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As you can see, I'm relatively new to Armor Games, but I'm not lost here. I know my way around and I also know better than to say pang with a capital "p"

As for my interests? I have several. But I'll keep it simple. Here's a list of my favorite music artists and their best songs (in my opinion)

Deadmau5-There Might Be Coffee

Elliptisoar-Sound Card

Dinka-Constant Sorrow

Shingo Nakamura-Crystallum


I didn't list them in order, obviously.

I am DidactUnbound, but if you like you may call me Dibblez, Didact, or even Bornstellar(halo reference, yep). But if Dibblez is too much to type, just call me Didz.

I actually discovered Armor Games in early 2010 or so, but I hadn't made an account until a few months ago. As I said earlier, I'm still new so I don't have that many quests right now. It's a work in progress, you could say. Seriously, people, don't rush me...

Hey, the Ghosts N Stuff are coming October! I Remember last year, and I was Sleepless. I heard it was even worse in A City In Florida. Take Care of The Proper Paperwork so no Moar Ghosts N Stuff come to your home! Tune in to Channel-42 for any updates when the Professional Griefers come at that time of the year!

Anyway, I'm DidactUnbound, and this is my profile. Enjoy



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