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Anymore, I am rarely on ArmorGames, so I apologize if I don't return any contact immediately.. It's a shame, because I have been here since around the first 5,000 players.

Recently, I'm interested more in homebrew gaming rather than flash games. Although one could argue that flash -is- homebrew... In any case, this includes the ever taboo ROM hacking scene.

If you want some inspiration for a game concept or creative development, send me a message or leave a comment, and I'll gladly help, provided I'm given credit if the game is published. I'm in the middle of developing my own game (Not flash, it's homebrew, as I mentioned earlier), so I understand what it's like when you hit a wall in terms of creativity/originality.

I can come off as brash, rude, and insensitive in most everything I say, but I mean well, honest. If you ever feel offended from a joke I've made at your expense, deal with it. You've clearly got something shoved up your nether regions too far for any joy to filter in. I pity you.

I will make it very clear if I don't like you, and for what reasons. Choose to pout and whine about or, again, live with it. I personally don't care. Everyone is stupid until proven otherwise, and you'll be treated as such.

Facts, woo:

Last I checked (about three years ago) my I.Q. is 157.

I don't watch television.

I'm red and green color-blind.

I'm currently nurturing a Minecraft fetish, as is half of the freakin' planet.

Favorite ArmorGame: Bubble Tanks 2

Favorite SNES Game: Chrono Trigger

Favorite Author: Jim Butcher

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