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Now what was I saying? Oh.. Did You Know Hamsters Like to Ride Flying Chipmunks Through The Air... But Then They Hit Trees After Being Shot By My Sniper.... >:~)
Weird Dude-- Aww hallo little puppy.... are u here alone?

Puppy-- Wharf?

Weird Dude-- Wha???

Puppy-- ....Wharf! Wharfity Wharf!!

Weird Dude-- Grrrrrr....

Puppy-- *bites Weird Dude and runs for it*

Weird Dude-- Arrgh!!! There After Me Lucky Charms!!! Curse Those Kids In Dog Costumes!!!!!!!!

Kids In Dog Suits-- Run hes onto us!!!

Weird Dude-- Marsh Mellow Power Shoot A Sniper!!!!!!!!!!

Kids In Dog Costumes-- X_X   X_X  X_X
..._...|..____________________, ,
....../ `---___________----_____|]   
.....), ---.(_(__) /
....// (..) ), ----"

¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•
¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•
¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•
Free Rider 2 Tracks-
-18 1i 18 1i it 1p io hn -29 hn -18 1k,13 3b 10 96 4j 99 4e 38 10 3d,2i 3b 2n 8s,15 6k 49 6h,il f7 k5 f7 k5 g2 l0 g2 ku gu ln gp lk hk m8 hn m6 ii mv ii mv jl nj jo nj kj oh kj oj lc pc lh ph md qf md qn ng sj nl st pe v5 pm vf rn 12j rs 13h uh 15q uh 16e 111 1a1 113,1mn vp 1k2 vp 1ci ru 152 p7,v8 kf nm af,154 p6 v7 kd,ni ad iv 7l,1ml vr 1ml 10k 1ju 10f 155 qb uk l0 nb au io 8l,j7 f2 j7 90,jj eu jr 8v,rd nb rg gl,ru n9 rv hg,11j rl 11g no,121 rn 121 nt,189 10o 187 re,19f 111 19f s4,1kp 13r 1kq 10i,1lg 13p 1le 10t,19u 111 19u 133 1of 13f,i1 8f dn 85 dn ef hk ed hp 8h,gr al gp bo hd bo hd ab gr ad gr av,in f3 i1 e0 ha du,1od 13h 1od 150 1pv 150 1pv 169 1r4 16c 1r4 17u 1sg 17u 1si 197 1u4 195 1u2 1aj 2hs 1au,2hr 1at 2vo 1b7,3b8 1c7 4vl 1cu,2vm 1b3 3b6 1bg 3au 1b6,3b6 14h 3b1 1b8,3bc 1c5 302 1b7,3b5 1c0 3b0 1bk 38i 1bh,39b 1br 3ao 1bu,3am 1br 36p 1bh,36m 1bh 36c 1bk,35h 1bk 33n 1bh,33q 1bh 34j 1bc 357 1bc 36a 1br,378 1c0 35o 1b5 34t 1b2,34g 1bh 37d 1bh,3av 1bt 3cc 193 3cm 1bv 3dr 198 3ei 1c2 3fl 19i 3g9 1c2,3gb 1c2 3hh 19i 3i0 1c7 3j5 19s,3j5 19p 3jp 1c2 3kd 1a6 3lg 1c2,3b4 14k 2od 1b2,3lg 1bv 3lg 16e 449 1ch,4vi 1ct 4vk 1fo 51p 1fo 51q 1i0 53c 1hu 53e 1jp 555 1jn 553 1lp 56s 1ll 56u 1no 591 1nm,4vh 1ct 52l 1ct 55k 1f3 583 1i6 5ah 1jv,5af 1jv 5dj 1m1,5dh 1lt 5h2 1m0,5gu 1lu 5gk 1ki 5dg 1kg 53k 1cn 516 1b7 4vj 1b7,510 1fj 50r 1cq,50f 1fl 50f 1d6,569 1lf 56d 1g2,55e 1lb 55q 1f6,53t 1ji 53v 1du,54m 1je 54m 1en,52n 1hm 52n 1cj,528 1hc 528 1cu,58o 1nl 596 1j1,57k 1nf 58j 1j1,5dm 1of 5dr 1lo,5ek 1oa 5em 