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  • Yahoo: Is'nt yahoo a kind of chocolate milk?
  • XBOX Live: got kicked off. 8-)
  • Wii: Not bad. i play super smash brothers brawl. all the time!
  • PSN: Awsumly awswm!!! Play Call of duty 4 online all the time!!!!... Look for me... im nonbeliver92
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¨°º¤ø„¸ I am ¸ „ø¤º°
¸„ø¤º°¨ AMAZING!``°º¤ø„¸
Im single, i play the drums and im in 8th
grade . =) [ HOW I LOOK ] Im 13 years old, 113 lbs., 5 foot' 4 inches" , Dark long brown hair, half tan/ half white, blue eyes. Im pretty much straight up rocker, and I hate goth people!

...._The Almighty Quote_....
"If at first you don't succeed..."
"then destroy all the evidence that you tried."

I love Offspring , Linkin Park, and Avenged-Sevenfold!!

|(۰) (۰)|
| . |
o ͜ o
[ ]
/ / \ \
| || || |
| || || |
| || || | Ξ Ξ Ξ Ξ Π
| || || | Π Π
||||\ \ __ / /|||| Π Ξ Ξ Π
/ / \ \ Π
| | | | ΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΠ
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
/ \ / \
| | | | | | | | | |

WHAT IV'E DONE - Linkin park

IN THE END -Linkin park

QUESTION - System of a down


HAMMERHEAD - Offspring

SUGAR- System of a down


STRENTH OF THE WORLD -A7x http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vp_SjtX-juc


THRILLER- fall out boy


Best movie ever!

(\__/) This is bunny. Copy and paste
(+'.'+) bunny onto your page to help
(")_(") him gain world domination!

Desert Eagle
....../ `---___________----_____|]
.....), ---.(_(__) /
....// (..) ), ----"

Frag Grenade
------- (_) ------
---- _/%%\_\\\
--- /######\-\\
-- |-======-|-||
-- |-======-|-||
--- \######/
---- \_____/

M4 Assault Rifle


My older brother's Les paul Guitar
-0 0 -
-0 0 -
- 0 0 -
- '''' -
- '''' - -=-_
_-=-_ - '''' - - -
- - - '''' - - -
- - - '''' - - -
- - - '''' - - -
- - - [ '''' ] -
- [ '''' ] -
- [ '''' ] -
- [ '''' ] -
- [ '''' ] -
- [ '''' ] -
- [ '''' ] -
- ---- -
- -
- -




Surpressed m21 on rest


This is a Rocket Lancher:

------- Holy King's Royal Staff -------

-------------------'-====•:•:\(= =)/:•:•====-'
-------------------------)|(´`*Ω ~~ Ω*´`)|(
-------------------------)|(´`*~ ΩΩ ~*´`)|(
-------------------------)|(´`*Ω ~~ Ω*´`)|(
---------------------//'''''''//''''''[- ^ -]''''''\\'''''''\\
--------------------- \\.....\)......] || [......(/.....//
-------------------------------\) ] || [ (/
----۞۞۞The Lords Holy Blade۞۞۞


Wood Serf: 10 AP [X]
Silver Serf: 25 AP [X]
Gold Serf: 100 AP [X]
Wood Squire: 225 AP [X]
Silver Squire: 400 AP [X]
Gold Squire: 625 AP [X]
Wood Knight: 1200 AP [X]
Silver Knight: 1750 AP [X]
Gold Knight: 2250 AP [X]
Wood Lord/Lady: 3000 AP [ ]
Silver Lord/Lady: 3500 AP [ ]
Gold Lord/Lady: 4000 AP [ ]
Wood Duke/Duchess: 4500 AP [ ]
Silver Duke/Duchess: 5200 AP [ ]
Gold Duke/Duchess: 6000 AP [ ]
Wood Prince/Princess: 7250 AP [ ]
Silver Prince/Princess: 8500 AP [ ]
Gold Prince/Princess: 10000 AP [ ]
Wood King/Queen: 12000 AP { }
Silver King/Queen: 14500 AP { }
Gold King/Queen: 17500 AP ---{ }---


۞۞۞---The Lord's Crusaders---۞۞۞


1.------ DudeofMetal ------

۞۞-Lord's Assistant- ۞۞
۞-Holy king-۞

------------ masterofallgame -----------
-Crusader's Overlord -
-Crusader's Guildmaster-
-Crusader's Guildkeeper-

6. -------- Kratos1995 ----------

-Crusader's leader-
-Crusader' front linemen-

---------- overlord575 ----------

11. -------- kacper1194 --------

-Horse keeper-
-Armor cleaner-
-Servant leader-
-Horse poop cleaner-
My goals:
Get 2k comments
Get 1k ratings
Get 5 merit
Get 500 posts
____________________________ Looking for:
Thank you for visiting my profile @(-_-)-

favorite fr2 lv try it out!!!!!!! press Z to switch ways you look!!!

