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So, my name's Manon (you can't pronounce it correctly, I know...). I am from France, between Paris and Caen. I registered for jmtb02's games (rating the games, and stalk him on his page). My english sucks even if I have family from England. I am 17, and I am a true geek, it means that I love code and video games, and comics, and Star Trek, and... a lot of things. I play piano, violin, guitar, drum and bass (THIS... IS... DRUM... AND BAAAAAASS), and I sing. 42. I will study at the University in a few days. I worship Helvetica. Oh wait, and, actually, I'm a girl. It means that I love shopping and make up and everything else we are supposed to love... Me gustaaaa.
Well, maybe there is a lot of mistakes in this introduction because i'm kinda tired and it's 2:42am right here in the 5th dimension, 18th century.

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