1m2,5b6 1o8 5be 1km,5br 1nu 5c8 1ko,4vj 1b9 4n7 1cm,58r 1nh 58u 1ok 60o 1op,60o 1ou 6gk 1p5,6gj 1p3 71h 1kn,71f 1kq 7dn 1gt,7dl 1gu 7q6 1gs 8kr 1rf 9l5 28p,do9 3he e7b 3e0 eiv 3bn f0l 3bj,ch7 398 d3o 3gn,d3n 3gn d96 3ja d91 3ja dhu 3k5 dob 3hb,f0j 3bi fdk 3hq g6g 3ii,g6b 3ii gjd 3ke gsh 3kf,9l4 28p ch8 397,gsh 3kc gsh 3ls gu8 3lu gu8 3nb h09 3nb h04 3p0 h2a 3ot h25 3qf h49 3qn h46 3sj h6c 3so h6f 3v0 h97 3v2 h97 41n hc4 41v hbv 442 hem 442 heo 46i,hel 46b hib 46e hib 48h hlr 48h hlr 4ag hp2 4ag,hp5 4ag hp2 4cm,hp5 4cp hse 4cp ifq 4ct,iu8 4d5 jhj 4de,jhg 4de jvc 4di,ifo 4cs ivk 4d6,j5j 4d8 jf1 48g jeq 4dg,jv4 4dj k2s 4do,jrm 4dc jrh 48m k4o 4dh,k2p 4dp k4j 4dh kk9 4dm,kk8 4dm lan 4cl lj1 4d4 m20 4g9 mir 4kb n0t 4oa n75 4qo ntc 509,ntg 50c o73 50e,o76 50h o76 53q ofo 541 o70 50e,ofn 541 ot9 56o p3r 59s q2n 5ju qbc 5k6 qhk 5fg qnv 5fd qru 5jn,qrt 5jm qvg 5l1 r6o 5nl ros 5oq rvo 5og,rvj 5oe snb 5oq tmo 5pc,s5h 5ob slp 5h3 slp 5og,t9f 5p1 tb1 5ov,6v 57 6q 58,st9 5on st9 5fi t98 5fi tp1 5ou,t98 5fi t9a 5ou,st9 5hh sqs 5hh,st7 5gj sqn 5ge,st4 5ih sri 5ih,st4 5j3 sqa 5j3,st7 5ju sqd 5k8,st7 5l1 sqs 5lg,st9 5ki sq3 5kd,st7 5m2 sqs 5m2,sth 5n0 sqs 5mt,st9 5nf sqa 5nf,st9 5od spf 5od,tmr 5pb tp8 5pb,tos 5os tp6 5p1,tp8 5p3 tpl 5pb,tp3 5pb tpl 5pd u6o 5pb ur5 5p6,ur2 5p5 uvu 5ov vd0 5mc vu6 5rt 106o 60e 10nn 60h,10nm 60h 10sa 60h 11d1 5q0 11d1 603 10sc 60i,11id 5qa 11m3 5rl 123a 5vi 1279 60t 12kl 61o,12kg 61o 12kn 5pk,12kq 5pk 12ic 5pk,12ki 5qn 12ht 5qn,12ki 5s2 12hr 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i Made that one
-18 1i 18 1i 18 3o 3e 3o 3e 4m ak 4m b8 50 cq 5a f0 5k,b8 50 cg 42 fa 42 jm 42 jm 5k i4 7g gi 8e,fa 42 jm 2g,cq 5a cq 5k f0 5u b8 5k b8 5a 34 5a 2q 5a 2q 4c 18 4c k 3o a 3e a 26 0 1s 0 1i k 26 k 3e 18 42 34 42 34 50 ak 50 b8 5a b8 50,cq 5k b8 5a,-18 1i -18 3o -3e 3o -50 3o -5k 50 -50 68 -9m 68 -92 50 -9m 3o -d4 3o,-a -2q -a -1s 0 -1s 0 -2q k -2q k -2g u -2q u -26 k -1s k -2g,0 -1s a -1i -k -1i -a -1s,a -1i a -18 -k -18 -k -1i,0 -2q -a -1s,u -2q k -34 k -2q,k -34 -u -34 -u -3o -18 -3e -18 -2q -u -34 -a -2q 0 -1s,-u -34 -u -2q -u -2g -18 -2q -18 -26 -1s -2q -18 -2g,-u -2g -a -2g,u -2q u -3e k -3o k -34 0 -2q,u -26 1i -2q u -2g,1i -2q u -3e,-a -2q -u -2q,-18 -3e -1s -2q,0 -2g k -2g,-u -26 -u -2g,-u -26 -u -1s -18 -26,u -34 1i -2q,-18 -34 -1s -2q,0 -34 0 -2q,-a -34 -a -2q,-1s -50 -1s -4c -1i -4c,-1s -50 -1i -50,-18 -50 -18 -4c,-18 -4m -u -4m,-u -50 -u -4c,-k -50 -k -4c -a -4c -a -50 -k -50,0 -50 0 -4c a -4c a -50 0 -50,u -50 k -50 k -4m u -4m u -4c k -4c,18 -50 18 -4c 1i -4c,18 -50 1i 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I dont really no who made this one though but its cool.