-18 1i 18 1i 0 8e,-18 1i -18 8e 18 8e 18 1i,-18 8e -76 26 -18 1i 0 8e,18 8e 7q 26 18 1i,7q 26 fu 26 fu 34 hg 50 hg 9c fk 9c fu 92 fk 8o hg 8o,fu 26 hq 34,18 8e 34 26,hg 9c ku 9c ku 50 mg 34 fu 34,ku 9c 11e 9c 13a 9c 13a 34 15g 34 15g 9c 13a 9c,11e 9c 11e 8o ku 8o,mg 34 10q 34 130 34 130 42,10q 34 10q 3e m6 3e,13a 34 130 34,18 26 7q 26,-k 8e -k g8 k g8 k 8e,-k g8 -1i i4 1s i4 k g8 1s a0,k g8 76 3o 1s i4,-k 92 -1s 92 -7g 34 -6i 2q -18 34,-7g 34 -5a 84 -4m 84,-18 26 -76 26,k 92 1s 92 7q 34 5k 84,7q 34 fu 34,7q 34 76 2q,2q 34 76 2q,-1i 92 -k fa,1i 92 k fa,1i a0 26 a0 2q 84,26 a0 5a 76,-1i a0 -26 a0 -2q 84,-1s a0 -k g8,-6s 3o -k g8,-5a 6s -26 a0,-3e 8o -k g8,34 92 k g8,-2g cg -1i i4,2g cg 1s i4,-6s 3o -1i i4,-2g cg -3o cg,2g cg 42 cg,-k ak k ak,-k ec k ec,0 g8 0 i4,50 84 5k 84,50 84 4m 84,0 ec -k g8,0 ec k g8,0 ak 0 ec,-k 8e 0 ak k 8e,-18 4m -a 6i,-k 5u -18 8e,a 6i 18 50,k 5u 18 8e,76 4c 92 68 6i 5u,5a 2q 18 8e,-3e 2q -18 8e,-6s 4c -8o 5u -92 68 -68 5u,a0 34 84 5a,8e 5k ak 34,9m 42 c6 5u bs 68 ak 5a aa 5k a0 5a aa 50 9m 4m 9c 50 92 50,de 7q f0 84 f0 9c gs aa g8 bs,d4 84 em 8e em 9m gi ak g8 bs,ec 8o e2 92 ec 9c a0 9c,g8 3e fu 3o gi 4c gs 4c,fu 3o em 50 f0 5a gi 4c,d4 6s d4 84,em 5k 6s bs,ec 5a 6i bi,de 7q de 6i,d4 68 cg 5u cq 6i,9c 9c 50 9c,5a 8o a0 8o,ak 8o e2 8o ec 8o,68 bs 5a bs,68 c6 5a cq,6i cg 68 d4,a0 8e 9c 7q,b8 8e c6 84,a0 84 aa 7g,aa 9m aa aa,92 92 8e 84,b8 a0 cg a0,bi 92 cq 8o,76 8o 7g 8e 7q 8o,7g 8e 7g 7q,7g 84 76 84,7g 84 7q 84,gs 7q gs 8e gi 8o,gs 8e h6 8o,gs 84 gi 84,gs 84 h6 84,76 6s 6s 6i,7g 6s 7g 6i,7q 6s 84 6i,gi 6s gi 6i,gs 6s h6 6i,9m a0 9m b8,b8 92 au aa,ec 9m do ak,em 7g em 68,g8 76 fu 6s,fu 9c h6 9m,fa 8o fu 84,hq 76 hq 9c,hq 76 ka 76 ka 9c,io 76 j2 76 j2 9c,i4 -a i4 -26,k0 -a k0 -26 i4 -26,ie -2g ib -34 ij -3p il -4f ie -55 ic -5r ij -6h,j2 -6i ir -60 ir -5c iv -4n j3 -42 it -3c ik -2p,io -2q j1 -2a,li 8o ls 8e m6 8o,ls 8e ls 7q m6 84,ls 7q m6 7q,m7 84 m9 7r n8 7t,mo 7r mm 84,m7 7q mm 80,np 7o np 8a nf 8o,np 8a o5 8m,no 84 ne 84,no 84 o2 84 o2 68 n4 68 n4 6i o2 6i,p0 8o pa 8e pk 8o,pa 8e pa 7g,pa 7q om 84,pa 7q pk 84,pk 8e pk 6i pa 68 pk 5k pu 68 pk 6i,rg 8o rg 8e vs 8e vs 8o,vi 8e vi 6s v8 6s v8 84 uu 84 uu 8e,uk 8e ua 7g tm 7g tm 8e,tm 84 rg 84 rg 7g tm 7g,rg 7q tm 7q,rq 8e s4 84,se 7g tc 6i vs 6i vs 8o,q8 3e q8 3o qs 3o qs 3e,qi 3o qi 42,q8 4c pu 4m,qi 4c qi 50,qs 4c r6 4m,u0 3e u0 6i,ua 6i ua 3e,11e 92 130 92 130 3o 10q 3o 10q 34,10g 76 10g 84 10q 8o,10g 84 106 8o,10g 7g 10q 7g,10g 7g 10q 7q 114 84,10q 7q 11o 6s,114 7g 11e 7q,15g 7g 15q 7g 15q 9c 15g 9c,1a6 7q 1a6 8o 1ag 9c,1a6 8o 19s 9c,1a6 84 19s 84,1a6 84 1ag 84,1be 7q 1be 8o 1bo 9c,1be 8o 1b4 9c,1be 84 1b4 8o,1be 84 1bo 8e,1c2 8e 1aq 8o,1cm 7q 1cm 92 1d0 9c,1cm 92 1cc 9c,1cm 84 1d0 84,1cm 84 1cc 8e,1d0 8e 1d0 6s 1da 68,1d0 6s 1cm 68,1d0 6s 1d0 68,172 92 180 92 18a 9c,180 92 18a 8o,17c 92 17c 8o,17c 92 17c 9c,172 8o 