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This account is for FGA; This is short for Forum Games Alliance.
News: 6/25/2013 The AG Love Circle has been born!
New Members This Month-
Everybody welcome these new members that were recruited this month:

No new members. =(

'Tis a sad day when no new members want to join. :'( It really puts a tear in my eye.
~ Riptizoid101


Unofficial FGA Pledge (credit to GandalftheGrey666) ----------

I swear to protect the activity from failing and build the future of FGA.
The Forum Games will be my second home,  the others will be just a place to fulfill our dreams.
In the name of You're banned and My Hill, my posts will rule the thread. Rating games, RPGs and RPs will be my family.
I'll never leave the FGA inactive for a second, it will conquer the inactivity and bring sunshine to the members and the Forum.

Amen to the FG and FGA.

Current Members--

15- gamerguy12345


11. R2D21999

10. Freakenstein

10. Vinster132

9. Clancy12

8. pickpocket

8. Salvidian

7. daleks

7. MoonFairy

6. Moegreche

6. StormWalker

6. Xeano321

6. xXxDAPRO89xXx

5. OperationNilo

5. Killersup10

4. GandalftheGrey666

3. Minotaur55

1. DidactUnbound

1. Charlie506
Short Term-
Dominate the FG section. (Completed)
Dominate the Tavern Section. (In Progress)

Long Term: Promote and improve activity in the whole AG forums.           
Popular Threads: Armor Games Community Activity Initiative

Popular Forum Games
Ranks for Forum Game Alliance:

        Inner Circle.

15.Elder         Requirement: Activity and a vote of yes from all of the current elders.

14.Ernie         Requirement: Activity and majority vote from elders.

13.Myth          Requirement: Activity and majority vote from elders.

12.FG Tyrant     Requirement: Activity and majority vote from elders.

11.Main Poster   Requirement: Activity and majority vote from elders.


        Outer Circle.

10.FG Veteran    Requirement: 4,000 posts

9.Page Poster    Requirement: 3,500 posts

8.Well Known     Requirement: 3,000 posts

7.Regular        Requirement: 2,500 posts

6.Chain poster   Requirement: 2,000 posts

5.Noticable      Requirement: 1,500 posts

4.Active         Requirement: 1,100 posts

3.Novelty        Requirement: 800 posts

2.Imperceptible  Requirement: 500 posts             

1.FG Newbie      Requirement: 200 posts
Public Chat: FGA chat
In association with pangtongshu.
Note:Join us in our chat! It's usually active 24/7!

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