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i dont have one so instead heres three jokes:

1.)Little Mary was not the best student in Sunday School. Usually she slept through the class. One day the teacher called on her while she was napping ''Tell me, Mary, who created the universe?'' When Mary didn't stir, little Johnny, an altruistic boy seated in the chair behind her, took a pin and jabbed her in the rear. ''God Almighty !'' shouted Mary and the teacher said, ''Very good'' and Mary fell back to sleep.

A while later the teacher asked Mary ''Who is our Lord and Savior?'' But Mary didn't even stir from her slumber. Once again, Johnny came to the rescue and stuck her again. ''Jesus Christ!'' shouted Mary and the teacher said, ''Very good,'' and Mary fell back to sleep. Then the teacher asked Mary a third question, ''What did Eve say to Adam after she had her twenty-third child?'' And again, Johnny jabbed her with the pin. This time Mary jumped up and shouted, ''If you stick that damn thing in me one more time, I'll break it in half!'' The Teacher fainted.

2.)Heres another:
I'd Rather Have a Puppy

A little boy and his father are walking down the street, and they see two dogs having sex.

The little boy asks his father, Daddy, what are they doing?

The father says, Making a puppy. So they walk on and go home.

A few days later, the little boy walks in on his parents having sex. The little boy says, Daddy, what are you doing?

The father replies, Making a baby.

The little boy says, Well, flip her around! I'd rather have a puppy.

3.)This couple has a little boy named Johnny. He is doing really good in school except math, which he is failing badly.

They decide to go talk to the school counselor, and the counselor says "we will put him in the 'special' class with the 'special' children".

So they put Johnny into the "special" class with the "special" children. But the problem stays the same, Johnny is doing well in all his classes, except math, which he is failing badly.

The parents go talk to the counselor again, and he says "all that is left is the Catholic school. We can try putting him there"

So they put Johnny into the Catholic school, and sure enough Johnny is doing great in math, straight A's.

The parents are confused. The go to thier son and say "Johnny you were doing so badly in math, and now suddenly you are doing great. What happened?"

Johnny says "Well, right from the very first day when I walked through those doors, and saw that guy nailed to the 'plus' sign, this time I knew you meant business"

- Rank System -
Wood Serf: 10 AP
Silver Serf: 25 AP
Gold Serf: 100 AP
Wood Squire: 225 AP
Silver Squire: 400 AP
Gold Squire: 625 AP
Wood Knight: 1200 AP
Silver Knight: 1750 AP
Gold Knight: 2250 AP
Wood Lord/Lady: 3000 AP
Silver Lord/Lady: 3500 AP
Gold Lord/Lady: 4000 AP
Wood Duke/Duchess: 4500 AP
Silver Duke/Duchess: 5200 AP
Gold Duke/Duchess: 6000 AP
Wood Prince/Princess: 7250 AP
Silver Prince/Princess: 8500 AP
Gold Prince/Princess: 10000 AP
Wood King/Queen: 12000 AP
Silver King/Queen: 14500 AP
Gold King/Queen: 17500

