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Since so many people have been asking about the rankings for AP I have decided to post it here for you all to see: (Discontinued)

Wood Serf: 10 AP
Silver Serf: 25 AP
Gold Serf: 100 AP
Wood Squire: 225 AP
Silver Squire: 400 AP
Gold Squire: 625 AP
Wood Knight: 1200 AP
Silver Knight: 1750 AP
Gold Knight: 2250 AP*
Wood Lord/Lady: 3000 AP
Silver Lord/Lady: 3500 AP
Gold Lord/Lady: 4000 AP
Wood Duke/Duchess: 4500 AP
Silver Duke/Duchess: 5200 AP
Gold Duke/Duchess: 6000 AP
Wood Prince/Princess: 7250 AP
Silver Prince/Princess: 8500 AP
Gold Prince/Princess: 10000 AP
Wood King/Queen: 12000 AP
Silver King/Queen: 14500 AP
Gold King/Queen: 17500 AP

the * is where i am

I am a member of ~Sprhydroosa~
An Armatar War-clan! Armatar War - Clan Friendly Version.

The map for the clan-friendly AW-world.

Info and rules in AW.

This is the reasons to join us; [20]

-This clan is the biggest.

-We got more than 150 % as many members as all other clans together.

-We got most joining reasons of all clans.

-Joining us is the smartest thing to do if you don't want battle alone.

-You can battle on all AWs when you're in this clan.

-There is no test you need to make to join.

-We got an original name, no other clans do.

-We'll fix a link to your profile on the First Runner's page.

-We'll also fix a link to a picture of your Armatar at the First Runner's page.

-You can change your Armatar if you want.

-You're completely protected in war against all members.

-We're the first clan and we got most experience about this.

-Everybody can join.

-All Armatars are OK.

-The First Runner is the AW-leader.

-We've got no fake in the clan.

-We'll update the list as often as possible.

-The clan is nearly never inactive, we've got many Runners.

-You can be a Runner if you just ask one of the First Runners.

-All Runners will get a weekly updating of the clan list.

-It's free to make suggestions for the clan, the First Runners listen.

Rules and requirements for this clan;

-You must at least post one post in two weeks on some of the versions. If you know you can't do that, contact a Runner.

-The Runners who don't report any member(s) in one month lose their rank as Runner. But they can get it again.
[You can still be a Runner if you don't report members, but then you need to have a specific reason.]

-We may add you as another Armatar before you say what Armatar you want instead of just making a hole for it.

-Please write SD after your posts in the clan-friendly war, so everybody can know who's side you are on.

The members; [54]

JohnGarell [Co-Leader] [Ice Lord Armatar]
Sometimes also the Hydra Armatar.
You can may see me with the Shark Armatar.

sprooschicken [Founder and Co-Leader]
[Fire-Master Armatar] [His master-speech]

ShadowShank696 [Dragon Armatar]

metrotor [Bow-Elf Armatar]

Oblivior [Shield With Green Background Armatar]

valboss84 [Runner] [Gator Armatar]

Koru7 [Runner] [Cheetah Armatar]

GhostSauce [Red Dragon Armatar]

GoldEmerald23 [Crusader Armatar]

dechlan1 [Crusader Armatar]

MachineOfLight [Runner] [Penguin Armatar]

gizliz42 [Runner] [Hornet Armatar]

devouredbyvermin1 [Bear Armatar]

BEAST248 [Mad Scientist Armatar]

Zionman [Knight Armatar]

VisionsGaming [Crusader Armatar]

Slagroom [Runner] [Flag Armatar]

Maks8 [Fire-Dragon Armatar]

pickpocket [Lizard Armatar]

Blobshniflob [Fox Armatar]

Jefferysinspiration [Tiger Armatar]

RainbowGoGangster3 [Cheetah Armatar]

Eragonsdragon [Red Dragon Armatar]

AceofSky [Bunneh Armatar]

ferfer313 [Runner] [Depressed King Armatar]

Punkin81998 [Fire Goodness Armatar]

cherrysnowball [Lizard Armatar]

masterofthecats [Shield With Green Background Armatar]

deni123 [Bunneh Armatar]

zizo90 [Big Knight Armatar]

skippythemonkey1 [Archer Elf Armatar]

ScouseWarrior [Knight Armatar]

AlexiaIsaEmo [Purple Elf Armatar]

DeathTheKid1313 [Golem Armatar]

darunia79 [Wizard Armatar]

