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H-HOW'S IT GOIN BROS,MY NAME IS.........EDDIE SPAGHETTI. If you guys wondered.....im pretty sure u didn't.........where was i for the past couple of centuries.....lemme tell u guys......i was dealing wit boooooooooredooooooooooooommmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So yea im kinda startin highschool n stuff, well, i already started but anyways i will be wirking my butt off for the next year so i shall see you guys latuurrr.......btw please subscribe to this youtube channelewdiepie that'll be all.... tah tah! meh favorite quotes: "u betta lose urself in da moosik the moment u own it u betta neva let it go u only get one shot du not miss ur chance 2 blow dis oppurtunity comes once ina lifetime!!!!" "its friday n its my day just to party all da way till sunday maybe till monday idk wut day everybday is justa holiday!" "......in my shoes just 2 c wut its llike 2 b me, ill be u lets trade shoes just 2 c wut id be like to feel ur pain u feel mine go inside eachothers mind just 2 c wut we find look at shit through eachothers eyes n dont let em say u aint beutifuuuul.....OOOOoooOOO.....thay kan all get fucked just stay true 2 youuuuuuu..." HERES THE THING ABOUT SAYIN FIRETRUCK!!! IT STARTS WITH THE F AND ENDS WITH THE UCK!!!!!! Nowadays everybody wanna talk like they got somethin to say but nothing comes out when they move they lips, justa buncha gibberish and muthafukers act like they furgot about dre!!!

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