -4m -2q -4m,-50 -4m -5k -4m,-5k -92 -5k -68 -3o -68 -3o -92 -5k -92,-2q -92 -2q -68 -1i -68 -1i -92 -2q -92,-5k -do -5k -9m -3o -a0 -3o -e2 -5k -do,-2q -e2 -2q -a0 -1i -9m -1i -do -2q -e2,0 -42 0 -1s u -2q 0 -42,18 -1s 26 -42 34 -1s,1i -2q 2q -2q,3e -3o 42 -1s 50 -3o,50 -2q 5u -1s 6s -2g,7q -3o 7q -k,7q -3o 92 -2q 7q -26,50 -2q 5u -3o 6s -2g,hq -gs 50 -gs -so -gs,hq -gs 17m -gs,-1d0 5u -3o 5u cg a0 no fu 1ei fu 1ei 1i 1ei -k,-1m2 2q -1d0 5u,1b4 fu 1ei cg,1oi 34 1oi -g8,1v4 -g8 3a8 -fu 3me -bs 46c -k 4hk 4m 4ss 4m,4v2 2q 5fk 2q 64i -do,1o8 -2km oc -2kc#om -2j4 om -2i6,om -2iq pa -2iq,pa -2j4 pa -2i6,q8 -2j4 pu -2iq q8 -2i6 qi -2ig q8 -2j4,r6 -2j4 rg -2ig rq -2iq s4 -2ig se -2j4,t2 -2je t2 -2iq,uk -2je uk -2i6 u0 -2ig uk -2iq,122 -2j4 10q -2h8,114 -2j4 11e -2ig,130 -2j4 12c -2ig 130 -2i6 13a -2ig 130 -2j4,13u -2j4 13u -2ig 14i -2ig 14s -2j4,198 -2iq 198 -2h8 18k -2h8,198 -2iq 18u -2iq 18k -2ig 198 -2ig,1aq -2i6 1a6 -2j4 1aq -2j4 1b4 -2ig 1ag -2ig,1cc -2je 1c2 -2ig,1c2 -2iq 1d0 -2iq,1cc -2je 1cc -2ga,1bo -2iq 1d0 -2iq,1f6 -2jo 1fg -2g0 1g4 -2hs 1h2 -2g0,1ji -2g0 1ia -2hi 1j8 -2hs 1k6 -2gu 1iu -2gu,1l4 -2i6 1l4 -2ga 1lo -2hs 1m2 -2h8,1nu -2ga 1n0 -2hi 1nu -2ig 1o8 -2hs 1na -2h8,1os -2j4 1q4 -2kc 1rc -2jo 1q4 -2i6 1pq -2gk,1pg -2fm 1q4 -2fm,50u -k 50u 1s 51s k 50u -k,53o 0 54m 1s,53o 0 52q 1i,534 u 54c u,55k -a 568 26 576 0,592 0 57q 18 592 2g 5aa 18 592 0,5bi 0 5bi 4c,5bi 0 5de 18 5cg 18 5bi 1s#T 5em 2g,B 4si 3o r,B 4si 4c b8,T 2uc -h6,B 1nu -ie 2q,G 1nu -fa 5k,B 1nu -fa b8,G 18u fa 2q,T -p0 5a,T -6s -gi,T 3o 1s,G -rq -gi 5k,G ec 42 b8

The first auto ever!!!!!(by me)
-18 1i 18 1i ak 5k jm cg pu mg 16e 12c 1kq 18a 228 1a6,-18 10 -3 2a,229 1a7 229 1a2,2p2 2b7 2fo 2ek,2d3 2cq 2b6 2l6 2b9 2tp 2e6 32c,2c8 2gp 2dc 2rd,2dc 2rh 2e8 32h,2d9 2qv 2d9 2sj,2e8 32e 2hm 3hm 2q0 3vb,2q2 3vf 39s 4ap,39s 4as 3t8 4f6 4i9 4fg,513 6ai 52i 69p,4ph 9c1 4re 9c1,4ia 9uq 4sm 9uo,4ia 9uv 4ic 9be,4sn 9ur 4qp 9cq#4j6 9qm 4m7 9qt,4kp 9qr 4kv 9tc,4nd 9qt 4na 9tf 4o5 9s7 4ok 9tq,4q9 9to 4p6 9st 4pu 9s5 4qg 9st 4pf 9t4,4js 9vo 4k0 a1s 4ls a1q,4k0 a0n 4ln a0r,4ju 9vo 4lu 9vu,4mi a09 4me a1s 4na a0i 4ob a2c,4qc 9vq 4qg a2g 4p8 a1u 4qe a0v,-r -u -r b,-r b -a -6,-a -6 -q -u,3 -d d f,3 -c -a 3 b 9,h -7 m i 10 -7,1k -6 13 9 1b o 1q 9 1l 0,1l 1 1k -5,29 0 26 15,28 l 2r e 29 0,3s m 3a 12 3j 1n 4b 1d 3s n,4l 23 57 l 5p g 5s 18,4n 1b 59 1j,6b 36 7n 23 7n 3m 91 2n 8v 41,ac 43 9o 4d,9o 4e 9s 50 aj 4m ad 41,bc 4n aq 5g be 52 bc 5o,ci 55 bp 64,c2 5q c2 63,c3 5o cv 5h,ck 6m ck 66 d6 61,d7 61 d8 6f cl 6f,ec 6v cn 7o,dl 6h dm 79,fb 76 ef 7b em 7t e1 7r,fe 91 g0 8b,gd 7n gh 7h,h4 8b gd 9g hk 90,hk 92 hd ac,jl 9e il a1 ij ba jq at jj 9h,kg bl k2 c6 kg cp kt c9 kc cv,m2 cl l4 d5,le cm lt df,lq er lq dv mc e1 mc ee lq ed,ms ej lv f8 n1 er mv fl,o5 ge nj g4 nh h1 mq ge,op h4 n6 i5,op h4 ok hs o6 hg,ol i4 og ij,qk j5 q4 j0 pg jv q2 kp,qh li qk kh r9 kc re l6 qj kt,om i5 pa i7 on jf,oh ij p2 ir#

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