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  • AIM: I am going to AIM for the head.
  • MSN: Man sings Nautically.
  • Yahoo: I can't get enough of that milk!
  • XBOX Live: Xbox Live is for trash talkers like Junkboy45. (That is from Ask a Ninja, episode 5 I think)
  • Wii: Wheeeeeeee
  • PSN: Park Station 3 eh?
  • SteamID: I will never get a Identity for my Steam!


Yes, I am Drakokirby. I did say I change names after time so I thought about this. It's been a while since I tried an Alias name.

My Armtar isn't any old boring Wizard Like Ubertuna (Yeah, I said it.). It's a Time Wizard like in Final Fantasy. It can haste! It can Slow! It sounds awesome! Even you Tuna, must admit it's awesome

I made this new account for 3 reasons. 1, it's just plain awesome. DrakokirbyReborn sounds awesome! 2, it's because I want to have a second account since Drakokirby is a bit old. 3..... it's something I need to make up. Give me a couple of minutes on it :O

Creation of confused oval-headed boy

Selling price: 1000 Armor Points

Copyrighted by DrakokirbyRenaissance


Creation of the freaked-out Oval-Headed boy

Selling price: 1250 Armor Points

Copyrighted by DrakokirbyRenaissance

A proud maker of the Forum game that may not be the easiest to understand but one of the best out their.

"Save the Citizen"

"Say my Name"

They are of course dead since it was very hard to understand and you can't just figure out the whole thing by it's title. Let us have a silent moments for these Forum Games. I may make another forum game but I know it will just end up dead if I make it into my style.

These are some Sites that are must go people. If you don't go, you will be hunted....severely




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