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Hey guys yeah ive moved onto Kongregate... They have a lot more to offer than armorgames. They have badges, challanges, and levels.

Ill still check on ocasionally but thats about it

My super Hard map

162 e5 1h8 49,1h6 44 1h6 4v 1h6 5t 1h6 6q 1h6 7m 1hd 8j 1ht 97 1ih 9p 1jb a6 1ka ag 1lc an 1me an 1nb ac 1o4 9s 1oo 96 1p8 8e 1pk 7i 1ps 6n 1q3 5r 1q2 4v 1pu 46,1q0 49 1t9 47 1t9 e4,u 18 i4 bi ip bt,ip bv ql ef vo en 12p ep,12n ep 141 ef 16m df,1t8 e2 16e do,24u -2 25o t 26q 1t 282 31 29b 4f 2ai 5u 2c1 6r 2dl 7k 2f9 8d 2gs 92 2ie 9m,2il 34 2jj 3b 2kh 3j 2lf 3s 2me 48 2n6 4o 2nu 57 2om 5u 2pd 6g 2q5 74 2rb 7u 2se 8j 2tj 97 2uq 9t 305 an 31b b7 32k bm 33v cc 35b d5 36o du 386 em,2ig 9m 2ja a4 2ks aj 2mi b3 2o0 bs 2pd cm 2r4 dg 2ss el 2ug fk 2vv gg 31f ha 335 i0 34v im 36o jc 38f k6 3a5 kv 3bu lf 3dq lr 3fm m4 3hg me 3ja mp,37u ej 397 f2 3ah fe 3c2 fn 3dh fu 3f1 g4 3go gg 3ic gv 3jp he 3l2 hp 3mf ia 3nn iv 3p2 jd 3qd jg 3rq ji 3ta jm 3uu k4 40j kl 429 l2 440 l9,3ja mu 3ku n4 3mh nb 3of ng 3q3 ni 3s8 nk 3ue nu 408 oe 424 ot 441 p9 45q pf 47i ph 497 pj 4as pm 4ci ps,43t lb 44m lb 45l lb 46k lb 47m lb 48k lb 49j lb 4ah le 4bd lj 4c8 ln 4cv lu,4cu ls 4dg m5 4e8 ma 4f1 mm 4fv n0 4go nh 4ho o2,4ck pu 4dc q2 4eb qb 4f5 qk 4g3 qr 4h6 r0 4i8 r2 4jb r1,5bs uk 5c6 uk 5c6 ua 5cg ua 5cg u0 5cq u0 5ua u0 6l4 u0,59m 114 4m0 114,u 18 -4c 18,5c6 13k 5mq 1d0 5u0 1fq 68a 1h2 6le 1h2,5fa 122 5om 1a6 5uu 1d0 68a 1e8 6le 1e8 6le 13u,6le u0 6l4 u0,6le u0 6le 148,6qe 13u 6qe u0 74o tm,6qe 1h2 6kq 1h2,6qe 13u 6qe 1h2,74e tm 824 tm 81g 2e4 8qq 2e4 bbe kk,1uq q8 2v0 q8 3tk 1qe 3t0 12c,8he tm 8i2 26k,8he tm 8co tm,4c -1c 4c -1f,2bk -4a 2cd -3h 2d7 -2k 2e0 -1u 2eq -13 2fi -9 2g8 l 2h3 1h 2i4 2c 2iv 31,2bk -4c 2bd -51,2ba -50 2b6 -5o 2ap -6e,252 0 24d -5 23k -c 22s -m 223 -u 219 -14 20c -18,c2s -aa ali -ak,ci6 -17c bdu -17m,cig -k0 e54 -ie,cq -6i d4 -6s#-8e -50 -8e -7g -6s -7g,-7q -6i -8e -6i,-6i -7g -6i -5a,-68 -5a -5k -6i -5a -5a,-5a -5u -68 -5u,-4c -5k -42 -6i -3e -5u -2q -6i -2q -5u,-k -76 -26 -6s,-26 -76 -1s -5u -k -5u,-18 -6i -1s -6i,-5k -4m -76 -4m -76 -3e -5k -3e -5k -4m,-5k -3e -5a -4m -50 -3o -4m -4m,-84 -1i -7g -34 -6s -2q,-7q -2q -7g -2g,-6i -2g -6i -1i,-5a -2q -5u -2q -5u -26 -5a -26 -5a -1i -5u -1i,-50 -2q -50 -1i,-4c -2q -4c -1i,-4c -26 -50 -26,-42 -3e -42 -34,-34 -2q -3e -2q -3e -2g -34 -2g -34 -26 -3e -26,-84 k -7q -u -6i k -5u -k -5k k,-50 k -42 -k -3o k,-42 a -4m 0,-3o a -4c a,-3e k -3e -k -26 -k -26 0 -3e 0,180 0 16e 0 16e 1s 180 1s 180 34 16e 34,18k a 18k 2q,18k 1s 19i 2q,18k 1s 198 1i,19s 1s 19s 2g,1ag k 1ag 2g,19s u 19s 18,1ag k 1bo k 1bo 18 1ag 18,16o 4c 16o 5a,164 4c 180 4c,180 42 180 5a,180 4m 18k 4m 18k 5a,198 50 1a6 50 1a6 4c 198 4c 198 5k 1a6 5k,156 68 13k 68 13k 76 156 76 156 7q 13k 7q,15g 68 15g 7q,15g 6s 164 7g,15g 6s 164 6s,16e 7g 16o 6i 172 7g,16o 76 172 76 16e 76,172 76 17m 76,17c 6i 17c 7g,18a 6i 180 6i 180 76 18a 76,18a 6s 180 6s,18k 68 18k 76,18k 5u 198 5u 198 6i 18k 6i,18k 5u 18k 6i,198 76 19s 6i 1a6 76,1a6 6s 19i 6s,1ag 76 1ag 6i 1aq 6i,1be 5u 1b4 7g,1b4 6s 1bo 76,1be 6s 1c2 6i,202 -c6 202 -84,1ug -bs 22s -bs,21k -84 1ug -84,23g -7q 236 -aa 24o -84 24o -aa,26a -au 26a -84,25m -92 278 -8o,28q -a0 278 -a0 278 -84,278 -8e 28g -8o 28g -a0,1ts -6i 1u6 -4c,1sa -5a 1ve -5k,1vo -6s 1vo -4m,202 -5k 210 -5u 210 -4m,21k -5k 23g -5k 23g -6i 21k -6i 21k -4m 23q -4m,202 -5k 1vo -5u,1s0 -a 1sk -2q 1ti -k 1v4 -2g 1v4 -k,202 -1i 1vo -k,202 -2q 202 -2g,20m -k 20m -1s 21a -u 21a -26,21k -1i 228 -1i 228 -2g 21k -2g 21k -k 228 -k,3p5 kd 3nl k8 3ni md 3oq mg 3p5 ll 3o5 lg,3qv kg 3pf kg 3pf m0 3qq m0,3qd l5 3pf l5,3ra ko 3ra m5,3qv l5 3rn l5,3s5 l5 3s5 m0,3rv li 3sd li,3sl lo 3sn m2,3t5 m2 3t5 lo,3t7 lo 3tn lo 3tn m2,41l ld 3vd ld 3vd na,3vd n0 415 mg,415 md 40t no,40t nq 3vl nq,41f no 42d mo 42i nq,42i no 437 na 437 nt,43l o0 447 n8 44i nt,44i ni 43q ni,45i nl 45f o5,44q n8 44q nt,45i o0 45i n8,45i o0 46d no 46d n8 45v ng 45v o2 46f o2,46n o2 46n ni 47a ni,4ru rg 4ru t2 4ss so 4ss rg,4t6 rg 4t6 so,4t6 rg 4tq rg 4tq s4 4t6 s4,4u4 tm 4u4 uu,4tg ua 4uo ua,4vc tc 4vc uk,4vc u0 500 u0 500 uk,50k ua 518 ua 518 u0 50k