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Colony Legends: (From 1.0-5.0) SpeakerOfTheDead xFYCNxB33STx GeneralEddie Pacmanateyou WaIdo Kruncher GeneralSniper SoyMasterYos ShutUpnPlay BankHead LifeMaster MaimiBigAL DERP TUCKER Y0USUCK Zachh Zing13 rappy123 sinuscontrol iTerminate DestructiveAngel CaptianJay firetail_madness CholoKid KingJose15 AcidAce Peggster GuppyMan Hank123 Kazuo Endscape xKitKatx (I'll try to add other people as I remember them) _______________________________ Colony's OldSchool Clan's EC, Waldo, FYCN, Sauce *********************************************** Best Colony Hacker Ever: JackieMoon _______________________________ Well, i'm back! But school starts on 8/15/12 D: <A HREF="">Find me here</A> <A HREF="">Banana</A>

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