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  • Member since: 7/16/2008
  • Gender: Female
  • AIM: Kill every idiot on Earth
  • MSN: many stupid noobs? great target
  • Yahoo: No, i don't have any reasons to be happy
  • XBOX Live: If this helps me killing noobs, i'll have one
  • Wii: I said i don't have reasons to be happy
  • PSN: perfect stupidity 3? first 2 were already too much
  • SteamID: take all the noob id's and hack them with steam


i was born 100 years ago, in a world of brainwashed noobs. I killed every person that seemed dumb or stupid. Off all this, i learnt something: there are only 2 infinitely large things: stupidity and the universe.

My armatar: me on a cliff complaining the lack of brain of the humanity
free rider 2
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