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I am a Daemon Prince, bound in the service of the Blood God. Gaze upon your doom with awe and terror! Weep over your fate before you become a tribute to the Blood God's might!

--------Actual About--------

Hi I am Doombreed (I know you didn't expect that!). Everybody around here calls me Doom...that doesn't mean you should too...

Recently appointed as the ArmorGames bailiff. Should you find yourself in need of my services, you can discuss offerings by dropping me a comment.

Learning new things brings me one step closer to immortality. So I like it!

Living alone is much better than I expected

I go to college and study mechanical engineering. Tough!

I've only recently found out about my general programming interest. Though I am not capable of coding with any specific language, I know some basic commands in UNIX OS command line (through the PuTTY programm), basic algorithms (though without actual programming languages involved) and some hardware stuff like what exactly " processor overclocking" is. Recently started studying C as well...

I am also a dedicated arsonist, one of my newer hobbies. What? You won't know until you see your house on fire! Until you feel the power of the heat and gaze upon a massive conflagration!

If you like riddles here is one for you.:

Figure out who I am and you've got the arsonist:


- Hatty

"What's the catch?" I hear you asking. Well, the puzzle changes every once in a while, but the answer remains the same! So, good luck! You'll need it! A correct answer grants you a bag of attention and also stops me from burning new users! JACKinbigletters, this one is for you!

Here is some new music for you to temporarily step out of the real world and into a state of partial happiness:

Destruction Overdrive

And here is my personal tribute to ArmorGames v. 1.0 , the best flash gaming site ever!


This is what a Daemon Prince looks like in your pittiful Mortal World:

Daemon Prince

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