u0 50k uk 51i uk,54m s4 53e s4 53e so 54c so 54c tc 53o tc,550 s4 550 tc,55a t2 54m t2,56i t2 56i tm,55k tm 55u t2 568 tm,568 tc 55k tc,56i s4 56i se,576 tm 576 t2 57q t2,592 so 58e so 58e t2 592 t2 592 tc 58e tc,5au vs 5ak vs 5ak 106 5aa 106 5aa 10g 5a0 10g 5a0 10q 59m 10q 59m 114,5au vs 5au vi 5b8 vi 5b8 v8 5bi v8 5bi uu 5bs uu 5bs uk,6qe u0 6le u0,66e 1ei 648 1e8 648 1es 664 1f6 65q 1g4 63u 1fq,672 1ei 66o 1ge,68k 1fg 67c 1fg 67c 1ge 68k 1ge 68k 1fg,68k 1f6 69s 1ge 6ag 1fq 6b4 1ge 6b4 1f6,6bo 1ei 6bo 1fq,6bo 1go 6bo 1ge,6cm 1es 6cm 1fq,6cm 1ge 6cm 1go,6da 1ei 6da 1fq,6da 1ge 6da 1go,2gk ls 2ee ls 2ee mg,2ee mq 2gk mq 2gk ne 2eo ne,2h8 n4 2hs n4 2hs mq 2gu mg 2gu ne 2hs ne,2je mq 2iq mq 2iq ne 2je ne,2k2 ne 2k2 mq 2lk mq,2lu n4 2mi n4 2mi mg 2m8 mg 2lk mg,2lu mg 2lu ne 2mi ne,2n6 m6 2n6 ne,2ms mq 2o4 mq,2p2 mg 2va p0 2te p0,2va p0 2va ne,3ic 18u 3i2 1cc 3k8 1cc,3n2 1b4 3l6 1b4 3l6 1cc 3nc 1cc 3nc 1b4 3mo 1b4,3ok 198 3ok 1d0 3qq 1d0,824 tm 824 o2 8co o2 8co tm 824 tm,824 pa 808 pa 87o hq 8f8 om 8co om,832 pa 832 r6 84a r6 84a pa 832 pa,83m pa 83m r6,84a q8 832 q8,866 tm 866 rq 882 rq 882 tm,87o so 87e so 87e t2 87o t2 87o so,890 pk 890 rg 8ai rg 8ai pu,8ai pk 890 pk,8ai pk 8ai q8,8ai qi 890 qi,89u pk 89u rg,824 19s 83c 14i 84a 18k 858 11e 86g 18a,832 18a 83m 16e 840 18k 858 148 866 18a,86g 180 87e 13u 890 18a 89a 114 8a8 18k 8b6 12c 8co 180,890 18a 89a 15g 89a 180,8co 17m 8d2 v8 8ea 18k,8ea 18a 8eu 122 8gg 180,8g6 180 8he 14i,874 18a 87e 15q 88m 18a,8as 180 8b6 14s 8bq 17m,8dc 17m 8d2 13k 8dm 172,8eu 17m 8eu 14i 8fs 17c,8gg 17c 8he 15g,82e 1du 840 1iu 858 1g4 85s 1iu 86q 1dk,86g 1hm 882 1hc 882 1go 86q 1go 86q 1iu 882 1ik,88m 1dk 88m 1j8,8a8 1h2 88m 1h2 890 1j8 8a8 1iu,8c4 1go 8as 1go 8as 1ik 8c4 1ik 8c4 1go,8ce 1ia 8dm 1g4 8dm 1ik 8ek 1ge 8ek 1j8,8gq 1go 8fs 1go,8fi 1go 8fi 1ia 8gg 1i0 8gg 1ge,8fi 1ia 8fi 1j8 8gq 1j8,87e 1lo 87e 1s0,840 1p6 89k 1p6,8co 1nu 8as 1nk 8bg 1rc 8dc 1r2 8dc 1nk 8bg 1nk,82o 21a 82o 2ac,84a 21u 84k 2a2,84k 26k 82o 26k,85s 27i 890 278 890 260 85i 260 85i 29o 89u 29o,8b6 21u 8b6 2a2,8dc 21k 8d2 2ac,8fi 