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I have got Halo:Reach,Halo 3,Halo wars, Halo anniversary, Halo 4 and Xbox 360, so I might not spend so much time in here :P I have pretty good imagination because I get lot of (most likely weird) ideas. My favourite sentences/quotes: ``Curious people ask: Why? Creative people ask:Why not?´´ ``Today is the first day of the rest of your life.´´ "More the merrier." "Coin has always 2 sides". I like making maps with Armor Mayhem Map Editor.However I havent done them for a while.Here are my maps: Frozen ship: Deep sea: Orbital Mayhem: Mine capture: Drilling base: Melting ice: Sleepy battleship: Swamp: Warzone: The Crystal Isle: Airborne: Maps are in done-order, first made is at highest. My favourite game types are shooting and strategy.In games I like upgrading, classes and good gameplay/idea. Of course they are not required in a good game. One of my favourite games, what is not in AG is Plazma burst 2 I have also made some levels with Plazma burst 2 level editor my profile name on Plazma burst 2 offisial site is DALEK) DALEK-omegasquad1 DALEK-omegasquad2 DALEK-omegasquad3 DALEK-omegasquad4 DALEK-omegasquad5 DALEK-omegasquad6

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