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Well it all started long time ago... And then... just before... with... and that the end.

and yes with all this in my life i still found the time to play all the devil may cry games.


yaaaaaa... today is the 07/14/08 i am ranked under the 500. allmost make me "happy". too bad i dont care what rank i am.

so if u are one of those who do care... plase stay away from my page...and no i dont care what rank u are and how u did it.

thank u in advance.
me i and myself.

Games that I played to the end: (by order)
1. mardek.
2. Ninja Rinseout.
3. Brink of Alienation - Substance.
4. Hedgehog Launch

A new list for today (07/23/08) peaple here who are ***holes:
1. RaiderDawg (10/10)

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