21a 8fi 278,8f8 28q 8f8 29e,7mb o3 7mg oq,7mt o8 7me on 7m9 po,7n9 os 7mv ov 7mt pl 7nj pj 7nj ov 7n4 os,7no os 7no po 7o5 po,7o5 pl 7o5 ov,7pa pv 7pn pe 7q6 q2 7qd pj 7qn pv,7qq q2 7rb pl 7rl q7,7r9 po 7rg pt,7re pt 7qv pq,7s7 pq 7ro pq,7rq pq 7rq q7,7rt q7 7se q7 7se pq 7s2 pq,7se q2 7se pb,7sj q2 7t5 pv 7t5 pl 7sj pl 7sj q7 7t0 q7,7mt qj 7mt ru,7me qo 7nt qo,7me rk 7nr rk,7or qh 7ok rm,7oc qr 7p3 r7,7pu qh 7ps r7,7ps rd 7ps rj,bag io bag g8,bag fu bbo g8,baq h6 bbe h6,bc2 fk bc2 io,bd0 hg bd0 ie,bdu gi bdu io,be8 gs bf6 gs bf6 hg be8 hg,bi0 ie bji ie bji hq bkg hq bkg io bji io bji ie,bi0 ie bi0 hq bh2 hq bh2 io bi0 io bi0 ie,bhm ie bk6 h6 bk6 hq,biu ie biu h6 bia h6 bj8 h6,biu fa bia fa bia fk biu fk biu fa,bik fk bik h6 bji hg,bik g8 bji gs,bk6 hg bk6 gs,bl4 gs bjs gs,bmm gi bmc j2,blo hq bna hq,bos i4 bnu i4 bnu j2 bp6 io bp6 i4 bos i4,bq4 gi bq4 hg br2 hg br2 gi bq4 gi,br2 h6 bsa h6 bqo hq bqo h6,bqo hq bqo ie,bsa hg bsa gi bt8 gi bt8 hg bsa hg,br2 ie bqe ie,brm h6 brm i4,bsa i4 brc i4,brm jm brm k0 bsa k0 bsa jc brm jc brm jm,bs0 jc bs0 i4 brc hg,bs0 io br2 ie,3e 1i 3o 1i,b30 -42 b30 -1i,b30 -42 b3u -42 b3u -34 b30 -34,b4i -1i b4i -2q b5g -2q,b7m -2g b6o -2g b6o -1s b7m -1s b7m -2g,b6o -26 b6o -18 b7m -18,ba6 -2g b8u -2g b8u -1s b9s -1s b9i -u b8k -18,bc2 -2g bb4 -2g bb4 -1i bc2 -1i bc2 -k bb4 -k,bei -2q biu -2g bf6 -k bjs -k,c4e -6s c4e -gs c2i -fk,c4e -gs c60 -fu,ciq -k0 ciq -13a cum -17m cum -jm,ckc -13u ckc -k0,clk -148 clk -k0,cms -14s cms -k0,coo -15g coo -k0,cqk -164 cqk -jm,cs6 -16o cs6 -k0,cto -17c cto -jm,cs6 -ka cs6 -jm,dnc -j2 dnc -14i dai -17m da8 -jc,cva -v8 cva -rg,d0i -v8 d0i -rg,d0i -tc cvk -tc cva -tc,d16 -t2 d2e -t2 d2e -s4 d1g -s4 d1g -t2 d1g -rg d2e -rg,d4u -t2 d5i -rg d5s -tc,d6g -se d7e -se d7e -t2 d6g -t2 d6g -rg d7e -rg,d82 -rg d82 -tc,d82 -tm d8m -rq d90 -tm,dlq -14s dlq -j2,djk -15g djk -j2,dho -15q dho -j2,dg6 -16e dfs -j2,dek -16o dea -j2,dd2 -172 dco -jc,dbq -17c dbg -jc,d32 -rg d3m -t2 d4a -rg,d40 -s4 d3c -s4,dsc -s4 dta -u0 dtu -s4 dui -tm dv6 -s4,e0e -se dvq -se e04 -tc e0o -rq,dvq -se