whole #1 map two will come soon try the map and please comment

-18 1i 18 1i,-m2 v -kf v -j1 t -hk q -g4 k -ei 9 -cu -7 -bi -12 -an -29 -a9 -3i,-m0 u -ms v -ns 11 -p1 1i -q2 1v,-9o 243 7a 2db,76 2d9 7v 2dj 90 2e0 a3 2eb b9 2ec ck 2e8 e6 2e0 fh 2dk gm 2cs hn 2bu if 2ap io 29d in 288 ic 277 hq 26g h4 263 ga 262 fk 26b,-9o 242 -34l gn,-34j go -35f g0 -36d f9 -37e eh -38h dg,-3h0 -2pj -3g9 -2qq -3f3 -2s3 -3de -2te -3bv -2uc -3a9 -2v8 -38f -303 -36m -30u -34t -31p -334 -32e,-31c -331 -2vl -33k -2tu -348 -2s9 -34t -2qk -35i -2p0 -367 -2nc -36t -2lo -37j -2k5 -389 -2ij -390 -2h1 -39n -2f1 -395 -2dl -388 -2c9 -379 -2au -36a -29i -35a -287 -347 -26r -333 -25h -31t -246 -30n -22u -2vf -21o -2u5 -20o -2sq -1vt -2re -1v2 -2q1 -1u7 -2oj -1td -2n6 -1si -2lo -1rr -2ka -1re -2id,-38h di -39d cf -3a9 bc -3b7 a1 -3c2 8q -3co 7k -3d1 6d -3cp 53 -3bi 41 -3a8 3h -390 3e -37u 47 -37k 5q,-377 -cj -4t3 -fe,-37f -cj -36q -dj -36k -ek -36f -fj -36c -ge,-36f -gh -378 -gf -36h -g0,-31b -331 -320 -32q -32k -32k -336 -32e,-4q5 -pc -59i -qf,-4t4 -ff -4v8 -hd,-56j -g2 -5ro -i7,-56s -g5 -55s -gd -551 -gs -54c -hj -542 -id -53u -j5,-5qv -ia -5qv -mp,-5qt -ik -5qt -i0,-59f -qj -5bq -pl#-5qq -i7 -5qc -tg -5hk -q5,-5hn -q5 -5qh -ol,-5p7 -rn -5pc -pm,-5ob -ra -5oj -pr,-5pj -qu -5ni -qp,-5pm -qk -5nv -qa,-5mp -rd -5ms -q5,-5ms -rf -5nn -qr,-5nd -q5 -5lu -qa,-5p4 -nv -5p9 -mu -5oj -nq -5oo -mu -5nv -ns,-5nn -n8 -5n1 -o1 -5mn -n6,-5ng -ni -5mp -ng,-5lu -nq -5m0 -mu,-5kh -nn -5k7 -mp,-5l2 -nq -5jo -nq,-5oo -l2 -5oe -ma -5ng -m5,-5o9 -lr -5nl -lp,-5mn -m0 -5ms -l5,-5mu -l2 -5lh -kt -5lf -m0 -5mu -m3,-5k9 -kj -5kj -m5 -5j1 -ma -5j4 -lf,-5je -lf -5km -lc,-5km -lf -5ig -kh,-5mu -j6 -5n1 -j9,-5n8 -k5 -5n1 -kf -5mn -kg,-5mk -kg -5m7 -kf,-5ma -ke -5m0 -ka,-5mk -kh -5mn -kg,-5lv -k7 -5lt -k4,-5ls -k2 -5lu -js,-5m3 -kd -5lv -k4,-5lv -k2 -5lv -jt -5m2 -jm,-5m5 -jl -5ma -jg,-5md -jf -5mi -je -5mq -jb,-5mq -ja -5n0 -j8,-5n2 -j8 -5n6 -j6 -5nb -j4,-5nf -j3 -5n4 -j1,-5n3 -j1 -5mv -j0,-5ms -j0 -5mj -it,-5mi -is -5md -is,-5m9 -it -5m0 -is -5lp -ip,-5m1 -o5 -5lm -o2,-5ls -o7 -5lv -o2,-5m0 -oa -5lr -o2,-5m1 -o4 -5ln -o8#T -3h0 -dk,S -3fb -13v,S -3fe -1ls,S -3f4 -26e,S -3f9 -2h4,O -5bt -p4,O -5bt -p4,O -5b6 -p1,O -5b9 -p1,O -5bg -p1,O -5bg -p1,O -5bl -p6,O -5bq -p6,O -5bt -ov,O -5c7 -p9,O -5c7 -p9,O -5bt -p1,O -5ce -p4,O -5bq -p1,O -4v5 -h5,O -4ur -h0,O -4um -h0,O -4uh -ge,O -4uh -ge,O -4up -h2,O -4v3 -hf,O -4v8 -hf,O -4v8 -h7,O -4v8 -h7,O -543 -is,O -545 -is,O -54a -ik,O -543 -j1,O -545 -j3,O -5rm -n5,O -5rr -p9,O -5rr -qc,O -5rj -rp,O -5re -t1,O -5r9 -ug,O -5r2 -v9,O -5qo -ve,O -5p8 -v9,O -5n2 -ue,O -5kv -u9,O -5ho -td,O -5h9 -t8,O -5f8 -sf,O -5ei -sf,O -5c9 -rh,O -5b9 -rc,O -5ab -r5,O -59u -qr,O -5an -ra,O -5bq -rh,O -5e5 -sd,O -5go -ss,O -5ht -t3,O -5ih -t8,O -5ju -tl,O -5l4 -u4,O -5lg -u4,O -5mm -u6,O -5oa -uo,O -5on -v2,O -5ps -v7,O -5r2 -ut,O -5r4 -uq,O -5re -ue,O -5rh -u1,O -5rj -t8,O -5rm -sn,O -5ro -s0,O -5rr -ra,O -5rr -qj,O -5rm -pb,O -5rc -ni,O -5rc -ni,O -5rc -o3,O -5rc -p4,O -5r9 -q2,O -5rj -sf,O -5rj -rp,O -5rh -qm,O -5rh -pq,O -5rj -oi,O -5rj -ob,O -5rb -nd,O -5r7 -nc,O -5p7 -ms,O -5pa -mr,O -5pe -mr,O -5pj -mr,O -5ps -mq,O -5q8 -mt,O -5qa -mt,O -5qh -ms,O -5qr -ms,O -5qs -ms,O -5r0 -mq,O -5r0 -mq,O -5r0 -mq,O -5r4 -mo,O -5r8 -mh,O -5r8 -mc,O -5r8 -m7,O -5r8 -m0,O -5r6 -ln,O -5r4 -lt,O -5r9 -l9,O -5r4 -kq,O -5r4 -ke,O -5rc -jg,O -5rc -ip,O -5rc -if,O -5rc -if,O -5rc -ii,O -5rc -ip,O -5rc -ip,O -5r9 -j3,O -5r9 -k4,O -5r9 -kg,O -5rc -lc,O -5rc -lc,O -5rc -l9,O -5rc -l7,O -5rc -kt,O -5rc -kg,O -5rc -jl,O -5rc -jg,O -5rc -ii,O -5rc -id,O -5rc -id,O -5re -in,O -5re -iu,O -5re -j8,O -5re -ji,O -5rc -jv,O -5rc -k9,O -5rc -kj,O -5rc -kt,O -5r9 -kt,O -5r9 -kb,O -5r9 -k9,O -5r9 -js,O -5rc -ji,O -5rc -jb,O -5rc -j3,O -5rc -ia,O -5rc -ia,O -5rc -ii,O -5rc -ip,O -5rc -ji,O -5r9 -js,O -5r9 -ke,G -586 -pr 5t,B -5ff -hv 8e,B -5cd -hi 8n,B -573 -gp 8b,T -5pp -j4,G -4sg -fr b8,G -3f9 -2rm 5k,T -37m -d3,T -2gl -38m,T fn 26d,T -331 h4,G -33v gq 1,G -6t 252 6q,T -9o 23i,B 2u 2a5 9c,S -5b 1cp,T -6b 7s,B -es -i 25,B -oe 6 2q,B -1v -a6 8f,B -4 -v b4

