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The slinkiest AG denizen. Noble towards the kindhearted, protector of the innocent and slayer of the despicable.

Loves: AG Community, ferrets, video games, rock climbing, D&D, tea, urban exploration, geology and you!

Dislikes: Spammers, chain letters, mean folks, there only being one piece of pizza left in the box. Really guys?


Have spam? Please flag all spam by using the flag icon. Since I work on many different projects, I likely won't be able to get to your spam in a timely manner. If it's critical, please post it to a moderator.

Premium Content Problems? Contact us by E-mail at Support@ArmorGames.com and be sure to include your username and the issue you're having.

Bored? Add to my Ferret Gifs.

You can find me on Twitch here:
ArmorFerret on Twitch!

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