dvq -rq,e1c -t2 e1c -rg,e1m -t2 e2a -t2 e2a -r6 e12 -rg,e3s -so e2u -so e2u -r6 e3i -r6,e3i -s4 e2u -s4,dta -qi dta -pk,dtk -qi dui -qi dui -q8 dui -pk dtk -pk,dui -q8 dta -q8,dvg -qi dvq -pu,e0e -q8 dvg -pa,dp8 -mg dp8 -no,dpi -no dq6 -no,dpi -n4 dps -n4,dqg -o2 dqg -mq,dr4 -mq dre -ne dsc -mq,dro -n4 dr4 -n4,dt0 -mq dtk -ne dtu -mq du8 -ne,dui -ne dus -mq,e04 -ne dvg -ne dvg -mg e04 -mg,e04 -ne e04 -n4 dvg -n4,e1m -ne e0o -ne e0o -mg e1c -mg e1m -no,e2a -mg e2a -ne e2u -ne e2u -mg,e3s -mg e3s -no e54 -no,e3s -n4 e4q -n4,e5e -n4 e5e -mq,e70 -no e6c -no e6c -n4 e70 -n4 e70 -mg e6c -mg,e7u -no e7u -mq,e8s -no e8i -mg,e7u -n4 e8i -n4,e7u -n4 e7u -m6,eca -l8 dou -m6#T eoq 270g,T e3s -j2,G bji 2m8 uu,G bm2 2m8 uu,G bes 2m8 uu,G bh2 2m8 uu,G ags 2lk uu,G aj2 2lk uu,G b56 2lu uj,G b72 2lu uu,G bag 2lu uu,G b8k 2lu uu,G bbe 2lu uu,G bcm 2lu uu,G al8 2lk uu,G amg 2lk uu,G apa 2lu uu,G ase 2lu uu,G av8 2lu uu,G b1e 2lu uu,G b30 2lu uu,G b3u 2lu uu,B 15i dd 24t,S 4j6 qi,S 4j6 pu,S 4j6 pa,S 4is p0,B 6n0 1go 1d0,B 6nk 1go 1d0,B 6o8 1go 1d0,B 6os 1go 1cv,B 6pg 1go 1d0,B 6pq 1go 1cv,B 6q4 1go 1d0,B 6le 1du 14i,B 6le 1da 14i,B 6le 1cm 14i,B 6le 1c2 14i,B 6qe 1e8 1a6,B 6qe 1dk 1a6,B 6qe 1d0 1a6,B 6qe 1cc 1a6,B 6qe 1be 1a6,B 6qe 1bo 1a6,B 6qe 1ag 1a6,B 6qe 19i 1a6,B 6qe 18a 1a6,B 6qe 18u 1a6,B 6qe 17c 1a6,B 6qe 16e 1a6,B 6qe 15g 1a6,B 6qe 14s 1a6,B 6qe 13u 1a6,B 6qe 130 1a6,B 6le 1b4 14i,B 6le 1a6 14i,B 6le 198 14i,B 6le 18a 14i,B 6le 17c 14i,B 6le 16o 14i,B 6le 164 14i,B 6le 156 14i,B 6le 148 14i,B 6le 130 14i,B 6le 13k 14i,B 6le 122 14i,B 6qe 12c 1a6,B 6qe 11e 1a6,B 6le 114 14i,B 6le vs 14i,B 6le 106 14i,B 6le 10g 14i,B 6qe 10q 1a6,B 6qe 106 1a6,B 6qe vi 1a6,B 6m2 1fg 1d0,B 6mm 1fg 1d0,B 6nk 1fg 1d0,B 6oi 1fg 1d0,B 6pg 1fg 1d0,B 6m2 1e8 1d0,B 6n0 1e8 1d0,B 6nu 1e8 1d0,B 6os 1e8 1d0,B 6pg 1e8 1d0,B 6m2 1da 1d0,B 6n0 1da 1d0,B 6os 1da 1d0,B 6nu 1da 1d0,B 6pg 1d0 1d0,B 6m2 1c2 1d0,B 6n0 1c2 1d0,B 6o8 1c2 1d0,B 6p6 1c2 1d0,B 6qe uu 1a6,B 6qe ua 1a6,S 1h2 3o,S 23g -34,S 244 -3e,S 24e -3o,S 28q -5a,S 28g -5a,S 286 -50,S 27s -50,S 27i -50,S 278 -4m,S 