180 8o 180 8e,17m 8e 17m 8o,15g 5a 1h2 5a 1h2 50 15g 50,1g4 5a 1go 6i 1h2 5a,1h2 5u 1sk 5u 1sk 5k 1h2 5k,2em 24 2ng 27,2p2 2f 2q4 3a,2q3 3a 2pk 39 2p1 2k 2p6 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cqm 1pt,O cql 1q5,O cql 1qi,O cr5 1r2,O cr3 1qu,O cr5 1ql,O cr3 1qj,O cqs 1qj,O cq4 1r7,O cqc 1qr,O cql 1qj,O cng 1pp,O clp 1pt,O cmo 1p2,O cmm 1pd,O cm8 1pp,O cnb 1pp,O cmv 1pj,O cmq 1pu,O cm7 1qn,O cnd 1r6,O cn7 1qp,O cm4 1r2,O cmm 1qe,O cij 1qb,O chu 1q6,O cj2 1q1,O cig 1pb,O ciu 1pt,O ci2 1pu,O cin 1q3,O cj3 1r6,O cin 1qp,O cij 1rd,S bqh 17l,G adn h4 28n,G abg gu 292,G aht e1 27p,G ajs 65 266,G 9uk -lu 25p,G 9r0 -p6 253,O 9b5 gh,O 985 gf,B 35v 5m 25j,S 16o 92,O 1cm 7q,O 1be 7q,O 1a6 7q,S 10g 6s,O 7g 7q,O gs 7q,S ls 7g,S np 7e,S p4 7c,S 22l 4p,O 23e 2u,O 23q 12,B g0s 4ff 1r2,B g11 4er 1r2,B g1q 4e9 1rk,B g11 4e2 1sa,B g1n 4dq 1t4,B g24 4dj 1u1,B g2j 4do 1ts,B g2v 4dl 1u2,B g3j 4dt 1u9,B g42 4dq 1v5,B g47 4dq 1u2,B g4m 4e9 1ur,B g4p 4et 1vm,B g55 4fc 1vd,B g4u 4g3 1vd,B g58 4gk 20g,B dpk 4h1 1r6,B h 3b 20m,B dqb 4gl 1o8,B dr2 4gr 23b,B drt 4h0 1po,B dsu 4gr 1od,B dso 4gr 1po,B dtt 4gs 1oe,B dtq 4h5 1o8,B duk 4d4 1ok,B dvj 4da 235,B e04 4d7 1pl,B e0v 4dh 1pm,B e10 4d8 1qp,B e1p 4d9 23g,B e1r 4da 1oi,B e29 4di 1oq,B e2u 4dk 1ou,B ee2 4di 1oj,B efa 4di 23g,B egl 4e6 1p5,B ehb 4ds 23b,B ei2 4di 1qk,B eij 4e1 22u,B ed9 4dd 23g,B ec1 4cs 23g,B eap 4d6 23a,B ea3 4e4 23a,B e8r 4d8 21v,B e7v 4d6 23a,B e6g 4d6 1ot,B e53 4cf 1om,B e4h 4d1 23g,B e3r 4d3 23g,B ej2 4dn 23g,B ejm 4ds 1oo,B ekd 4dd 1p3,B eku 4e6 1pp,B 31 4l 1v9,B don 4g7 1qn,B do8 4ev 1qj,B dns 4e6 1qb,B dnf 4dd 1pi,B dmk 4cn 1qb,B dmh 4bu 1po,B dlr 4ba 1qa,B dm2 4aj 1qb,B dlt 4a2 1pq,B dlc 49e 1q3,B dm5 48d 1q0,B dlh 481 1qe,B dkg 46p 1qg,B dk4 45c 1ql,B dk4 44t 1qf,B dkb 446 1r2,B dk9 43n 1qq,B djs 438 1qu,B iv 27 1qs,B e84 4d5 232,B e7k 4cp 22n,B e74 4cg 21t,B e8a 4bf 204,B e3r 4bb 1vt,B e9j 49n 1rk,B g1u 4mj 1ts,B 1qi 7m 1s6,B 1q9 7u 1rm,B 1q7 8b 1qt,B 1q6 8i 1rf,B 1q9 8q 1r5,B 1qj 90 1ql,B 1r2 91 1qa,B 1rg 91 1q9,B 1ru 94 1pk,B 1s8 91 1p0,B 1sd 90 234,B 1sn 8v 22e,B 1t2 8p 22l,B 1su 8h 22u,B 1su 81 21s,B 1t0 7q 229,B 1t3 7f 20v,B 1t4 71 209,B 1t3 6l 1vg,B 1sr 6i 1vc,B 1sm 6c 1up,B 1s9 61 1ua,B 1s0 68 1ts,B 1rq 63 1tq,B 1r1 5v 1t3,B 1r3 61 1t9,B 1rd 65 1tm,B 1qg 69 1t8,B 1qi 63 1t5,B 1qb 6j 1su,B 1q4 6r 1su,B 1q3 73 1su,B 1pu 7e 1so,B 1q1 7k 1sk,O 1rp 7g,B 1rg 78 1ts,B 1rg 78 1rg,B 1rc 7f 1r0,B 1rj 7j 1ql,B 1rn 7b 1r2,B -3n 36 1r2,B 1ug -u d7,B 3ro 3e mg,B 3sc 3e mg,B 3t0 3e mg,B 3r4 3e mg,S cci 1os,O 2qr 4g,S 2st 4r,O 2ri 4o,O 1rs 7g,B 38n 4c d9,G ahh 21 de,G aif 2l d6,G agm -24 ct,G ae6 -4r cb,G a9v -8o cg,G a83 -a5 ck,G a59 -co cu,B a8k -9m l0,G 9kf -rv bd,G 9fk -tp mg,B 9pf -qb kg,B 9ih -tm k0,B 7rb 9a dd,B 7ua 8e d3,B 7sj 95 d5,G 8un -vo mg,G 8kn -104 d9
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This is a bmx map

