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*Hello everybody! *If you would like to join DragonGang go see Iceman's or emiolo's profile and post a request to join! MembersCreator)llcooljayman, (Planner)Nickster_on_fire, (Secertary/Master Cheif)iFish, (Luintendant)Axel,(Admin)notataco, (Bodyguard)LordBob, (Chef/leader)emiolo, (Servant)Slayer79,(Entertainer)homegrove,(Henchmen)blackout,(Messenger)Freon, (Sargent)gwoodruler,(Hitman/leader)Iceman,(Draconic hermit)shadowghx,(Darkknight)DivineDarkness,(Treasurer)firetail_madness,(Mascot)izapora,(DragonWrangler)XCoheedX,(thug)jwalshjr,(Pilot)eddie13.The main point of this Gang is too just have fun and chill here and talk about anything, but please no spamming! XD Have fun dudes and dudets! XD-from Cooljay. Also make sure to read the rules its a teh beggining of the comments section, thanks. -iFish Also please check out the DG Lair at: http://s235.photobucket.com/albums/ee244/Nickster_on_Fire/ just click on the picture when you see it! (Thank you Nickster for making this picture) must be a squire or higher to join

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