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  • AIM: yeah i have like 50 ppl on it 4 sure
  • MSN: nope
  • Yahoo: not really
  • XBOX Live: nope
  • Wii: sure i have guitar hero
  • PSN: no
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kkk lets see umm uhh k wat a sec hmmm.. kk like my cuzin was all like hey and i was all like wat man n hes like dude make one of these and i was like why and then hes all like cuz man and im all like kkk fine so i made this and like yeaaah.idk i love basket ball my favorite team is watya know the detroit pistons n i like michigan but 4 now i live in florida im gonna move there in a couple years since i love it there and i miss ppl there and well my dad sorta lives there im going to move there i like music my skool has sooo many unkool rulzzz n i go on myspace alot not really though but yeah umm i like lets see o wait i got a message on myspace.... o yeah ummm hmmm so yeah wait no um o i like have a cat idk man i like to... chill i guess man this is weird im done.

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