-18 1i 18 1i io 1i j2 1i t2 1i 11o 1i 1e8 1i 1su 1i 236 1i 236 7g 2ci 7g 2ci 1i 2uc 1i,236 1i 236 a 1ve 1i,2ci 1i 2ci a 2g0 1i,t2 a t2 1i,io a j2 a j2 1i,-aa 1i -aa -42 -kk -42,-aa -42 -a0 1i,-aa -3o -9m 1i,-aa -3e -9c 1i,-aa -34 -92 1i,-aa -2q -8o 1i,-aa -2g -8e 1i,-aa -26 -84 1i,-aa 1i -18 1i,-aa -26 -7q 1i,-aa -1s -7g 1i,-aa -1i -76 1i,-aa -18 -6s 1i,-aa -u -6i 1i,-aa -k -68 1i,-aa -a -5u 1i,-aa 0 -5k 1i,-aa a -5a 1i,-aa k -50 1i,-aa u -4m 1i,-aa 18 -4m 1i,1hm -34 1g4 1i,1hm -2q 1fq 1i,1hm -2g 1fg 1i,1hm -26 1f6 1i,1hm -1s 1es 1i,1hm -1i 1ei 1i,1hm -18 1e8 1i,1hm -u 1du 1i,1hm -k 1dk 1i,1hm -a 1da 1i,1hm 0 1d0 1i,1cm 1i 1hm a 1mc 1i,1hm k 1cc 1i,1c2 1i 1hm u,1hm 18 1c2 1i,1hm -34 1j8 1i,1hm -2q 1ji 1i,1hm -2g 1js 1i,1hm -26 1js 1i,1hm -1s 1k6 1i,1hm -1i 1kg 1i,1hm -18 1kq 1i,1hm -u 1l4 1i,1hm -k 1le 1i,1hm -a 1lo 1i,1hm 0 1m2 1i,1hm k 1mm 1i,1n0 1i 1hm u,1hm 18 1na 1i,-kk -9c -ka -42,-kk -92 -k0 -42,-kk -8o -jm -42,-kk -8e -jc -42,-kk -8e -kk -7g -ie -42,-kk -84 -j2 -42,-kk -7q -io -42,-kk -76 -i4 -42,-kk -6s -hq -42,-kk -6i -hg -42,-kk -68 -h6 -42,-kk -5u -gs -42,-kk -5k -gi -42,-kk -5a -g8 -42,-kk -50 -fu -42,-kk -4m -fk -42,-kk -4c -fk -42,2s6 -7q 1u6 -7q 1qe -7q 1qe -9c 21a -7q,1ia 1i 1hm -34 1h2 1i,1ik 1i 1hm -2q 1go 1i,18a -7q 1du -7q 1du -9c 18u -7q,34 -7q -76 -7q -ie -d4,358 -5k 332 1i,358 -5a 32o 1i,358 -50 32o 1i,358 -4m 32e 1i,358 -4c 324 1i,358 -42 31q 1i,358 -3o 31g 1i,358 -1i 2va 1i,358 -18 2v0 1i,358 -u 2um 1i,358 -k 2uc 1i,358 -9c 33c -gi,358 -9m 332 -gi,358 -a0 32o -gi,358 -aa 32e -gi,358 -ak 324 -gi,358 -au 31q -gi,358 -b8 31g -gi,358 -bi 316 -gi,358 -bs 30s -gi,358 -c6 30i -gi,358 -cg 308 -gi,358 -cq 2vu -gi,358 -d4 2vk -gi,358 -de 2va -gi,358 -do 2v0 -gi,358 -e2 2um -gi,358 -ec 2uc -gi,li -7q 19s -7q,-kk -9c -kk -42,-ls -d4 -114 -d4 -1mm -jc -1mm -io -1na -io -1na -i4 -1nu -i4 -1nu -hg -1oi -hg -1oi -gs -1p6 -gs -1p6 -g8 -1pq -g8 -1pq -fk -1qe -fk -1qe -f0 -1r2 -f0 -1r2 -ec -1rm -ec -1rm -do -1sa -do -1sa -d4 -1su -d4 -1su -cg -1ti -cg,-kk -9c -156 -9c -1rc 34 -2hi 34 -2t4 34 -3ks 34,-1ti -c6 -1ti -cg,-1ti -c6 -1ti -bs -1v4 -bs -1v4 -au -1vo -au -1vo -aa -20c -aa -20c -9m -210 -9m -210 -92 -21k -92 -21k -8e -228 -8e -228 -7q -22s -7q -22s -76 -23g -76 -23g -6i -244 -6i -244 -5u -24o -5u -24o -5a -25c -5a -25c -4m -260 -4m -260 -42 -26k -42 -26k -3e,-26a 34 -26a 1i -29e 34,-236 1i -236 34,-236 1i -202 34,j2 k t2 k,t2 a j2 a,t2 a 114 1i,io a fk 1i,358 -3e 316 1i,358 -34 30s 1i,358 -2q 30i 1i,358 -2g 308 1i,358 -26 2vu 1i,358 -1s 2vk 1i,o2 -do pk -7q,o2 -de pu -7q,o2 -d4 q8 -7q,o2 -cq qi -7q,o2 -cg qs -7q,o2 -c6 r6 -7q,o2 -bs rg -7q,o2 -bi rq -7q,o2 -b8 s4 -7q,o2 -au se -7q,o2 -ak so -7q,o2 -aa t2 -7q,o2 -a0 tc -7q,o2 -9m tm -7q,o2 -9c u0 -7q,o2 -92 ua -7q,o2 -8o uk -7q,o2 -8e uk -7q,o2 -84 uu -7q,o2 -do mg -7q,o2 -de m6 -7q,o2 -d4 ls -7q,o2 -cq li -7q,o2 -cg l8 -7q,o2 -c6 ku -7q,o2 -bs kk -7q,o2 -bi ka -7q,o2 -b8 k0 -7q,o2 -au jm -7q,o2 -ak jc -7q,o2 -aa j2 -7q,o2 -a0 io -7q,o2 -9m ie -7q,o2 -9c ie -7q,o2 -92 i4 -7q,o2 -8o i4 -7q,o2 -8e i4 -7q,o2 -84 hq -7q,au -8o au -7q,au -8o au -92 -k -92 -k -7q,au -92 m6 -92,au -92 do -92,-k -92 -4c -7q,-s4 -d4 -s4 -e2 -pk -d4,-10q -tm -m6 -tm,-10q -tm -12c -tm,-q8 -o2 -3o -o2 92 -o2,-hg -o2 -f0 -pa -f0 -o2,-a0 -o2 -a0 -pa -7g -o2,1hk -31 1hl -3i,-4g8 -6c -4gp -17,-4g8 -6i -479 -78,3e -7q 180 -7q,no -5k qi -5k om -4c oc -6s,om -6s q8 -4m,q8 -50 no -5u,no -5k q8 -4m,ne -6i o2 -3o,oc -3o r6 -4c q8 -76,pu -76 no -76,357 -9g 357 -5j,-2cd -ao -2e1 -9m -2ff -8m -2gr -7s -2it -6v -2kp -61,-2kr -68 -2ls -63 -2ms -5q -2oi -5q -2qa -63 -2s0 -69 -2tf -6b -2us -6g -30j -71 -32d -7o -349 -8i -366 -9f -384 -ab -3a3 -b7 -3bk -bs -3d7 -ch -3eo -d6 -3ga -ds -3hq -ei -3ja -f6 -3l8 -fq -3n7 -gc -3p4 -gv -3r2 -hd -3t0 -hl -3ut -hp -40q -hr -42n -ht -44k -hv -46g -hn -48d -h7 -4a9 -gm -4c6 -g5 -4e5 -ft -4g2 -g2 -4hu -gc -4jp -gs -4lh -he -4n5 -i3 -4oo -iq,-2ku -68 -2kc -69,-3fr -ra -3ft -q2 -3ff -p1 -3eo -np -3dq -mn -3cm -lq -3b3 -ks -39a -jk -37s -io -369 -hr -34o -gu -338 -g5 -319 -fm,-31c -fp -2vs -g1 -2ui -g9 -2t1 -gg -2ro -gl -2q7 -gk -2ot -go -2nj -h3 -2m7 -hc -2kq -hi -2jb -hq -2i2 -il -2h7 -jk -2ib -lb -2jk -mc -2l7 -nk -2n2 -ok -2p2 -p9 -2r2 -q6 -2t1 -qv -2v1 -rf -312 -rp -332 -s2 -351 -s9 -36u -se -38p -sg -3ai -sc -3ca -s7 -3e0 -s1 -3fl -rh -3h8 -qv,-2ce -aq -2br -b8,-2bs -ba -2b4 -bh -2ae -bo -29m -bv,-29k -bu -29c -be -29k -at -2a7 -b0 -2a8 -bj -29l -bf -2a2 -b4#a0 -1i -5a -1i -aa -1i,-3o -u -2q -u -2q -k -3o -k -3o -u,-1s a -1s k -u k -u a -1s a,0 -a 0 0 k 0 k -a 0 -a,3e -k 3e -a 4c -a 4c -k 3e -k,18 -18 18 -u 26 -u 26 -18 18 -18,5u a 5u k 6s k 6s a 5u a,76 -u 76 -k 8e -k 8e -u 76 -u,3o a 3o k 4c k 4c a 3o a,7q k 7q u 8e u 8e k 7q k,5a -u 5a -k 68 -k 68 -u 5a -u,-3e u -3e 18 -2q 18 -2q u -3e u,-26 -k -26 -a -18 -a -18 -k -26 -k,au 1i au k,b8 1i b8 k,aa a aa k j2 k,e2 1i e2 k,ec k ec 1i,h6 k h6 1i,hq k hg k hg 1i,u0 k u0 18 u0 1i,ua k ua 1i,1os 1i 1os -42 20m -42 20m 1i,1s0 1i 1s0 -a 1t8 -a 1t8 1i,1t8 -u 1t8 -1i,1pg -18 1pg u 1r2 u 1r2 -1i 1pg -1i 1pg -u,1u6 u 1u6 -1i 1vo -1i 1vo k 1vo u 1u6 u,1pq -u 1q4 -18,1qo -a 1q4 a,1qe a 1qo 0,1ug -a 1ve -18,1ug -k 1v4 -18,1uq k 1ve 0,1t8 -u 1s0 -u 1s0 -1i 1t8 -1i,1su k 1su u,294 8o 28g 8o,1q4 -3o 1p6 -3o 1p6 -34 1q4 -34 1q4 -2g 1p6 -2g,1os -26 20m -26,1qo -3o 1qo -2g,1qo -34 1rc -3o,1qo -34 1rc -2g,1s0 -2g 1s0 -3o 1su -3o 1su -2g,1s0 -34 1su -34,1ti -3o 1ug -3o 1uq -3o,1u6 -3o 1u6 -2g,1ve -3o 1ve -2g 20c -2g,1ve -3o 20c -3o,1ve -34 20c -34,2iq -cg 2je -cg 2jo -cg 2jo -bi 2jo -b8,2iq -bs 2jo -bs,2iq -cg 2iq -b8,2kc -cg 2kc -b8,2kc -cg 2la -cg 2la -bs 2kc -bs 2la -b8,2lu -cg 2lu -b8 2mi -b8,2lu -cg 2mi -cg,2lu -bs 2mi -bs,2ng -b8 2ng -cg 2o4 -cg 2oe -cg 2oe -b8,2ng -bs 2oe -bs,2l0 -aa 2mi -aa 2mi -9c 2la -9c 2l0 -9c 2l0 -8o 2l0 -8e 2mi -8e,vs -1i 1le -1i 1os -1i,20m -1i 236 -1i 236 18,1lo -u 1lo -k 1mc -k 1mc -u 1lo -u,1na 0 1na a 1o8 a 1o8 0 1na 0,1kq 0 1kq a 1lo a 1lo 0 1kq 0,aa a io a,1j8 -u 1j8 -k 1js -k 1js -u 1j8 -u,1mm u 1mm 18 1nk 18 1nk u 1mm u,1es -u 1es -k 1fq -k 1fq -u 1es -u,1du -a 1du 0 1es 0 1es -a 1du -a,1c2 k 1da k 1da a 1c2 a 1c2 k,1cm -u 1cm -k 1da -k 1da -u 1d0 -u,1cm -u 1d0 -u,1aq -a 1aq 0 1be 0 1be -a 1aq -a,21a -u 21a -k 21u -k 21u -u 21a -u,21u a 21u k 22i k 22s k 22s a 21u a,18k -u 18k -k 19i -k 19i -u 18k -u,198 k 1a6 k 1a6 a 198 a 198 k,1ag u 1ag 18 1b4 18 1b4 u,1aq u 1b4 u,1aq u 1ag u,15g -18 15g -u 164 -u 164 -18 15g -18,14s k 14s u 164 u 164 k 14s k,148 -a 148 0 156 0 156 -a 148 -a,122 -18 122 -u 13a -u 13a -18 122 -18,130 0 130 a 13k a 13k 0 130 0,12c u 12c 18 13a 18 13a u 12c u,114 -k 114 -a 122 -a 122 -k 114 -k,-6i -u -6i -k -5k -k -5k -u -6i -u,-76 0 -76 a -6i a -6i 0 -76 0,-5u u -5u 18 -50 18 -50 u -5u u,-8o -u -8o -k -84 -k -84 -u -8o -u,ka k ka 1i,kk k kk 1i,no k no 1i,o2 k o2 1i,r6 k r6 1i,rg k rg 1i,t2 a uu a uu k t2 k,vs -1i vs 1i,10g a 10g k 114 k 114 a 10g a,a0 -1i a0 1i,8o -a 8o 0 9m 0 9m -a 8o -a,2ci 1i 2ci -1i 2nq -1i 324 -1i 358 -1i,2d6 -u 2d6 -k 2ee -k 2ee -u 2d6 -u,2f2 a 2f2 k 2g0 k 2g0 a 2f2 a,2ga -u 2ga -k 2hi -k 2hi -u 2ga -u,2gk u 2gk 18 2hi 18 2hi u 2gk u,2i6 0 2i6 a 2j4 a 2j4 0 2i6 0,2j4 u 2j4 18 2jo 18 2jo u 2j4 u,2je -u 2je -k 2kc -k 2kc -u 2je -u,2km 0 2km a 2lu a 2lu 0 2km 0,2lk u 2lk 18 2mi 18 2mi u 2lk u,2mi -18 2mi -u 2nq -u 2nq -18 2mi -18,2n6 -a 2n6 0 2o4 0,2o4 -a 2n6 -a,2o4 -a 2o4 0,2o4 k 2o4 u 2oo u 2oo k 2o4 k,2p2 -k 2q0 -k 2q0 -u,2p2 -k 2p2 -u 2q0 -u,2pm 18 2pm u 2qk u 2qk 18 2pm 18,2pm 0 2pm a 2qu a 2qu 0 2pm 0,2ri -u 2ri -18 2sg -18 2sg -u 2ri -u,2rs 0 2rs a 2sq a 2sq 0 2rs 0,2sg k 2sg u 2te u 2te k 2sg k,2to -u 2to -k 2um -k 2um -u 2to -u,2um 0 2um a 2vk a 2vk 0 2um 0,2uc