try this one it will blow off ur underpants its my whole #2 comment

-18 1i 18 1i,16 1g 2b 1j 3i 1j 52 1f 6d 1b 7r 19 9c 17 au 17 ch 16 e6 17 fs 18 hj 19 ja 1a l2 1c mr 1e ok 1h qd 1j s7 1m tv 2f vk 3r 10s 4v 124 64 13c 7a 14l 8f 15t 9m 175 as 18e c3 19m da 1av ei 1c7 fq 1dg h2 1eo ia 1g1 ji 1ha kr 1ii m3 1jr nc 1l4 ol 1md pt 1nl r6 1ou sf 1q7 to 1rf v1 1q1 10m 1oh 11j 1n1 12f 1li 13c 1k3 148 1ik 154 1h6 161 1i0 179 1jf 17f,1jf 17f 1km 17c 1lq 16t 1mp 16b 1nm 15o,1nk 15n 1oe 15b 1p5 14t 1pp 14f 1qi 13j 1qm 12i 1q1 120 1q2 116 1qc 10h 1qq vu 1r3 va 1rv vg 1sj 10c 1t3 11b 1te 12f 1tl 13p 1tp 14v 1u6 16a 1uq 17o 1vf 18t 207 1a2 212 1b8 220 1ce 230 1dl 241 1er 254 1g2 268 1h9 27e 1ig 28l 1jn 2a6 1l1 2bp 1ma 2dd 1nh 2f5 1ol 2h0 1pl 2ir 1q9 2kn 1qm 2mk 1qr 2of 1qp 2pu 1q2 2rb 1p6 2sk 1o3 2tl 1mp 2ui 1lc 2vd 1kc 30b 1ju 310 1ka,313 1kc 30a 1l9 2vg 1mb 2un 1n8 2tv 1o2 2t6 1ov 2sh 1pm 2rs 1qd 2rb 1r0 2qs 1rh 2qa 1sk 2ps 1to 2pi 1v4 2pf 20e 2pb 21s 2q2 22m 2r4 227 2s4 21p 2t4 219 2ue 20s 2vk 20t 30q 21a 32a 21r 33l 226 352 22f 360 21n 36p 20n 37j 1vf 37v 1u7 378 1t2 36i 1rv 36e 1qr 36l 1pt 37g 1ot 38d 1nr 382 1md 37k 1l5 37j 1k3 37n 1jh 384 1kk 38j 1ls 395 1n0 39r 1o6 3an 1pf,3al 1pd 3bd 1q3 3cg 1qs 3df 1ri 3en 1sf 3g6 1tc 3i2 1u5 3jl 1um 3la 1v6 3mu 1vp 3oi 20c 3q5 211 3s7 215 3u6 217 404 217 420 213 43j 20o 44t 20d 469 201 47e 1vg 488 1up 48n 1u5 47l 1uf 46p 1uq 47d 1ts 48a 1t7 498 1si 4aa 1ru 4bk 1re 4cu 1r3 4e1 1r3 4f2 1rk 4fs 1sk 4gq 1tu 4ho 1v7,40n 213 41l 20n 42h 20b 43d 1vt 448 1vg 44u 1v5,450 1v6 454 20b,4hk 1v6 56m 2s9,51j 2lb 5cm 2jc 5c5 301,56k 2s4 5bt 2vt,5bv 2vt 5co 30h 5df 313 5e8 31p 5f5 32q 5g5 33n 5hf 34f 5im 34u 5k1 354 5lf 350 5mj 34k 5nk 342 5om 33a 5pt 32l 5r3 31u 5sb 316 5th 30c 5um 2vi 5vj 2ug 60b 2tk 618 2sn 62c 2rr 63e 2r3 64j 2q9 65r 2po 674 2pd 68f 2p7 69m 2ph 6ai 2q9 6bm 2ra 6co 2s5 6dt 2t1 6f9 2tr 6gq 2ue 6id 2um 6k0 2uo 6ll 2uo 6nb 2uo 6p2 2ul 6qm 2uc 6s6 2tu 6tg 2td 6un 2sj 6v9 2rh 6vj 2qi 6vs 2pj 705 