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I'm not that active anymore...but feel free to check the story below. Some people might think my name is from the word "Flag". Sorry...No.My name is from a Stephen King book: The Eyes of the Dragon. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Skip the story, go to the messenger ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Flagg- The Advisor to the King. Flagg is a powerful magician and has been around for centuries. In his incarnation in Eyes of the Dragon, he has served as an advisor to four successive monarchs: Roland's grandparents and parents, Roland himself, and Thomas. Though he has lived in Delain for roughly seventy years, he has only appeared to age ten. Later in the story, it is revealed that he has appeared in Delain multiple times, under multiple guises, the oldest of which that is mentioned in the book took place over five hundred years in the past. His ultimate goal is to cause Delain to overthrow the monarchy and be plunged into "a thousand years of bloody anarchy, give or take a few years". Flagg, first name Randall, can be found in some form in quite a few of King's novels. In the Stand, he is the personification of evil. He plays a part in the Dark Tower novels as well. Coincidentally or purposefully, the initials R.F. are used randomly in the names of antagonistic characters in a number of other Stephen King works." From Wikipedia ------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------- "What is Randall Flagg? We know that Flagg is not quite human; both Roland and Peter believe him some kind of demon, one who shed some stinking black fluid most assuredly not blood when injured. Flagg appears to be ageless, having lived for more years than we can grasp.He is capable of magic, levitating, changing people into other forms. He can read and influence minds. He is evil, but he is not the devil. It's quite possible he is a servant of chaos, a minion of the Tower. What is Randall Flagg? Ah, that's an interesting question. From the Flagg site" ------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------- The Flagg site

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