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Hey there, Electr0 Here.

I'm a new creator in forum games on AG. So far, they seem they are gaining popularity. Here are the few games I have out, if you are looking on my profile.

The Business - A Management Sim

Dictator RPG

Call of Heroes - A Modern Warfare RPG

If you read them, you'll probably find that i'm an in depth kind of guy. I'm not like type a few words and there's your scenario, I mainly plot it out like a story. I'm always open to suggestions in any of my current RPG's, or a suggestion for me to make one. I like to use Photoshop to give a visual image (But at times very sloppy) of your post (Maps, Blueprints, Etc...) . Also, I like to go in-depth into some of my RPGs. I mainly get all my information off of wikipedia. Its a quick go-to guide, but sometimes lies to me >.< . So, if you ever view this, stop by and say hi, or leave any other message ^_^ Peace!

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