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Hey guys, I go as a couple different names over the web. You may know me as "Ethekiller" "Eman950" or "King" as well as "Deathless" for those of you on Armor Games. I produce music and sing in my spare time along with hosting games of my own including Emerald Sword V5. This game is brand new! (although not version wise) Some Quotes: ""The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away" "Those who don't think for themselves don't think at all" "I know not the weapons of WW3 but WW4 will be fought with sticks and stones" "A doctor helps the sick, A priest helps the unfortunate" -------------------------------------------------------- About me: I host Forum RPG's and make music. I would be glad to produce for game makers if there are any out there looking for talent. (I can orchestrate your game, I'm not much of techno/club guy tbh). Otherwise I live in California and enjoy nostalgic games reading singing and working out. I don't really like making too much of my life public however. I would like to get to know you if you like forum RPG's add me to your friends list or you can post/chat with me on my profile. -------------------------------------------------------- What I Have Done (2013) =Got an Iphone 5, its sick. =Got a pair of sennheiser 650's What I Did Last year ==Read all of the Lord of the Rings and watched the entire series ==Got a Job as Lifeguard, Currently working on tan ==Got my Permit (Second try ) ==Beat Super Mario Sunshine again ==Beat Majora and Ocarina of Time ==Beat Super Metroid (best game ever) ==Beat Metroid Nes ==Beat Zelda Nes ==Beat Thousand Year Door ==Beat Banjo Kazzoie ==Beat Metroid Prime 1 ==Beat Metroid Zero Missions What I Am Doing (Last Updated April) ==Emerald Sword V5!!!!!!!!!! ==College What I Will Be Doing: ==Metroid Prime Echoe's ==Amps and Dacs to my collection ==HD 880's at some point ==Hifi 400's -------------------------------------------------------- I will post info regarding Emerald Sword V5 here! If you have suggestions let me know! Active Players: =None yet What we need player for: ==Erything Ask me about deals we can come up with. If your joining in for example as a class not already being played as we can work out a money or even level starting bonus. Give it a chance, I promise you will no regret joining the emerald world! Link at the top. Current Map of the Falk Region (Light World) Emerald Sword Map -------------------------------------------------------- Things I Hate: -People who linger on race or racism and can't just get over it -Feminism, you can't tell me that women need more when 2/3 of suicides and psychological problems fall on males. They don't equality they want special treatment! -Mainstream television/music -Those who are not trustworthy -People who take sacred to their privacy. -People with power who are unkind -People who look for pity -Those who target the minority -People who wear masks and live fake lives -MTV and the celebrity industry that revolves around being a sloth and wasting money Things I Like: -Enthusiasm -Creativity -Difference, walking out of line from the rest -People who are easy to connect with -Those with opinions to share -People who live above fear -------------------------------------------------------- You can be black white blue green, large headed small, direct, abstract, normal or insane. If your kind to me I'll be kind to you -------------------------------------------------------- A est aussi je parle le francais courament mes j'ai pas bien apprit l'ecriture -------------------------------------------------------- I would have an X-Box or a PS3 and all that but I have grown slowly tired of online games. I used to play wow and honestly wasted 2 good years of my social life. But seriously think about it. Can you really stand to play a game without an end? I find it rewarding to know there's an "End" were I can stop and pat myself on the back. (Of course I take an exception to forums games, I love to browse and post on threads and probably always will) Now don't get me wrong I respect those that play online shooters/RPG's but when I'm finished playing a game I want to feel good, not that I'm abandoning a guild or letting down a ton of people. Because of this I own the most relaxing of the three mainstream consoles the Wii. What I like out of the Wii is the fact that I can play all of my favorite Nes/N64 games on it and it's sort of turned into meditation for me. If you ever want to know what I think about a nintendo game feel free to ask. Basically if your looking for a good recommendation I would tell you play "Banjo Kazzoie" most people have never herd of it which makes me sad. It's by far the greatest on the subject of gameplay and the world the "rare" company created is simply stunning. It's like a combination of Super mario 64 and Ocarina of time but better! And the soundtrack is awesome!!!!!!!!! (As a musician I speak for this game) -------------------------------------------------------- Speaking of Music... Top 20 Favorite songs from Nintendo Games: 1- Kraid's Hideout (Metroid, Nes) 2- Gannon (Ocarina, N64) 3- Map Theme (Yoshi's Island, SNES) 4- Forest Temple (Ocarina, N64) 5- Stone Tower Temple (Majora, N64) 6- Tubba Blubba (Paper Mario, N64) 7- Rusty Bucket Bay (BK, N64) 8- Temple (SSB Zelda 2, Nes and GC) 9- Bianco Hills (Sunshine, GC) 10- Song of Time (Ocarina, N64) 11- Gruntilla Boss Theme (BK, N64) 12- Song of Healing (Majora, N64) 13- Grunty Industries (BT, N64) 14- Bowsers Lava Lair (SMG2, Wii) 15- Gobi's Valley (BK, N64) 16- Final Bowser (SM64, N64) 17- Hazy Maze Cave (SM64, N64) 18- Halfire Peaks (BT, N64) 19- Click Clock Wood (BT, N64) 20- Type A (Tetris, Nes) -------------------------------------------------------- Oh and also I'm looking for a paying job, interested in me? anything online is fine with me as long as it has something to do with my interests. I would be glad to show you some of my works. --------------------------------------------------------- Question's I Have Why don't more people like forums games for crying out loud. Why do people love spider man Why oh why did facebook come up with the backwards idea of timeline --------------------------------------------------------- My Catchphrase: "I can't get jiggy with this"

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