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I have been here on ArmorGames for nearly 3 years, but just recently signed up for an account. However I do not create games, but i`m pretty much here just to have fun. Want to waste your time? Then do this, #1: Read #2 #2: Now count to a hundred backwards. #3: Great, now go to #4 #5: Oh, #4 is missing, how strange. #6: Fantastic, now go watch an awful episode of "Here comes Honey Boo Boo" #7: Nice, your getting it, now slap yourself in the face 7 times. #8: Now read #0 #9: Oh yeah, right. #0 isn't here today, now read #10, and you win a prize! #10: Amazing! You have successfully wasted your time, now you get a prize! Your prize is... Nothing, absolutely nothing! Thanks for playing folks!

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