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-18 1i 18 1i,24m -3 2p4 f,1sd vc ir up 93 10e -81 td,19 1i 25t 35,-d3 18b -1cd 18r,-82 td -ib t7,-d6 18d -d6 tc,-18 1j -44 1h,-1b4 193 -1av 1fl,-1av 1fh -2ma 1ff -2ma 1ak,-2m8 1fc -2oj 1fc -2ol 1hq -2r5 1hn -2rn 1kc -2um 1kf -2uo 1md -311 1mi -318 1oj -345 1oo -340 1r6 -374 1rb -374 1te -39f 1tj -39p 1v0 -3c4 1uu -3bv 21j -3eh 21q -3em 245 -3gq 24f -3gn 26q -3j5 274 -3j2 293 -3ln 294 -3ln 2bc -3oh 2ba -3om 2dd -3qn 2db -3ql 2f9 -3tf 2f9 -3tk 2ha -404 2hi -406 2jo -43k 2jl -43k 2lu -45q 2lp -45t 2nq,-2m9 1ak -274 1fi,-460 2nn -55a 2n0,-55a 2n1 -55a 2ng -55p 2ng -55p 2nu -568 2nu -567 2oc -56k 2oe -56l 2or -573 2os -573 2p8 -57f 2p8 -57f 2pj -57q 2pj -57q 2pr -588 2pr -588 2q6 -58k 2q6 -58k 2qh -591 2qi -592 2qt -59e 2qt -59e 2r7 -59o 2r7 -59q 2ri -5a6 2rj -5a5 2rv -5aj 2s0 -5aj 2s8 -5b1 2s8 -5b2 2sl -5bf 2sm -5bg 2t1 -5bs 2t2 -5bt 2tf -5ca 2ti -5cd 2u2 -5cr 2u6 -5cq 2uj -5d9 2uk -5dc 2ut -5dm 2uv -5do 2v9 -5e8 2v8 -5e9 2vp -5eo 2vq -5en 30b -5f7 30d -5f5 30v -5fm 30u -5fm 31e -5gb 31g,-5gb 31g -5gb 322 -5h2 322 -5h2 32f -5hh 32f -5hj 330 -5i3 330 -5i5 33h -5in 33l -5im 342 -5j5 343 -5j7 34h -5jl 34g -5jm 34s -5k3 34s -5k4 357 -5kf 358 -5kh 35i,-5l1 35v -5lc 360 -5ld 36c -5lo 36c -5lt 36m -5m4 36n -5m4 36v -5mf 36v,-6g6 36p -6g6 3fc -73g 3er -7bm 3et,-5ki 35h -5l0 35h -5l0 35t,-6ga 36r -5me 370,-7o5 3us -6ss 3v7,-6sn 3v7 -6sl 3kh,-5mg 371 -5l9 37l -54t 2o0 -54b 2nh -53l 2na -52p 2n5,-45v 2nr -2fc 1h2 -2dq 1g7 -2cq 1ft -2ba 1fj,1r4 vd 1tp 119 2qj tk,1t8 1ed 2so 1ai,2sm 1ai 34q 17j 3b2 111 3ev ld 3fe do,3fd dp 3fb 21,3fb 1v 3d9 -39 38a -8f,-7o2 3ur -8fr 3uf -8fj 30e,38a -8g 31h -cq 2qg -d9 2i8 -b4 25k -aa,-460 2nr -472 2no,25k -ab -4g -cb -9g -95 -ao -6i,-9v 0 -7s r -44 1f,-an -6h -b5 -46 -an -1j -9t 1#8 q1 -3a ps -3a rm -1 rm -1 t3 -3f t5,1q ps 1b td,18 td 3e td,53 pb 53 t8,50 p8 8e pd 87 t8 4p sr,a5 p1 9u t8 bs t5 bq r2,bv t3 do t5 dr pd,-2ns 1f2 -2ns 1bk -45r 2ii,-455 2hu -457 2le,-41u 2fg -41u 2is,-3v4 2cr -3v4 2gt,-3s0 2ao -3sf 2ev,-3po 28s -3pq 2cu,-3n3 26o -3mp 2bc,-3ko 24s -3k1 28s,-3id 230 -3i3 26h,-3fv 204 -3ft 23u,-3d8 1tu -3d3 21e,-3ao 1rl -3b2 1us,-38k 1q3 -38n 1t2,-35e 1nt -362 1qv,-333 1lg -335 1oh,-2vq 1ij -301 1ls,-2sm 1fp -2tf 1k3,-2q1 1dr -2pp 1he,-4uh 2is -52e 2is,-52e 2iv -52e 2lp -4v7 2lf -4va 2mp -521 2mp,-4tt 2iq -4uo 2n1 -4rk 2n1,-4p9 2in -4qc 2ms,-4pc 2ii -4mf 2in,-4mf 2il -4lp 2ni,-4lm 2nd -4qf 2mk,-4kj 2iv -4kc 2mu -4it 2n1 -4j7 2l7,-4iv 2mp -4hi 2mn -4hl 2is,s -m s p 2p o 2p 1d 4n 3 2o -12 2o -k r -l#G -3h -bk b5,G -9l -19 73,G -a3 -3h 7t,G -8b -p 5k,G -a9 -5d 8v,G -91 -7t 94,B 2p0 10 jo,B 2p8 1r jg,B 2p5 2k jp,B 2p8 38 jj,B 2p8 3v jg,B 2p3 4o jh,B 2p5 5h jm,B 2pi qu jd,B 2pf qa ji,B 2pd p7 jq,B 2pf o6 jm,B 2p8 n1 je,B 2p8 lp j6,B 2p8 kj jp,B 2pf jo jg,B 2p7 62 j7,B 2pm 6r jm,B 2pa 6r jm,B 2p5 7f jm,B 2p5 86 jm,B 2p5 8q jm,B 2p5 9b jm,B 2p5 9v jc,B 2pc ae jm,B 2p7 b0 jm,B 2pm bk jg,B 2pp c8 jm,B 2pm d1 j4,B 2q3 dv jp,B 2ph dg j6,B 2pu eb jj,B 2pm ev j8,B 2ph fm jb,B 2pu ga j5,B 2q8 gp io,B 2pf hn j7,B 2pk ii ja,B 2pk gk ir,B 2ol r8 mg,B 2nu rg m5,B 2n5 ri mc,B 2mk rq mg,B 2lr rv mg,B 2kj s1 mg,B 2l7 s6 mg,B 2ji sb mg,B 2i5 sg m9,B 2ik se bb,B 2ha sq m8,B 2gc t4 lt,B 2fl t4 m5,B 2ev tc md,B 2e6 tj bf,B 2dd t7 m6,B 2cr te mg,B 2cc te mg,B 2a1 t9 mg,B 29d t9 mg,B 28k tc bc,B 22m tj ma,B 2bu tk m8,B 2ba tm mg,B 2aj th mg,B 27u th mg,B 20e tu mg,B 1vo u3 mg,B 1sh v3 ma,B 223 u1 mf,B 21i u5 ba,B 20u u6 bb,B 27f tm m4,B 271 tr lu,B 26h tv mg,B 25v u9 md,B 25j ub mg,B 255 tv mg,B 24k u3 mg,B 245 u5 ba,B 23l tv me,B 231 to bf,B 23b ts m1,B 1t1 vc m9,B 1te va m6,B 1ts v2 m5,B 1vc uc m4,B 1v1 ul bb,B 1uj uv mg,B 1u8 v6 m6,B -iq t5 me,B -jc tc mg,B -jr tk mc,B -k7 u0 me,B -kl ue b9,B -l2 ur ba,B -lf vb mf,B -lq vs mg,B -m6 10g me,B -mk 111 b9,B -n1 11f mg,B -nd 11r b9,B -nq 124 me,B -oa 12m b9,B -oo 137 me,B -p7 13l md,B -pl 142 bb,B -q2 14f ba,B -qk 14u b9,B -r8 15b mg,B -rm 15r ba,B -s7 166 mf,B -sm 16h b8,B -t3 16u mc,B -th 17f mf,B -u0 186 mf,B -ip qq gs,B -jl qd hd,B -kl qg gs,B -le qv h4,B -ma rb hn,B -nd re gs,B -oi rv h1,B -pe so h5,B -qc ui gm,B -r2 v1 h3,B -s3 vg gi,B -t8 11c g9,B -ub 12m fs,B -uv 13s ga,B -vo 14i gc,T -jl s4,T -lh t9,T -o6 vf,T -qm 127,T -t3 156,T -v4 16t,B -2d4 1c1 k1,B -27i 1eb kc,B -484 2ng mg,B -49f 2ng mc,B -4as 2nd mg,B -4cq 2ni mg,B -4bq 2nd mg,B -4dr 2ng bg,B -4eh 2ni mg,B -4fd 2nd mg,B -4g8 2ni ba,B -6qj 3d9 mg,B -6s7 3ej mg,B -6pn 3cm mg,B -6oq 3c9 mf,B -6nu 3bn mb,B -6n1 3ba m4,B -6lv 3af md,B -6l1 39r me,B -6ju 39k mb,B -6ir 39k bb,B -6ht 38o m6,B -6h4 37q mg,G -7b5 3uj mf,G 25p 10n gp,G 39o 119 ej,G 3ep 69 mg,T 2vc -cd,T 24q 1i,T 24q 1i,T 24q 1i,T 24q 1i,T 24q 1i,T 24q 1i,T 24q 1i,T 24q 1i,T 24q 1i,T 24q 1i,T 24q 1i,T 24q 1i,T 24q 1i,T 24q 1i,T 24q 1i,T 24q 1i,T 24q 1i