2on 70e 2nl 70q 2mi 716 2l5 71h 2jk,71h 2jk 71r 2i9 724 2gs 72c 2fd 72j 2dt 72r 2cc 735 2aq 73f 297 73o 27j 740 25v 749 24a 74h 22l 74r 210 754 1va 75d 1tk 75l 1rt 75u 1q6 766 1of 76f 1mo 76o 1l0 771 1j9 77a 1hh 77k 1fq 77t 1e2 787 1ca 78h 1ai 78r 18r 794 173 79e 15b 79p 13j 7a5 11q 7al 101 7bc u9 7cc si 7dj r3 7ev ps 7g8 p3 7hf op 7is op 7k7 p9 7le q2 7mn r3 7nv s8 7p6 ti 7q9 v4 7rb 10o 7sc 12h 7t5 14e 7ts 16e 7uj 18f 7vb 1ag,7vb 1ag 7vt 1c0 80h 1dg 814 1f1 81o 1gh 82a 1hu 830 1jb 83h 1k8 841 1kv 84d 1lh,4s7 2dv 53f 2l2,51r 2je 54i 2ko,53c 2k5 55t 2kj,849 1le 86p 1o1 87v 1oi 89i 1pa 8b2 1pr 8cq 1q0 8ou 1q3,8oo 1q1 8q5 1q4 8rm 1q1 8sv 1ps 8ud 1pk 8vv 1p9 91h 1op 92r 1nn 93l 1m9 94a 1l1 943 1jb 938 1i4 91v 1h3 90i 1gf 8v6 1gf 8tv 1h4 8to 1ic 8ua 1j8 8v4 1jd 8vj 1iu#2rs 1qf 2u0 1pc 2uc 1om 2ua 1oe 2v5 1nq 2vh 1nq 305 1nq,308 1nq 30i 1nd 30k 1n1 30k 1mq 30f 1m0,30f 1ls 30l 1lk,30l 1li 30l 1lr,30n 1lu 30p 1m8,311 1mp 318 1n9,319 1ne 319 1ni 314 1o9,314 1ob 30i 1oo,30f 1oq 306 1ov,303 1p2 2vr 1p9 2vk 1pf,2vk 1ph 2vi 1pk 2vp 1q5,2vs 1q5 300 1q7,303 1q8 30k 1q7,30v 1q5 314 1q3,31l 1q3 31o 1q2 326 1pr,32b 1po 32g 1ph 32h 1p9,32e 1ov 327 1ob,327 1o9 31t 1nl 31s 1ne,31o 1mu 32b 1m0 324 1md 322 1mq,322 1mu 324 1n6 32c 1nl,32e 1no 32r 1ob 33e 1oh,33f 1oj 33a 1mv,339 1mu 33c 1n6 33h 1ng,33j 1nn 33p 1o7,33u 1ol 340 1p7,340 1pa 33t 1pr,33r 1pt 33o 1q3,33o 1q7 33o 1qc,33o 1qd 342 1qi,348 1qi 34s 1qd,356 1q8 356 1pp,355 1pe 350 1oq,34s 1ol 34k 1n9,34k 1n8 33o 1lc,33k 1l5 345 1m0 350 1n1 356 1n9 35i 1nv 35k 1oo,35k 1ov 35k 1p9 35u 1pc,361 1pe 36e 1oq,36e 1om 36b 1nt,366 1nb 35a 1lc 351 1kp,351 1ko 35a 1ku 35u 1m5,363 1mf 36i 1n6 36t 1o1 36t 1o6,8op 1q3 8p0 1dr 8jg 1gb 8or 1hf,8oa 1hf 8o5 1q0,8mg 1fg 8me 1gi,8ms 1fl 8mq 1gs,8m4 1fn 8n4 1fs,8m9 1g1 8n4 1g6,8nf 1fq 8ni 1fm,8nj 1fk 8nn 1fh,8ng 1fn 8nk 1fl,8no 1fh 8ns 1ff 8nv 1ff,8nv 1ff 8o4 1ff 8oa 1fi,8oa 1fj 8od 1fn,8of 1g0 8oe 1g3,8oe 1g4 8oc 1g7,8od 1fo 8od 1fv,8oc 1fs 8od 1fv 8oc 1g2 8oe 1fu,8oc 