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  • Member since: 9/19/2008
  • XBOX Live: Probably getting an Xbox
  • Wii: Waited in line to get one(Nov '06)
  • PSN: OrangeLemonLime
  • SteamID: exbomarker


I enjoy playing flash games, conversing on the forums and helping new users.   Got a question?  Feel free to ask me :)

If I'm not on Armor Games I'm probably doing homework, playing tennis, owning some noobs in BFBC2(PS3) or on Kongregate(BlackBone). 

Highest Rank --- 767

Armor games ranks
Serf --> 10 Armor Points 
Squire --> 225 
Knight --> 1200 
Lord --> 3000 
Duke --> 4500
Prince --> 7250
King --> 12000

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