This is an edited version of the one above!
-18 1i 18 1i 3v 1j,2q 1f 3r 10 3r 1h,50 3g bb 3i eu 29 ia 1s lo 1i na 1n p6 29 qq 37 s0 42 u6 5f 10t 74 12d 8j 146 a5 160 bv 17i d7 18i dj 1jl d9 1mf bq 1ot 9f 1rn 7g 1uj 5s 217 3t 258 36 27i 36 2ab 40 2d1 57 2gq 6v 2k3 85 33v 7p,33u 7q 35i 7b 370 66 380 4f 38n 27,39k 21 3ab 48 3b7 5l 3ca 6n 3e3 7g 3n3 7h,38l 26 38q 4h 394 2g 39e 42 39j 29,395 2i 393 p,38m 21 393 p,39i 21 395 r,3mv 7g 3o9 76 3pr 6d 3r8 5d 3s9 42 3t9 26,3ta 25 3tk t,3uu 13 3v3 21,3v3 1v 3vs 39 41e 5a 42p 6l 45b 8c 4jd 89,3tk s 3u0 21 3u5 p 3ud 1q 3v1 18,3tk u 3u5 3 3us 16,3u5 n 3u8 5,4jb 8a 55g 8m 5in 47 5if 95 55e 8o,5v9 4k 5v4 a5 69o ai 5vb 4k,5ia 8t 5i1 rp,5v5 a4 5v0 s5 5hu rm 5j6 ks 5k4 o3 5m0 mc 5lr kl 5ko mj 5p2 pq 5r8 o0 5pc k3 5p2 on 5q0 p1 5ng k8 5m5 ll 5mu ou 5ob ou 5t4 l6 5ss ju 5qr mm 5qf pv 5qr pv 5mp q6 5lc ju 5pm k8 5pt n0 5ra ok 5sd p1 5sb pq 5s3 q4 5ss p3 5u7 mr 5u9 lq 5u7 k1 5t9 jd 5sn l4 5t9 n5 5t1 pl 5ob ps 5mp p6 5lm n5 5kj nc 5l2 of 5nn p8 5t4 q9 5tv pg 5u4 mh 5t6 kg 5oo m4 5j4 on 5k9 jk,5k9 jk 5ko 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-I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno't mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt!

-fi yuo cna raed tihs, palce it in yuor porfiel-
                            (v)(v) Gangsta Bunnybob
                            (8)(8) Gangster Bunny
                                | |
                                |  |
                                 | |
-----------------------. [o]
WE MUST KILL THAT BUNNY! PUT THIS ON YOUR PROFILE TO DESTROY THEIR SPECIES! Copy paste this P90 AND bunny and put it on your profile.

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