u 2uc 18,2uc u 2va u 2va 18 2uc 18,2vu -18 2vu -u 30s -u 30s -18 2vu -18,30s -a 30s 0 31q 0 31q -a 30s -a,30i k 30i u 31g k,31g u 31g k,30i k 31q k,31q -u 31q -k 32e -k 32e -u 31q -u,2gk -7q 2gk -b8 21a -b8 1qe -b8 1qe -7q,2eo -au 2eo -ak 2g0 -ak 2g0 -au 2eo -au,2e4 -aa 2e4 -a0 2fc -a0 2fc -aa 2e4 -aa,2f2 -92 2f2 -8o 2fm -8o 2fm -92 2f2 -92,2cs -9m 2cs -9c 2dg -9c 2dg -9m 2cs -9m,2ba -ak 2ba -aa 2ci -aa 2ci -ak 2ba -ak,2c8 -8o 2c8 -8e 2d6 -8e 2d6 -8o 2c8 -8o,2e4 -8e 2e4 -84 2eo -84 2eo -8e 2e4 -8e,2am -a0 2am -9m 2bk -9m 2bk -a0 2am -a0,294 -au 294 -ak 2a2 -ak 2a2 -au 294 -au,29o -9c 29o -92 2am -92 2am -9c 29o -9c,2ac -8e 2ac -84 2ba -84 2ba -8e 2ac -8e,27i -aa 27i -a0 28g -a0 28g -aa 27i -aa,286 -9c 286 -92 294 -92 294 -9c 286 -9c,25m -au 25m -ak 26k -ak 26k -au 25m -au,26a -9m 26a -9c 26u -9c 26u -9m 26a -9m,278 -8e 278 -84 286 -84 286 -8e 278 -8e,252 -8o 252 -8e 260 -8e 260 -8o 252 -8o,25c -aa 25c -a0 24e -a0 24e -aa 25c -aa,23g -9c 23g -92 24e -92 24e -9c 23g -9c,22s -au 22s -ak 23q -ak 23q -au 22s -au,21k -a0 21k -9m 22i -9m 22i -a0 21k -a0,1rc -ak 1rc -aa 1sa -aa 1sa -ak 1rc -ak,1su -a0 1su -9m 1ts -9m 1ts -a0 1su -a0,1ti -au 1ti -ak 1u6 -ak 1u6 -au 1ti -au,1ug -9c 1ug -92 1ve -92 1ve -9c 1ug -9c,1v4 -aa 1v4 -a0 1vo -a0 1vo -aa 1v4 -aa,20c -au 20c -ak 21a -ak 21a -au 20c -au,22s -8o 22s -8e 23q -8e 23q -8o 22s -8o,20c -9m 20c -9c 210 -9c 210 -9m 20c -9m,210 -9m 210 -9c,210 -92 210 -8o 21u -8o 21u -92 210 -92,d4 -7q d4 -8o,cq -7q cq -8o do -8o do -92,-34 -92 -34 -8o cq -8o,-2g -8o -2g -7q,-26 -8o -26 -7q,k -8o k -7q,u -8o u -7q,34 -84 34 -7q,-34 -92 -k -92,au -92 do -92,34 -84 34 -8o,3e -8o 3e -7q,5u -8o 5u -7q,68 -8o 68 -7q,84 -8o 84 -7q,8e -8o 8e -7q,aa -8o aa -7q,ak -8o ak -7q,1du -b8 1du -9c,pu -b8 jc -b8 -5a -b8 -6i -b8 -6i -7q,1d0 -ak 1d0 -aa 1c2 -aa 1c2 -ak 1d0 -ak,1aq -9m 1aq -9c 1be -9c 1be -9m 1aq -9m,1a6 -au 1a6 -ak 1b4 -ak 1b4 -au 1a6 -au,pu -b8 1du -b8,18u -92 18u -8o 19s -8o 19s -92 18u -92,198 -aa 198 -a0 19s -a0 19s -aa 198 -aa,17c -au 17c -ak 18a -ak 18a -au 17c -au,17c -a0 17c -9m 180 -9m 180 -a0 17c -a0,172 -92 172 -8o 180 -8o 180 -92 172 -92,15q -ak 15q -aa 16e -aa 16e -ak 15q -ak,15g -9m 15g -9c 16e -9c 16e -9m 15g -9m,156 -8e 156 -84 15q -84 15q -8e 156 -8e,-pk -qs -pk -s4 -om -s4 -om -qs,-pk -rg -om -rg,-o2 -s4 -o2 -qs,-o2 -s4 -ne -s4 -n4 -s4 -n4 -rg -o2 -rg -n4 -qs,-mg -s4 -mg -qs -ls -qs,-mg -s4 -ls -s4,-mg -rg -ls -rg,-l8 -s4 -l8 -qs,-l8 -s4 -ka 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-q5,O -4ai -q5,O -4a6 -q5,O -49u -q2,O -49u -pt,O -49u -pj,O -49s -ph,O -4a1 -oj,O -4a6 -oe,O -4ag -oe,O -4aq -oe,O -4b4 -p7,O -4bj -qu,O -4be -qm,O -4du -qu,O -49u -p4,O -47t -q0,O -48c -pr,O -48c -pe,O -48c -p7,O -48a -ov,O -487 -ot,O -482 -ol,O -47o -ol,O -47e -ol,O -477 -oq,O -47c -pt,O -47m -qa,O -47c -pe,O -46t -s3,O -46t -r8,O -46v -qf,O -46v -pj,O -46v -p4,O -46v -oq,O -46v -pe,O -46v -pm,O -46v -q5,O -46v -q7,O -46v -qk,O -46v -r5,O -46v -rk,O -46v -ru,O -46v -s1,O -44s -s1,O -44s -rp,O -44s -r8,O -44s -r8,O -44s -r5,O -44s -qp,O -44s -qf,O -44s -q2,O -44s -pm,O -44s -pc,O -44s -ot,O -44s -o4,O -448 -oj,O -44n -og,O -451 -og,O -45d -og,O -45l -og,O -45v -og,O -45n -sg,O -45d -sd,O -456 -sd,O -44n -sd,O -44f -sd,O -440 -sd,O -43p -sd,O -427 -s1,O -427 -s1,O -427 -ri,O -427 -r5,O -427 -qk,O -427 -qk,O -427 -q7,O -427 -q0,O -427 -po,O -427 -p9,O -427 -oo,O -427 -og,O -427 -s6,O -41q -s3,O -41b -s3,O -40s -ru,O -424 -qm,O -41v -qp,O -41l -qp,O -401 -rk,O -403 -r5,O -406 -qp,O -406 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-l2,O -34o -kc,O -34o -k9,O -34m -jb,O -34e -jb,O -344 -j6,O -33l -j4,O -334 -j6,O -334 -jb,O -331 -jj,O -331 -k9,O -336 -ke,O -33o -l5,O -33l -l5,O -334 -l0,O -350 -kh,O -31n -kt,O -31n -ke,O -31n -k9,O -31n -k9,O -31n -jq,O -31n -jj,O -31n -jb,O -31n -j9,O -31k -ko,O -318 -ko,O -313 -kt,O -30u -kt,O -30h -kt,O -31k -k2,O -31d -jv,O -315 -jv,O -2su -lp,O -2su -kp,O -2sr -kk,O -2t3 -j9,O -2t3 -iq,O -2t3 -jj,O -2t3 -k0,O -2t3 -kp,O -2t3 -la,O -2t0 -lf,O -2sm -m1,O -2sm -lp,O -2sh -la,O -2s7 -l8,O -2s5 -kr,O -2s0 -kk,O -2rm -l5,O -2r7 -ln,O -2r4 -ls,O -2r2 -l5,O -2r2 -km,O -2r2 -k5,O -2r2 -jr,O -2r2 -jh,O -2r2 -j7,O -2r2 -j4,O -2r2 -io,O -2q4 -l5,O -2q4 -la,O -2q4 -kr,O -2q4 -k2,O -2q4 -jt,O -2q4 -je,O -2q4 -it,O -2q4 -ig,O -2q4 -i1,O -2q1 -lk,O -2pl -lf,O -2p6 -lf,O -2on -lf,O -2q6 -k2,O -2pq -k2,O -2pg -k2,O -2ou -k2,O -2q4 -i4,O -2pl -ib,O -2p1 -ib,O -2ok -ib,O -2nd -lf,O -2n8 -l3,O -2n8 -k2,O -2n8 -jh,O -2n8 -ib,O -2n8 -it,O -2n8 -j7,O -2n8 -jc,O -2n8 -kk,O -2oa -m1,O -2nk -lp,O -2n5 -lp,O -2mr -ln,O -2nd -ln,O -2o8 -lu,O -2ko -m1,O -2l4 -li,O -2l4 -lk,O -2l9 -l5,O -2lh -ku,O -2lj -km,O -2lj -k7,O -2lj -jt,O -2lr -jj,O -2ko -lp,O -2ko -ln,O -2ko -lk,O -2ke -lk,O -2ke -la,O -2k9 -l8,O -2k4 -kk,O -2k1 -kh,O -2jv -k2,O -2jn -jj,O -2kq -kk,O -2l7 -kh,O -2lc -kh,O -2kl -kk,O -2im -lu,O -2im -li,O -2im -ld,O -2im -l8,O -2im -l3,O -2im -kp,O -2im -kk,O -2im -ka,O -2im -k2,O -2im -jm,O -2ik -jh,O -2ia -jh,O -2hj -jh,O -2ho -jc,O -2i5 -jj,O -2he -jj

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