1g2 8ob 1g5,8o9 1g9 8o6 1gb 8o0 1gc,8nu 1gc 8nq 1gd 8nm 1gd,8nl 1gd 8ne 1gf,8ng 1gj 8nj 1gk,8nm 1gk 8nq 1gk,8o3 1gk 8o9 1gk 8og 1gk,8oj 1gk 8o6 1gi 8o0 1gi,8nv 1gj 8nn 1gk 8ni 1gi,8ng 1gd 8nl 1gc 8nr 1gd 8o3 1gd,8nf 1ge 8ng 1gi 8np 1gj,8nt 1gc 8oa 1ga,8ob 1g8 8oc 1g3,8oe 1fp 8oc 1fl 8o0 1fh,8np 1ff 8nk 1fi,8nj 1fj 8nf 1fp,8qm 1iv 8s1 1km,8sj 1j7 8r6 1mb,8tg 1jj 8sq 1mn,8sq 1ml 8uk 1mi 8uo 1jh 8t7 1jt,90a 1jm 8vh 1n3 90u 1mp 916 1jv,90u 1mn 90s 1ne,8q5 1nt 8pt 1qm,8pt 1qk 8r6 1om 8r3 1qu 8rl 1o6,8se 1pc 8s8 1qi,8sl 1ol 8sj 1ov,8sg 1om 8sq 1or,8sq 1ol 8s9 1ov,8t7 1q7 8tg 1ol 8u4 1qi 8uc 1og,90n 1o7 90n 1qd,905 1o6 91q 1o4,921 1o1 91q 1qn,921 1pe 92m 1pa,92r 1nt 92q 1qm,93h 1pc 93h 1qa,93f 1oj 93u 1ov,93r 1oc 93f 1p0,93e 1ol 94c 1om,96v 1no 95b 1o7 96e 1pm,96s 1pp 95s 1r5,95q 1r5 94d 1qu,964 1pc 96o 1pp,8qc 1rf 8r3 1tj,8r3 1tg 8rl 1s3,8rn 1rq 8s4 1tr 8st 1r6,8te 1rb 8t4 1te,8t9 1sl 8u4 1si,8u4 1rd 8u2 1te,8v5 1rn 8uu 1tb 903 1tc 90d 1rn 8v7 1rl,91g 1rp 90f 1th 91q 1tg,92r 1rn 92e 1th 93f 1tg,92o 1sg 93h 1sb,92r 1s1 93p 1rs,94f 1tb 943 1th,956 1te 94p 1tj,95n 1te 95b 1tl,964 1tb 95k 1tm#O 942 1kt,O 942 1ko,O 93t 1k8,O 93j 1ja,O 93c 1j0,O 947 1k9,O 93m 1kl,O 93c 1jn,O 93b 1jn,O 934 1j8,O 929 1hr,O 913 1h2,O 90h 1gm,O 8ug 1gm,O 8u2 1gl,O 8ug 1ik,O 8uc 1if,O 8u9 1id,O 8u7 1id,O 8tq 1i8,O 8tn 1hp,O 8tt 1hh,O 8ul 1h9,O 8ur 1h4,O 8v7 1gl,O 8vt 1gj,O 90a 1gg,O 91p 1ha,O 92e 1hj,O 92o 1hr,O 93g 1ih,O 93j 1ip,O 93o 1ja,O 93r 1jn,O 945 1kl,O 944 1ko,O 944 1ko,O 944 1ko,O 940 1kg,O 940 1kl,O 940 1ks,O 93v 1kv,O 93t 1l2,O 93q 1kd,O 93o 1k1,O 93v 1j0,O 931 1if,O 931 1if,O 91g 1h2,O 90k 1h0,O 8vp 1gh,O 8uh 1gj,O 8u9 1gr,O 8u2 1hc,O 8ts 1i3,O 8ts 1ii,O 8tn 1iu,O 8u4 1ir,B 8p7 1pl 2v,B 8lh 1pl 2l,B 8iv 1pn 2l,B 8cu 1pg 2q,B 89v 1os 38,G 8h0 1pl 5p,G 8et 1p6 5r,G 87u 1np 64,G 849 1kb 6u,B 867 1mt 3q,B 831 1iu 4h,B 823 1gq 4s,O 903 1iu,O 900 1j8,O 8vk 1jk,O 8ue 1jd,O 8ue 1j3,O 8v7 1ih,O 900 1im,O 8vh 1ja,O 8v2 1jd,O 8uo 1ja,O 8ut 1ja,O 8va 1jd,O 