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I am a dude who lives in Cali. I am the lead singer of a band, and my nickname is Def. The nickname started when I was playing Tony Hawk's Underground 2. Instead of using the old ABC in the highscores, I used DEF. My friends saw this and how much of a skater I am, and started to call me this. I am the author of a still in making book series. Ask for more info. Like the band, Sound Prism, on Facebook! Crew Members Leader: ImTheMostManlyMan Co-leader: R2D21999 Co-leader:madmangame23 RaonAbsoluteZero dragon303 greenplanet011 dragon2658 snowy245 chasesky ashank 1zth isabella11 superdjkid Chris707 Beerman77 batman2189 derp3101 mastergianni boblord ChanistheMan 2012isnotreal Def_band_name

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