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I am an Asian high schooler who you may know nothing about but has serious s.w.a.g. and is the best friend you can ever meet, and is smart, handsome, polite, and the best of xD anyway, I dedicate my life to Jesus Christ and I'm in various clubs such as key club, band, tennis, ping-pong, Asian meet, and some more that I can't remember at the moment and I hope we can get along and change the world Sorry to all my friends, I won't be on as much as I'd like to be, growing up (lol, not trying to make you guys feel immature), but anyways been hanging out with my gf more often lately discussing future stuff, playing pingpong with mom and tennis with my friends more nowadays, been to the gym, end of the school year is tough (unless ur in elementary or middle school) and I've been playing piano more and hanging out with my friends more, don't worry I'll still come on and play games with you guys after all games are fun, pce :P oh ya, even tho I'm not on as much, Im still going for max on most of these multiplayer games so far....LAST CASTLE 80/80 SHELL SHOCK LIVE 21/40 PHAGE WARS 14/100 EXIT PATH 17/41 I'll be playing more soon so just wait a sec.....oh ya, just for those who are south park fans, and have just watched the episode butterballs, you all saw the stop bullying lipdub show they put in the middle, they impersonated that from my school, Cypress Ranch High School, telling ya'll this because my school is famous, if you don't believe me go on youtube and put cy ranch lip dub and you'll see similarities, as for me going to that'll have to trust me on that, I told my friends on here I went to Cy Ranch before the south park episode butter balls so feel free to ask them, such as super sayian

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