278 -4c,S 26k -4c,S 26a -42,S 260 -42,S 25m -42,S 25c -42,S 24o -42,S 24e -42,B 6ia u0 12a,S 29e -5a,S 29e -5a,S 2a2 -5k,S 2am -5u,S 236 -34,S 22s -2g,S 22s -26,S 22i -1s,S 228 -1s,S 21a -1s,S 21a -1i,S 21a -1i,S 21u -1i,S 21k -1s,S 20m -1i,G bfg ls mg,G bei m6 mg,G bdu m6 mg,G bd0 m6 mg,G bc2 m6 mg,G bge mq mg,G bi0 mq mg,G bj8 n4 mg,G bkq ne mg,G bjs mq mg,G bik ls mg,G bhc m6 mg,G bm2 n4 mg,G bkg mg mg,G ble ls mg,G bn0 mq mg,G bmc li mg,G chs -172 gs

My 15 second auto
Its having a few problems right at the very end(idk it was working fine before)

18 1i ls 1i ls 18 no 18 no u pk u pk k rg k rg a tc a tc 0 uu 0,v8 0 uu 0,v8 0 v8 -a 114 -a 1da -a 1da m6,1kg 0 1kg 8o,1kg 0 1qo 0 1qo 8o,1u6 -k 1u6 8o,1u6 -k 26u -k 26u 8e,2oj cm 2q5 cq 2rl co 2sv ch 2ui c4,18 1i -1i 1i,2uc c6 2va c4 30a bs 318 bm 32f bg 33k bd 34r b9 361 b6 378 b4 38k b3,38c au 38r ak 390 a0,3d2 m6 3sc m6,3v6 m6 3vp ls,3v6 m6 3uk m6,3vq ls 409 la 40n kn,48s gi 4d8 gi,5cg jc 5d4 jc,5e2 k0 5ec k0,5f0 kk 5fa kk,5fk l8 5fu l8,5gi li 5gs li,5jm oc 5k0 pl 5k7 qv 5kj s8 5lj ti 5n7 uj,5u0 1bo 68a 1c2##T 67c 1be,B 68a 1b4 8e,B 68u 1b4 8e,B 68k 1bo 8e,B 5ak io b8,B 59m io b8,B 58o io b8,B 57q io b8,B 56s io b8,B 55u io b8,B 54c io b8,B 550 io b8,B 53o io b8,B 52q io b8,B 51s io b8,B 50u io b8,B 500 io b8,B 4v2 io b8,B 4u4 io b8,B 4tg io b8,B 4si io b8,B 4ru io b8,B 4ra io b8,B 4qm io b8,B 4po io b8,B 4ca g8 1d,B 3me li 2q,B 3m4 li 2q,B 3lq li 2q,B 2te b8 1o,B 2te au 1v,B 2u2 b8 1v,B 2uc bi 1v,B 2u2 bs 2c,B 2to bi 1d,B u a 2q,B 18 u 2q,B a a 2q,B 25c -k 15,B jc 18 1d,B 26a -k 1d,B 1q4 0 1d,B 1cc -a 15

3rd auto(semi-fixed) you can get to the end now

-18 1i 18 1i,a7 jl 9n jv,9l k1 93 k1,74 ne 7e nk 7v nj,a4 se 9f se,9f sg 8u sm,7k 11i 6f 11v,2i 14m 35 14r,30 1s3 1v 1so 1h 1ru,8p 281 9g 28h 9l 27v,9d 2f5 a2 2fi a9 2er,5b 2f8 5t 2fh 6h 2f3,4p 2jh 4b 2jr 3k 2jg,k 32e 1i 32e,-1i 36g -18 36q -u 36g,0 39a a 39k k 39a,c6 3u8 bi 3ui b8 3u8,hg 412 hq 41c#-k 1na -k 1oi,-18 1na 0 1na,a 1na a 1oi,a 1nu u 1nu u 1oi,1s 1nu 18 1nu 18 1oi 1s 1oi 1s 1nu,1s 1oi 26 1oi,2g 1nk 2g 1oi,2g 1nu 