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I am a hunter of trolls; and no, I am not for hire. I do accept donations of cash, cheques, and fresh salmon.

Contrary to the views of the general public, I believe that trolls can fulfill a useful role in society. These beings are like performers desiring an audience. They will play the villain if given that role, but they can play the fool equally well.

I build things. For a list of things I built, see ConstructsPreferred

Some Life Lessons:

1 The "value" of a product advertised on television is the estimated maximum cost of hiring another company to produce its components, and all dies and casts required to make them, from scratch. The product's actual worth is the sale price divided by approximately 5n where n is the number of preassembled components.
2 Any "spiritual" or "paranormal" event or process is the result of one or more of the Forer effect, ideomotor response, apophenia, faulty generalization, neurological disorder, memory bias, lighting tricks, hallucinogens, pranks, unbalanced torque, heat conduction, overcredulity, and wishful thinking.
3 There is no such thing as positive criticism.
4 When discussing any W.E.P.R. topic, the party with the least informed opinion will invariably believe itself to be the most informed party.
5 The key to a good "conspiracy theory" is to contrive a plot that would be too idiotic to ever acheive its goal, too obvious for the most lackwitted bumpkin to miss, and too flagrantly insidious for any sane person to believe.
6 A "conspiracy theory" is not a real theory.
7 Genesis is not anything like a theory.
8 No matter how impractical or bizarre its location, any unwanted object abandoned in a public place will quickly be joined by a similar object.
9 Fairness, perfection, and control are all purely imaginary.
10 You win a debate when an uneducated crowd believes that you're right. You don't win an argument until your opponent agrees or dies of old age.
11 Approximately 76.3% of all statistical data is made up on the spot.

This May be News to Yous:

The power of introspection is so common that it's usually taken for granted, but every so often we get one of these. Please note that this user is an extreme outlier and in no way typical or representative of atheists in general.

Mid April of 2014, not long after the legacy post transition which will make absolutely no sense to new users, Ferret reported a disastrous oversight in the disqus comment system's programming. An attempted fix on Moegreche's profile, where it was first detected, failed miserably and we have yet to receive word on any further developments.

The 2015 installment of AG's A.F.D. madness was a tremendous success. No statistics have been released regarding accounts deleted during or immediately after the hoax, but the numbers are expected to be high. If past experience and recent commentary is anything to go by, we may expect the 'tldr' and 'i h8 raedng' crowds to voice their frustration for the rest of the forseeable future.

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