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I named mysef death the kid, because it's from one of my favorite anime.

Phone: 4242-564-whenever-you-want-to-knock-on-death's-door


A Armatar War-clan! Armatar War - Clan Friendly Version.

This is the reasons to join us;

-This clan is the biggest.

-We got more than 300 % more members than all other clans together.

-We got most joining reasons of all clans.

-Joining us is the smartest thing to do if you don't want battle alone.

-There are no test you need to make to join.

-There are also none requirements.

-I'll fix a link to your profile on my page.

-I'll also fix a link to a picture of your Armatar.

-You can change your Armatar if you want.

-You're completely protected in war against all members.

-Everybody can join.

-All Armatars is OK.

-We got no fake in the clan.

-We do not divide the clan in ranks.

-We'll update the list as often as possible.

-The clan is nearly never inactive; we got many Runners.

-You don't need to be active when you're in the clan.

-You can be a Runner if you just ask the First Runner.

-It's free to make suggestions for the clan; I listen.

The members are;

JohnGarell [First Runner] [Ice Lord Armatar]
Sometimes also the Hydra Armatar.

sprooschicken [Founder and Runner]
[Fire-Master Armatar] [His master-speech]

Holladay15 [Runner] [Red Dragon Armatar]

jacobo101 [Beetle Armatar]

ShadowShank696 [Dragon Armatar]

Razerules [Mad Scientist Armatar]

bunniecorps [Runner] [Crusader Armatar]

emily2372 [Purple Elf Armatar]

metrotor [Bow-Elf Armatar]

Oblivior [Shield With Green Background Armatar]

valboss84 [Runner] [Panda Armatar]

Koru7 [King of Zombies Armatar]

dudeguy45 [Skeleton Knight Armatar]

GhostSauce [Red Dragon Armatar]

GoldEmerald23 [Crusader Armatar]

dechlan1 [AG-Shield Armatar]

zakyman [Fire-Dragon Armatar]

MachineOfLight [Runner] [Plant-Master Armatar]

CR33D10 [Shield With Purple Background Armatar]

gizliz42 [Runner] [Snake Armatar]

devouredbyvermin1 [Bear Armatar]

BEAST248 [Mad Scientist Armatar]

Endscape [Plant-Master Armatar]

Zionman [Knight Armatar]

VisionsGaming [Crusader Armatar]

Slagroom [Panda Armatar]

latpasko [Bunny Armatar]

Maks8 [Rat Armatar]

pickpocket [Dragon Armatar]

Blobshniflob [Fox Armatar]

Jefferysinspiration [Tiger Armatar]

RainbowGoGangster3 [Cheetah Armatar]

Eragonsdragon [Fox Armatar]

chitown [Dolphin Armatar]

JsaKim [Mosquito Armatar]

AceofSky [Bunny Armatar]

murasaki9 [Purple Unicorn Armatar]

ferfer313 [Fire-Dragon Armatar]

Punkin81998 [Fire Godess Armatar]

cherrysnowball [Lizard Armatar]

deni123 [Bunny Armatar]

masterofthecats [Shield With Black Background Armatar]

zizo90 [Cheetah Armatar]

skippythemonkey1 [Knight Armatar]

tcroberts1 [Crusader Armatar]

ScouseWarrior [Knight Armatar]

AlexiaIsaEmo [Purple Elf Armatar]

glaceonex23 [Bunny Armatar]

DeathTheKid1313 [ Armatar]

darunia79 [ Armatar]

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