8va 1j0,O 8ut 1j0,O 8uh 1j3,O 8uh 1ji,O 8v5 1ji,O 8vh 1j3,O 8vf 1ik,O 8v7 1ik,O 8v0 1im,O 8ur 1ir,O 8vc 1jk,O 8vh 1ji,O 8vp 1j3,O 8vk 1ip,O 8vh 1im,O 8va 1ik,O 8vc 1ic,O 8vh 1ic,O 8vh 1ir,O 8vh 1iu,O 8vc 1j5,O 8v7 1im,O 8v7 1im,O 8va 1jd,O 8va 1jd,O 8vf 1jd,O 8vm 1j8,O 8vc 1j0,O 8va 1j0,O 8v7 1j5,O 8v7 1j8,O 8vf 1j3,O 8vf 1j3,O 8va 1j3,O 8va 1j3,O 8v7 1iu,T 8n6 1pi,S 81t 1g4,T 81h 1f0,B 80n 1co 4s,B 7v4 19l 4u,B 7u7 15s 53,B 7t3 138 53,T 7iq o9,B 7s8 11e 51,G 7rs 10j 7p,G 7qc u6 7a,G 7jl o9 6m,G 7mv qa 7g,G 7o3 rc 77,G 7pd st 78,G 7lt pn 73,G 7e7 pg 3t,G 7hr o7 5e,G 7bp sl 3a,T 468 1u1,B 70u 2ks a,G 70p 2lk 3b,G 70h 2me 31,G 6vc 2qf 2q,T 5cj 2vr,O 32p 1t3,O 32v 1t3,O 344 1tp,O 34c 1tn,O 33n 1tg,O 33g 1td,O 32k 1t8,O 32k 1t8,O 32k 1t8,O 32a 1ub,O 323 1u4,O 31u 1u4,O 31r 1u4,O 339 1vl,O 334 1vj,O 32f 1ve,O 328 1vb,O 31r 1v9,O 31h 1vb,O 31h 1v9,O 31p 1ut,O 31u 1ui,O 323 1u3,O 32i 1td,O 32k 1tb,O 2ve 1sc,O 2ve 1sc,O 2vm 1t1,O 2vo 1tb,O 2vq 1tk,O 30h 1td,O 31c 1t0,O 31p 1sr,O 31p 1sr,O 313 1t8,O 305 1ts,O 2vr 1ub,O 2vb 1un,O 2v2 1uo,O 2ru 1ul,O 2sh 1ug,O 2ta 1u6,O 2tv 1u4,O 2ru 1rc,O 2s3 1re,O 2sa 1rh,O 2td 1rt,O 2u4 1sf,O 2ub 1sr,O 2tp 1tb,O 2sp 1tf,O 2sm 1tg,O 2sp 1tl,O 2t1 1tl,O 2tu 1tp,O 2u8 1u6,O 2u8 1u6,O 2sn 1un,O 2ru 1uq,O 2rj 1uq,O 2r4 1ub,O 2r4 1u3,O 2r5 1tl,O 2rh 1sm,O 2rt 1ru,O 2s2 1ro,O 35e 21i,O 359 225,O 34b 223,O 33d 221,O 32n 21d,O 315 212,O 2ug 20t,O 2t8 20r,O 2sc 20r,O 2rr 217,O 2qv 21a,O 2qj 21m,O 2qg 21r,O 2qh 21p,T 30k 1i0,B 2us 1ke r

finaly whole #3!!!!!

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5t,T 7se r,T 865 31,T 6v9 -13,T 4pe 4,T 1n3 d,B ak0 5t 4c,B 2g v 21,B 8q b 31,B r3 9 2q,B k7 4 2s,B 148 e 2r,B 1gq 9 2q,B 2b0 l 2j,B 20e l 2q,B 2lu o 2r,B 31q l 2r,B 3i4 j 2r,B 3ui g 2q,B 475 9 2q,B 4i3 j 2q,B 4t8 t 2r,B 5h6 t 2q,B 59r e 2s,B 5mv 14 2l,B 69u -2h 2o,B 6gb -5e 2m,B 73p -67 m,B 71h -2c 11,B 6ta b 25,B 61g 12 2r,B 6iv 1c 2l,B 6af 19 2t

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