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Hi, I'm Fox159. My real name is Nathan. I'm a 13 year old athletic kid. I have a PS3 and want an ipod touch. I also have a chocolate ladrador retreiver. I play AA hockey and beleive in Jesus Christ.

P.S Add me as a friend I won't care.

My favourite hockey team's are the:
Montreal Canadians
Pittsburg Penguins

My favourite football team is the:
Pittsburg Steelers

My favourite baseball team is the:
Toronto Blue Jays

My favourite music artists are:
The Beatles
The Police
Rolling Stones

I love funny videos. So here is one of my favourites: More Cowbell! What did you guys think of the video? Funny or not?

My brother might be on mine once and a while but he doesn't go on very much.(like once a month I don't know why though).

Here is my brother's page

Top 5 Hockey bloopers!

Here's my threads:

What's your favourite song?
Hockey VS Soccer!

All the games played:
(x)Action ( )Puzzle & Skill
(x)Adventure (x)Stradegy
( )Arcade ( )Sports
(x)Shooting ( )Misc
All the games played,rated and commented:
(x)Action ( )Puzzle & Skill
( )Adventure(x)Stradegy
( )Arcade ( )Sports
( )Shooting ( )Misc

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