2q 1nu,2g 1nu 26 1nu,4c 1nk 4c 1oi,4c 1nu 4m 1nu 4m 1oi,50 1oi 5a 1nu 5k 1oi,5k 1o8 50 1o8,68 1nu 5u 1nu 5u 1o8 68 1o8 68 1oi 5u 1oi,0 1pg 0 1qo,-k 1q4 k 1q4,u 1q4 1i 1q4 1i 1qo u 1qo u 1q4,2q 1pg 2q 1qe,34 1pq 34 1qe,34 1q4 2g 1q4,3e 1q4 3e 1qe 3o 1qe 3o 1q4,42 1qe 42 1q4 4c 1q4,50 1pq 50 1qe,4m 1q4 5a 1q4,18k 51s 172 51s 172 534 18k 534,180 52g 172 52g,18u 534 18u 51s 19s 51s 19s 534,1a6 51s 1a6 534,1a6 51s 1aq 52g 1a6 534,1e8 4ue 1e8 4tq 1f6 4ue 1fg 4tq 1g4 4uo 1go 4tq,1ge 4u4 1h2 4u4 1go 4tq,1h2 4u4 1hc 4uo,1go 4u4 1h2 4u4,1hc 4tq 1hc 4uo,1hc 4tq 1i0 4ue 1hc 4uo,1i0 4uo 1i0 4tq 1ik 4tq,1ia 4ue 1i0 4ue,1i0 4uo 1i0 4v2 1ik 4v2,1fg 4vc 1fg 50k,1fg 4vc 1g4 4vm 1fg 50a 1g4 50a 1g4 50k 1fg 50k,1ge 50a 1h2 50k,1h2 50a 1h2 50u,1b4 51i 1b4 53e 16e 53e 16e 518 1b4 518 1b4 51s,1du 526 1du 518 1f6 518,1ei 51i 1du 51i,1fg 518 1fg 526,1g4 526 1ge 51i 1go 526,1go 51s 1ge 51s,1h2 526 1hc 51i 1hm 526 1i0 51i 1i0 526,1ia 526 1ia 518 1iu 518,1ik 51i 1ia 51i,1ia 526 1iu 526,1js 518 1j8 518 1j8 526 1k6 526 1k6 518 1ji 518,1k6 518 1kq 526 1kq 50u,1k6 51s 1k6 518,1fq 53e 1fq 52g 1go 52g,1fq 52q 1ge 52q,1h2 52q 1h2 53e,1i0 52q 1hc 52q 1hc 534 1i0 534 1i0 53e 1hc 53e,1ia 52g 1ia 53o,1ia 534 1ik 534 1ik 53o,1kg 542 1da 53o 1dk 50u 1l4 50k,1le 50k 1l4 54c 1kg 542,1du 542 1d0 54c 1d0 55a 1ei 55a,1f6 550 1es 550 1es 55k 1fg 55a 1fg 550 1f6 550,1fq 55a 1fq 550 1ge 550 1ge 55a,1g4 550 1g4 55a,1go 55a 1go 54m,1go 550 1hc 54m 1hc 55a,1h2 550 1h2 55a,1hm 55a 1i0 55a 1i0 54m 1hm 54m 1hm 55k 1ia 55k,1ik 55k 1ik 54m 1iu 54m 1iu 55k,1js 54c 1ji 55u,1ji 550 1js 550,1kg 54m 1k6 55u,1k6 568 1js 568#T 1fq 4po,O 1hc 4qm,O 1hc 4qc,O 1hc 4q2,O 1hc 4p4,O 1hc 4po,O 1hc 4p4,B 180 4qm 19,B 18a 4qm 1h,B 18u 4qm 1l,B 18k 4qm b8,B 18u 4ra b8,B 180 4r0 1d,B 18k 4ra r,B 18a 4r0 17,B 180 4r0 9,B 17m 4r0 g,B 17c 4qm 1d,B om 4j6 1v,B oc 4j6 1o,B p0 4jg i,B om 4is 12,B o2 4ii 12,B oc 4is 1r,B oc 4is b8,B o2 4i8 i,B ne 4hk e,B no 4hu b8,B no 4ii 1d,B ne 4hu 1d,B n4 4hk 1d,B 0 3a8 2q,B -11 1j mg,B -i 1j md,B -5 1j bc,B d 1k cb

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