StormWalker [Shield With Light Blue Background Armatar]

supermape123 [Runner] [Pyro Armatar]

james212 [Warrior King Armatar]

bramiboy [Coyote Armatar]

jacksonghuntington [Blue Mage Armatar]

dank40 [Hornet Armatar]

Ghgt99 [Wolf Armatar]

HOCKEYBOY10 [Bunneh Armatar]

xxsneaky [Fire-Master Armatar]

Sadowassassian113 [Archer Elf Armatar]

bravehawk204 [Wing Dragon Armatar]

MeatBalls1337 [Hornet Armatar]

Manekk98 [Golden Knight Armatar]

Pohlhammer [Dark Wizard Armatar]

boushh20 [Dark Girl Wizard Armatar]

theconquerer111 [Dark Wizard Armatar]

dair5 [Wolf Armatar]

kingklik [Bow-Elf Armatar]

LazerGunner [Shield With Black Background Armatar]

cam25 [Hornet Armatar]

darkflame12 [Archer Elf Armatar]

frisko12 [Knight Armatar]

yz125 [Turtle Armatar]

Dregus2 [Koala Armatar]


----------SHELL SHOCKERS CLAN----------
Join the Shell shockers clan! this clan is made for the people who love Shell shock live, and love having fun playing the game, too!

Here is a link to the game!: Shell Shock Live


Shell Brigadier Bicola1 [CC] 23 SP
Shell Brigadier: Roger721 [CC] 19 SP
Shell Brigadier: Snowguy13 [CC] 31 SP
Shell Brigadier: daleks 23 SP
Shell Shocker: Jefferysinspiration 1 SP
Shell Shocker: Circuitstar 0 SP
Shell Shocker Josh90909 0 SP
Shell Shocker: vctrcool 0 SP
Shell Shocker: MagicTree 0 SP
Shell Shocker: Dregus 2 0 SP
Shell Shocker: Swagman 0 SP
Shell Shocker: Turtelman1234 0 SP (retired himself until further notice)

SP, otherwise known as Shock points, are awarded for playing the game, and winning, or doing something unique. SP is awarded for playing the game, like this:

Loss: 0 SP gain
Win: 1 SP gain
Win, decisive: 3 SP
Win, domination: 5 SP

you can also win SP by firing great shots in game, and for that you can win up to 3 SP! However, you can also loose SP. If the game host catches you swearing in game, you will loose 3 SP. the 2nd time, you will loose 5 SP. if you get caught swearing for the 3rd time, you will get kicked from the clan altogether.

Hosts have a complicated job. they have to monitor the game, and everyone from the clan who's playing, and they have to write down and post to Bicola1 all of the people who won, lost, and the people who did awesome shots in game. they might have to deal with swearing, and, finally, give me a report on how each person did. the hosts host each game involving the clan members, and they are in charge of the people who in their game. Hosts need to be reliable, honest, and they are there to make sure that each player gets the right amount of SP. think of them as in game mods.

Current Hosts:

--CC status:
The CC (Creative Creator) status is for the people who have created the game, and MUST be listened to, even though a member might have more SP than a CC status member.

We are called the SK clan, for more info on the name contact Snowguy13
--Ranks and their SP:

***Shell General: 300 SP
**Shell Commander: 165 SP
*Shell Master: 125 SP
Shock Sniper: 90 SP
Shell Trainer: 60 SP
Bolt blaster: 35 SP
Shock Brigadier: 15 SP
Shell Grenadier: 10 SP
Shell Shocker: 0 SP (start)

Promotions are made when * rankings (the top 3), or CC status members promote someone by giving them the proper SP to get to the next rank. They would do this if a person has done something extraordinary for the clan, or something similar, or if they just deserve it. For example:

Lets say a member is a Shell brigadier.

he/she does something good for the clan, and then he/she gets promoted to Bolt Blaster, with the minimum SP needed to get there.


-Must show your love for SSL by putting it on your Favorited games list!

-Must be at least a silver serf, and must be active on Shell Shock Live and on ArmorGames.

-You cannot not swear in game

-Must have fun while playing!

-Look at the NEWS section often, it has important news on upcoming and ongoing events. Located on bicola1's profile. (Optional)

For more info or if you want to join, go to bicola1's profile and contact him.


Please see the Rules and Guidelines and Help pages before posting any comments on games, forums or profiles please.

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