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Welcome to the Debates! Here are some guidelines for everyone to follow:
- Everyone is welcome to view the debates, but please only post here if you are directly involved in the debate
- The person who started the topic must present the first argument, unless otherwise instructed
- Please post in a timely fashion. If no response has been made within 48 hours, then the adjudicator can declare a winner. If you’re not going to be able to respond for longer than 48 hours, just let everyone know by posting on this profile.
- There are 3 categories in scoring: Argument, Evidence, and Refutation. It is important to consider all three to get maximum points.
- When citing sources, please don’t use Wikipedia it is simply not reliable enough and you should be able to find the same information in at least 3 other places besides Wikipedia.
- Your best bet of getting a great score is to make very long, well organized posts. Short quips back and forth make it very hard for me to see your line of thought and so it is incredibly hard for me to score. There are old debates on every profile now, so look at some old good ones to get an idea of what you should be doing.

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