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Beta Site-

This is the official FreeRider2Group.

All you need to do to become a member is to ask/submit on this profile.

We will post the Hardest, Funnest, Unique, and at least 1 for every mobile type.

Just post a note in this profile with the name of your creation. Post the actual track information in your own profile, if deemed worthy it will take the place of an existing track.

Please try to keep the source of your track as small as possible or else a website will need to be make.

Also please make the name of your track something notable. Moreover you may choose to have your track anonymous.

Manager: evil_empire


Funnest: Bmx Grind - Anonymous - BMX
-18 1i 18 1i,-1a 1i -n -13 c -s,15 1i 16 1b,-1b 1h 5i 1h,5k 1h 1iu b7,1is b5 1jf b8 1k6 b9 1ku b5 1lf an 1lq a5,25f 15 1vg v3,1vg v1 1v5 vj 1uu 10d 1uf 111 1tr 11i 1t6 122 1sc 12c 1re 12l 1qb 12t 1pd 133 1od 137 1n9 13b 1m0 13k 1kd 13u 1iv 147 1hd 14f 1fo 14o 1e1 152 1c9 15e 1ag 15q 18l 167 16q 16k 14u 172 132 17g 115 17v v7 18e t9 18t rb 19c pd 19s ne 1ac lf 1ar jg 1bb hh 1bs fi 1cc di 1cs bj 1dc 9j 1dt 7j 1ed 5k 1et 3k 1fe 1k 1fu -c 1gf -2b 1gv -4b 1hg -6b 1i1 -8b 1ih -ab 1j2 -cb 1ji -eb 1k3 -gb 1kk -ib 1l4,-ib 1l4 -kb 1ll -ma 1m0 -o9 1m9 -q7 1mh -s7 1mo -u6 1mt -106 1n2 -125 1n6 -145 1n9 -164 1na -184 1n9 -1a3 1n7 -1c2 1n1 -1e1 1mq -1g1 1mi -1i0 1m8 -1jv 1ls -1lu 1le -1nt 1kt -1ps 1k9 -1rq 1ji -1to 1io -1vm 1hr -215 1h4 -22k 1gb -242 1fg -25g 1ek##T -s9 1n7,T -25c 1f7,T -24v 1e5

Most Unique:

Unicycle: Reverse Reverse!!-anonymous
-18 1i 18 1i,-1en d0 -1en gt,-1el gu -1ic gt -1ic ip,-1le o6 -lj sb,-ll s9 -ku s1 -kb sa -gc rv -f9 mg,13 1h 2l 1h 1b -1o -11 -1c,-1a 1h -15 1c,-1lg o5 -1of o5,-1og o4 -1nr 4d,-1en d1 -1a 1j,-p0 7l -or 8d,-12v a0 -12q ao,-18k bh -18h c1,-1bn c8 -1bl cn,-1d7 cn -1d2 d8,-1du cs -1dr d9,-1ed d1 -1ec db##S -1i4 gi,T -gk ri

???: ??? Grind - anonymous

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