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My name is Anika Ethan Cordosi. (Just call me Ethan)
My birthday is June 6th 1992 (Making me 18)
I absolutely hate silent letters, so I spell them like "P-sychic".
My favorie animals are giraffs, turtles, pandas, and frogs.
My favorite color is purple.
I'm agnostic.
I enjoy writing and drawing.
I like to play all types of different games. (Halo, Ranbow Six, Fantasy Star, Final Fatasy, Pokemon)
I play softball.
I can speak 4 languages fluently. (Russian, French, Spanish and English.)
I love to buy random shit. (I have a ranbow turtle necklace I've only worn to my homecoming last year.)
My Dsi and laptop are my links to having a life. (All my good friends live in another state, I'm not a bum.)
I can play three insturments. (Piano, Acoustic guitar, and violin.)
I have six pets. (3 cats 1 hampster 1 dog and 1 water frog)
I love to sing and dance.
I enjoy going camping.
I like being sarcastic and picking on my friends for small things. (Like calling Si a bum) ^^
My favorite foods are pop tarts, hot pockets, and Ramen.
I like to do little things for people. (Changing a subject when they become weird)
I have a strange sense of humor.
I spend a lot of my time on IMVU.
My favorite series of books is Pendragon.
I can make you a "Ghetto milkshake" (as my dad calls them) In about 30 seconds. ^.-
I don't take my own advice.
I make mistakes all the time.
I'm always trying to find short cuts for things.
I some times sound racist, but in reality I'm not.
I dispise self mutilation of any sort.
I like to bake.
Sometimes my ego controls who I am.
I love editing.
I have a myspace. (Yes you can add me, if you have one too.)
I think facebook and myyearbook are for pedofiles. (That's why I have them too.)
My favorite word is trust.
An over used phrase of mine: Mon dieu (My god in french)
When I get extremely pissed off I start yelling in any language (Mostly gibberish xD)
I sometimes disagree with something I would usually agree with.

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